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Published: Friday, Sept. 14 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Conner Johnson

Wonder if they got a chance to talk about the Nuclear Waste problem we are having in Utah....

Ogden, UT

I'd like to know if they talked bout Herbert's little "gift" to the freeway contractors.

Kaysville, UT

Bill Orton was assured by President Clinton that the Escalante-Grand Staircase wasn't going to happen, and they were the same party.

Do you think President Obama would tell a Republican Governor of Utah what his real plans were for anything?

Bill Orton lost because of the loss of confidence from his constituents.

The Governor has the radioactive waste issue and the I-Core Utah County (homeland of Herbert) and Wadsworth and Provo River Contractors gift and the $13M to the loser issue. People in Utah don't care as long as the Governor is a Republican. The Legislature basically works on it's own agenda and there isn't too much of in the pocket of the legislature.

The Governor puts on his smile and says everything is great in Utah while his head may be in the sand. Developers and community organizers are about the same type of person but with developers they deal with rich people and community organizers work with people that take government money.

Manti, UT

Oh my gosh! A Democrat talking about reviving the Sagebrush rebellion? Where will SUWA and the UEC look for support for their radical environmental causes?

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

That was quite a compelling argument you made, Peter Cooke. It was so convincing that I bet your deficit in the polls fell from 35 points to 34.

West Jordan, Ut

Cooke, who had called for a statewide ban on fireworks at the height of the summer fire season, said repeatedly he was not in favor of big government but seeking leadership from the governor.

Cooke does not want big government but expects the "guv" to make the decision. That suggests a dictator which is even more risky than big government. I trust local leaders to make decisions for local citizens. That is why we have local levels of government.

Kaysville, UT

A Democrat and one outside of Government in Utah is at a big disadvantage in getting briefings to help make a decision. If one owned property as I do with 20 acres within a couple of miles of one of the fires that wiped out a canyon, you would want someone to do something to stop the fire. It was started due to a bad spark arrestor on an ATV one Sunday afternoon. When the National Forest doesn't allow thinning out trees, whether infested with pine beetle or not, that is a problem the Governor cannot even deal with directly. Peter Cooke had the press information and that was put out by the Forest Service, etc. that the Governor's staff gets besides some internal communication, that Mr. Cooke wouldn't get. He is campaigning for an office which hasn't been held by a Democrat for many years and is highly qualified. It would mean that a lot of the Department and Agency heads would change out, but that isn't a bad thinning out process either for those entrenched in their bureacracy of Republicans for 30 years. Fair and balanced should be good in Utah also.

Salt Lake City, Utah

General Gooke would be a great governor, to bad the majority of Utahns won't consider him because of the D next to his name.

Alpine, UT

It's not the D that turns me against anyone, nor the R that wins my vote. It's the principles they stand for, and the one who will get out of the people's pockets and lives.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Furry1993 Ogden, UT
"I'd like to know if they talked bout Herbert's little "gift" to the freeway contractors."

Those who listened to the debate on Friday evening know the answer to that question. Those who didn't think they should 7 or 8 more debates before the election. Why I shall never know.

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