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Published: Friday, Sept. 14 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Dadof5sons: that's just not true. Inflation hasn't risen much, at least not as a monetary issue. Food prices have gone up, but that's because of commodity speculation, drought, etc.

The Book of Mormon tells the story, over and over again, of civilizations rising and falling. And the surest sign of corruption in the Book of Mormon, over and over again, is the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor, and oppression of the poor by the rich.

Mcallen, TX

Rich-poor gap?

Yes, because we're not all the same.

It's like school. Some work hard and make the honor code, while others do very little. They could have got better grades but just wouldn't do it.

Mitt Romney worked without an inheritance and became rich. Great for him, and people like LSD Liberal should be ashamed of his envy for someones success in the American system. Very ub-American.

Mr. Liberal! Did you criticize Ted Kennedy for being rich?

Salt Lake City, UT

"making each dollar worth less and less! So what cost you a dollar last year now cost you 1.50 today! "

Inflation is about 2% a year under Obama, below normal.

"The countries with the highest disparity between the Wealthy and the Poor ALWAYS are those with the most government control over the economy. i.e. dictatorship, Socialist, Communist. "

Half right. Third world dictatorships have horrible wealth inequality. Socialist first world nations however... Canada has less wealth inequality than the US. So does France, Germany, Norway, Denmark... the list goes on. The top 20% in the US own 84% of the wealth. In Sweden the top 20% owns 36% of the wealth. Care to claim that the US is more socialist than Sweden?

Mcallen, TX


Mitt Romney has given millions to BYU. How is that, "oppression of the poor by the rich?". Couldn't this be envy?

Mitt's probably given more to charities then you'll make in a lifetime.

Envy and whining? Thou shalt not covet.

I feel no oppression from Mitt.

Mcallen, TX

Thou shalt not lie:

* I will cut the deficit in half
* If I haven't turned things around in my first three years, then it's one term.
* My father fought in World War 2. A three year old father?

Thou shalt not covet:

* rich people?---that's not fair
* you think you're smart and hard working? You didn't build that! Somebody else did.

Taylorsville, UT

Redistribution of wealth is illegal and constitutional so why is this term even being used by the news media? Achievement an wealth is what this country is all about. What the president and administration are trying to do is replace freedom and choice with mandates and government controls. Our presidency and his panel of foreign dissidents who came from socialism where wealth is but one class, the government.

Distribution of wealth is a term that should be used with federal spending and taxation, not economic way of life and independence of the people of this nation. Distribution of wealth is what the americans want it to be, not what government mandates it to be. If people want the wealth of corporate business they will take it without government permission or mandates.

Organized labor will elevate and restore economic growth, and organized labor is not affiliated by party or government or news media insinuations. Suck on it Rush Limbaugh, unions do not recruit workers by political affiliation or corporate politics. Unions preserve prosperity and workers rights. How workers spend their earnings is no ones business and his accusation are unfounded and criminal, there are a lot of republicans belong to unions.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The class warfare meme continues, and escalates. And, again we see the bias of the media. Clearly the genesis of this story was not within the Deseret News, but from something put out by the uber-liberal sources quoted (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and some Democrat operative), putting spin on a Census Bureau report.

Equality of opportunity does not guarantee equality of outcomes (or in this case, incomes). When more people are becoming "takers" than "producers" the incentive for the producers to work harder diminishes.

Sure, some people are getting filthy rich, including big name athletes, Hollywood stars, Obama's cronies in the green energy business, the Facebook guy, etc. And, some people are losing lots of money- retired folks living off their investments; doctors being paid less and less under Medicare rates folks laid off from businesses that closed do to silly EPA rules and reams of incomprehensible regulations.

The solution is for people to work hard and prosper in a climate of freedom which can grow income for everyone, not increasing doses of socialism to redistribute wealth. Eventually you run out of other people's money to spend.

Kaysville, UT

The current President was to be hope and change for the United States of America that people voted for in 2008. They knew nothing of this man's leadership capabilities as he was only a U.S. Senator that didn't always vote and was new so didn't lead. In the Illinois legislature, he wasn't a leader except a community organizer. He would have brought in people with leadership capabilities in their areas of expertise. The Secretary of the Treasury couldn't even pay his basic income taxes. The Secretary of State was the wife of a former President and a U.S. Senator that wanted to be a leader of the United States, not the Secretary of State. He brought in his old basketball team members to lead on the Court of the Supreme and we ended up with PACs being able to take over for the people of the United States of America with money, money, and more money without real control. This election has somewhat different rules to deal with and people will not vote as they should since they feel powerless in a world of big money, such as the people in some countries.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

So many who post here think that the union voice is no longer needed. Unilateral power always corrupts. Collective bargaining brings everyone to the table. It isn't only the wealthy who "create" jobs. Henry Ford knew that he had to pay his workers well so that they could afford his products.

My son's district offered 2-year contracts with no salary schedule; the district retained the option to change employee salaries, benefits and even reduce someone to part time, mid-contract. To quit, he'd pay a $3,000 fine and reimburse the district for a substitute, "until the district can find a replacement," which they would have little incentive to do. Needless to say, my son left both district and state, as did his entire department. Minnesota gave him a $6K pay raise and double the coach's pay.

As Governor Scott Walker famously said, "we're going to start with public unions--divide and conquer." You're next. Read up on the Crystal Sugar lockout and how skilled Sensata jobs were sent to China. Both companies were very profitable, yet traded American jobs for even bigger foreign profits. Race to the bottom for America.

Wasatch Front, UT

Wealth and poverty is not created by government policy. That is like blaming the rule book or the referees when your football team loses. Wealth is created by sacrifice, hard work, education, attention to details, delayed gratification, discipline, good luck, good health, innovation, a value creation mentality and adherence to valid economic principles. Poverty is caused by poor health, laziness, bad luck, failure to adhere to valid economic principles, lack of education, settling for less than you could earn, drug abuse, divorce, bad parenting, bad decisions, a culmination of hundreds of small, shortsighted decisions, a punch the clock mentality and an inability or unwillingness to keep going when things are tough.

If you want to address the income and wealth gap, the underlying causes and behaviors will have to be addressed. Changing tax policy, union laws, keeping or changing who is president won't change much at all.

county mom
Monroe, UT

We are paying 30%. How much more do you think we should pay? We pay fuel taxes, heavy highway taxes, property taxes to states we never drive in, sales taxes on miles never traveled, and the usual federal, state, and income taxes. Our sacrifice is enough. How much do you pay?

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