Comments about ‘Radiation oversight audit prompts Gov. Gary Herbert to reconsider board appointment’

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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 12 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Conner Johnson

Sure can't wait until we can vote Gov. Herbert out of office.

Provo, ut

It ain't gonna happen but the bigger issue is whether which bureaucrats can be trusted. Is it better to have someone on the board (along with 7 others) that knows something about the industry, or do you just load it up with environmental wakko's who have their own agenda, which includes ruining another company. I would think that his expertise would be valuable and that the other 7 could grow a spine and check him if he begins to cheat the system.

Eureka, UT

Foxes guarding the henhouse has never been a good idea.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Conner Johnson
"Sure can't wait until we can vote Gov. Herbert out of office."

You had your chance in the last gubernatorial election. Gov. Hebert beat Peter Corroon 64.2% to 31.8%. In fairness to Corroon it should be pointed out that he had to carry Obama on his back.

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