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Published: Friday, Sept. 14 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Casa Grande, AZ

The fact remains that Brigham City is using the governmnet to favor one religion over another on public property. You just can't get away with that.

I think it's a shame the Church has so many enemies but actions like this aren't going to help.


so when the ACLU protects the right of LDS missionaries to come onto my private property and knock on my door to spread their religion it is a good thing but when the ACLu protects this churches right to hand out pamphlets on a public street corner it is wrong and they are evil and have always been evil?

Salt Lake, UT


Really so the next time the two mormon boys come knock on my door for the millionth time, they need a permit? Glad to hear that i will make sure I ask them for one. Now should I call the police if they do not have one? You know since they are on private property without my prior consent.
Sorry you can't just have it on way

Overton, NV

Saving Mormons from themselves. Those kinds of comments make me laugh. I'm just curious. Exactly what is it that I need to be saved from? Seriously. What is it exactly that the Church teaches or does that is endangering me in any way that I need to be saved from it?

Salt Lake, UT

So you are OK with free speech as long as it does not get in your way? Are you ok with missionary's going on private property without consent to spread their views? If so why?

Murray, UT

Many ACLU attorneys are home grown and graduate from the BYU law school.

Provo, UT

justme001: Missionaies don't normally need a permit to knock on doors in Utah. In some states and countries they do. But if You don't want them there ask them to stay away and they will. They don't need your consent to knock on your door the first time.

Cedar City, UT

Will Hillary Clinton condemn me if I insult the prophet Muhammad in one of these free speech zones? How about if I say something unpleasant about Mormons? Please advise.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


All you did is prove my point: The ACLU is eager to suppress public religious speech

(and is slow to support non-interference with religion or the accommodation of religious free speech)

Brigham City, UT

Ah, the lack of a sarcasm font... Rats.

newhall, CA

I wonder if this same group has travelled to Dearborn Michigan to spread their beliefs among the thousands of muslims? They should. It's about time that the differences between muslims and christians be clearly explained. Particularly pertaining to Sharia Law and the ten commandments and our Constitution. Or is the ACLU going to ignore the attrocities committed by these muslims against the local christians?

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