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Published: Thursday, Sept. 13 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Cache county, USA

Obamas statement, weak, and chicken.
Romneys, a slight gaffe at best.

Mcallen, TX

"‘News analysis: Mitt Romney under attack for U.S. foreign policy errors"?

Why doesn't news analysis attack Obama?

* Solyndra
* giving billions of our stimulus money to China, Japan, Australia, Finland, Mexico, Muslim Brotherhood, Libya, etc. That is our money was taken from the rich millionaires, billionaires, and middle class citizens.
* you didn't build that
* billions given to the people who just burned our flag, and murdered innocent Americans.
* untruthful of cutting the deficit in half
* spending millions of our money for vacations, and using Air Force One for campaigning trips. Tax free?
* etc

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Good question everybody but the person who is President of the United States. C'mon media! Do your job for once in your low lives and careers. Isn't it humiliating enough that you have to be entertainers rather than reporters and journalists?

You are fed your lines that you read off of your prompters....I loved the interview with the owner of cbs that claims they are not biased. Really? Then why don't you have more than one point of view on your shows? Some of these outlets have their token semi-different opinion to give the appearance that they are unbiased.

The fact of the matter is the media is biased. They refuse to question their golden boy barack. They keep telling us things are better, when they're getting worse. One day the American people will wake up and realize how duped they were to never question those that now rule us.

San Diego, CA

What error? There was no error? The US shouldn't be apologizing or talking about the video at all. Just state that we have freedom of speech in our country and they can't attack our embassies because of it or we'll shoot anyone climbing over the embassy walls.

Salt Lake City, UT

perhaps Holder should also begin investigating Obama for hurting the poor feelings of the Muslims for his assailing the killing of Osama bin Laden! Afterall they were not chanting Romney when the terrorists were climbing the embassy walls?

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

With a little bit of luck, Romney could become the male version of Jane Fonda.

Nibley, Ut

I have read in more than one report, including this one, that the embassy defended it's statement after the attack. And, if it is true that the embassies were lax in their defenses(no Marines in Lybia and no ammo in Egypt), well, that is a direct reflection of the lack of leadership that has been going on as of late. Good ole fashioned bury your head in the sand. That cannot be described as anything less than dereliction of duty(not for the ones taking the orders, but the ones giving them). Pathetic. It seems the more information that is released the more Romney's comments seem justified.

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

Apparently Mitt Romney's advisors and writers should consider the impact of not worrying about facts on independent voters. Certainly, facts don't matter to extreme conservative voters and the wingnut fringe. But independent voters are independent because they find ideological extremism non-productive, irrational, dishonest, and divisive.

Romney says many things, promises the moon and says he will "fix everything," but does not provide substantive evidence what he will actually do except "cut taxes and reverse regulations" for his corporate sponsors. He says, "Trust me" and leaves us hanging. He's a Madison Avenue ad for a new brand of soap and no different from the old brand but in a new package.

His ill-advised comments following the attack on the diplomatic mission in Libya were criticized, not just by the political opposition, but by major leaders in his own Party. So what does he do? He acts tough and repeats his misguided statement for all to hear. Independents will take note and make their judgement, wondering exactly who is writing this stuff, Mitt Romeny or some neo-con hack on his staff. You really wonder where the brains are in this outfit.

Hayden, ID

Why do liberals demand so much from Mitt Romney and so very little from Barrack Obama?

Murray, UT

Why does the Deseret News just parrot everything every other liberal news organization puts out? This used to be a fairly good newspaper. One that you could trust to have an independent voice. Now the Deseret News has been reduced to nothing resembling good journalism and all it can do is work in the basement of KSL TV and put out stories printed in the New York Times. The people who built the Deseret News in the "old" days but who are long gone would be ashamed.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Why doesn't barack calm the masses? He keeps apologizing and these psychos keep killing Americans. They seem to only understand and respond to force. Flex our muscles a bit and tell them to back off and stop killing Americans. If they're willing to sacrifice millions of their own lives, then let it be. But we should never tolerate Americans being killed, especially over a movie that offends them. They're no better than our street gangs and other losers that kill others because they were "disrespected".

Could you imagine watching your family get slaughtered in front of you by some gang of men. The police show up and start apologizing to the murderers that their lives have been hard and if they don't stop murdering then they'll get their little hands slapped. Is that the appropriate response people? Do we want four more years of this nonsense?

Thoughtful Voter
Spanish Fork, UT

Romney's completely moronic opportunistic warmongering response to the attack on our embassy cemented my resolve to vote against him this November. I can't think of anything worse for our nation -- and the public face of the LDS Church -- than to put a man who thinks so little of retaliatory revenge against innocent civilians. He consistently dehumanizes foreigners and this baffles and saddens me.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The problem with Mr. Romney is that he rarely gets it right and more often than not he is back tracking flipping or flopping on some previous position he voiced or held. Some flips and flops come on the same day.

Mr. Romney will "say anything" to get elected. He is a man whose persona is not his own, but the amalgamation of a lot of spin doctors. If the real Mitt Romney was asked to stand up, a la "To Tell the Truth" none of them would.

Sandy, UT


Now that you've expressed your opinions on the situation, you should take some time and research the following term: Marine Corps Embassy Security Group. From their own website, their primary missiion is:

"...prevent the compromise of classified material vital to the national security of the United States..."

For consulates and embassies, the host nation is responsible for providing security for the facility. If you have a beef with a 'dereliction of duty', perhaps you should direct your rage toward the governments of Libya and Egypt respectively. While doing so, you could also show some respect for the Americans killed doing their jobs.

The same can be said for Romney.

Bakersfield, CA

Good people everywhere regardless of country, politics, or religion must stand together against terrorism, mayhem, violence and overreaction. Thank you to the good people of Libya for yor sympathy and support during the attack on our embassy. May the perpetrators be sanctioned. Stop fighting and sniveling and work together. Work around differences and stop criticizing. Sincerely.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

worf said:
"‘News analysis: Mitt Romney under attack for U.S. foreign policy errors"?
Why doesn't news analysis attack Obama?
* Solyndra
* giving billions of our stimulus money to China, Japan, Australia, Finland, Mexico, Muslim Brotherhood, Libya, etc. That is our money was taken from the rich millionaires, billionaires, and middle class citizens.
* you didn't build that

I guess you've learned to answer questions from other conservative leaders like sarah and mitt. If someone asks you a question don't listen, just start into you pre-rehearsed speech even if it has nothing to do with what is being discussed.

It's really sad that all this hatred posted above is misdirected at the President because your news source isn't news at all, and even when presented with the truth, you won't allow yourself to admit being made a fool by your Non-News.

I guess you've learned to answer questions from other conservative leaders like sarah and mitt. If someone asks you a question don't listen, just start into you pre-rehearsed speech even if it has nothing to do with what is being discussed.

Cedar Hills, UT

What foreign policy errors? Mitt said it was wrong to apologize - that is it? That is a true statement. What is all this nonsense about foreign policy errors? There are no errors. There certainly are stupid statements from the administration but last time I checked Barack Obama was the head of that camp. If there are foreign policy errors it is the horrible and wrong statement from the state dept that apologized to the terrorists and I agree there needs to be an apology FROM OBAMA!!!!!!!

KTC John
Wetumpka, AL

Obama learns crowd is gathering near Cairo embassy. Happens to be 9/11. Can Obama put two and two together? Why has he not already shored up the Embassies and Consulates? Instead of calling Brotherhood and saying we are cutting off 1.3 billion if Brotherhood does not protect Embassy, Obama administration issues an apology for America because citizen exercised right of free speech condemning Islam. Obama back tracks and says two apologies not approved. Obama condemns Romney for saying apologies should not have been issued----the same exact new stance as Obama. Obama condemned Romney before condemning terrorists. Election is most important. Obama takes Air Force One to Vegas to campaign instead of hearing intelligence briefings. That's the joke that we have for a president. Liberal media immediately jumps to protect Obama no matter what Obama ineptly says or does. Here's the question: Are there enough good Americans left who love their country and their freedoms more than they love receiving a check from the government? We will know answer in near future. May God save these United States. Proverbs 29:2: When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

Sophie 62
spring city, UT

In a situation requiring cool heads and smart reaction, it is very bad form and in fact endangers not only our troops but Americans away from home to let fly with these criticisms of the current administration. This is a situation which needs very careful analysis of the facts to determine who the culprits were and how to best respond. We don't just go in there and murder a bunch of innocent civilians. That is what terrorists do.

For Romney to shoot off his mouth in this irresponsible way points ever more clearly to the fact that he has no business being President. That kind of talk first, think afterwards method of response may make some people happy, but it is not the way for America to operate in the world. Go after the real culprits, find out who was really responsible and bring them to justice.

Orem, UT

It is of note that the Obama statement following the attacks on our embassies used much the same words that Mitt Romney used when condemning the attack also in the same statement confirmed what Mitt Romney said about the problem stemmed from a film rather than from a terrorist attack. The Obama statement has since been blaming the film-maker via Hillary Clinton. Everything that Mitt Romney not only was true, but has since been confirmed by not only Barack Obama but Hillary Clinton as well. The problem with Mitt's statement was that it hit a nerve, not that he was presumptuous in stating his criticism.

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