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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 11 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

It was just revealed today that the latest CNN poll which showed Obama leading was a completely bogus poll. Democrat's were oversampled 33% to only 27% for Republicans and an even smaller percentage of Independents. Why did CNN over sample like this?? Obviously to dis-spirit conservatives. Keep in mind here that had the CNN poll been legit with an equal percentage of Democrats vs Republicans and at least a more representative and higher percent of Independents then Romney would be leading by as much as 8 percentage points. Independents favor Romney 50-44 percent nationally in almost every poll taken.

These polls are bogus and you simply CAN'T look at the raw percentages - you have to look at the distribution percentages (how many democrats vs how many republicans) otherwise the poll has no value and is completely useless.

A final fact - almost every poll over samples Democrats - not quite the extent that CNN did but close. These little political games are all part of the pro Obama media cover.

Salt Lake City, Utah

What Obama is looking for are polls run Chicago style. Probably why they got mad at Gallop for no coming up with the "right" numbers a while back.

Cedar Hills, UT

When I see a poll that has an equal and FAIR distribution of Democrats vs Republicans and a representative distribution of Independents THEN I will pay attention to the poll.... otherwise it is just so much liberal "feel good" baloney.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

on only bounce obama will get is the one that comes in November and bounces him out of office in January.

Salt Lake City, Utah


You say "these polls are bogus" but you also say that "independents favor Romney 50-44 percent nationally in almost every poll taken". I am confused, are you saying these polls are bogus except the part of the poll that has Romney leading with independents?

Could you share with me exactly what percentage of the country is democrat, which percentage is republican and which percentage is independent? Could you also share with me by state how many from each of those groups will vote in November? With that information I think I can design an unbiased poll. Until then they will all have their flaws.

The republicans need to give up the liberal media conspiracy theory and get a candidate that gives people a reason to vote for them. If the republicans lose this election, and as of right now it looks like they will they have no one to blame but themselves. The economy is in the toilet, there are democrats who like with Ronald Reagan would like to vote for a republican if they believed it was a better alternative. All the republican whining isn't going to lead to a victory in November.

Colorado Springs, CO

Is anyone else getting tired of seeing these poll results every week? How about some debates instead!

Salt Lake City, UT

"When I see a poll that has an equal and FAIR distribution of Democrats vs Republican"

Actually, we don't want polling to have an equal distribution of D's vs R's. We want polling to adequately represent the actual distribution of D's vs R's, whatever that is (it's not necessarily even).

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA


I agree with you. All the analysis about polls is getting kind of silly. From what I've seen, if a poll favors the candidate you like then it must be right. If it doesn't then the pollster's sample must have been biased.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: xscribe Colorado Springs, CO
"How about some debates instead!"

How will hearing either candidate regurgitate what he thinks you want to hear change the decision you've already made on who you'll vote for? Yes, the debates will certainly sway some voters but certainly not you and definitely not me.

Holladay, UT

"Less useful is a new CNN/ORC poll, which shows Obama leading Romney 52 to 46 percent"

I love how you guys report the news, it's so slanted I can't even stay on the page :)

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

There is a different feel to the campaigns this week.
Fear is inching it's way into Mitt Romney's life. He again is backtracking, flip flopping, making strange accusations. Time is running out for him. Voters can see this. Voters can see how besides amassing a fortune, his other goal was to be President of the United States. However, Romney's quest does not come with the study and work required of the leader of our nation. Romney wishes to borrow policies and ideas from others. He does not wish to do the work required of the President. He has hoped his good looks, and promise of "just trust me", and "wait and I will tell you my plan as soon as I am President", will suffice. He hopes we little people will crown him as our King. The massive amounts of money may not give him the kingdom, after all.

orem, UT

No Fit In SC

This voter dosen't see that. Your characterization of Romney is wrong to this voter and likely many others.

Colorado Springs, CO

Rifleman: You are correct! But at least we can listen to the candidates duke it out with each other instead of the lies they put in commercials. Although I fear this year it will be a continuation of the blame game for both sides, and nothing substantive will come out of either candidate's mouth. Probably won't get rid of the polls, either; most likely will produce more polls! Yay! Can't wait for November to be over, either way. America has shown it lives on despite who becomes president.

Mcallen, TX

With Clinton's infidelity, and truth telling record, why did Obama need him to boost his campaign?

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

Since when did we start electing the President by popular vote? Remember 2000?

@worf, Do you really want to start in with the infidelity and truth telling game?

salt lake city, UT

National polls mean nothing. It will come down to 8 swing states and Obama is leading and trending strong in 7 of those. Romeny did break this past week when he came out to say he would keep certain elements of Obama care. If you see more moves to the "center" it is a strong indication that the Romney camp's internal numbers indicate a loss unless he redefines, or changes, his positions. His "etch a sketch" tendacies were one of the main reasons why he was such a miserable Govenor. He only had a 35% approval rating when he left office after one term in Massachuetts. He needs more than the anti Obama vote to win the election but his own political record and character are such that is unlikely he will do so.

Lowndes, GA

I am a Republican and a Romney Supporter but I am concerned about the polls and how college students at CNN don't care about the employment rate since they all blame President Bush for the economy and the employment rate and not Obama. I really hope Mitt Romney needs to be more clear about his plan to create jobs and turn our economy around. From everyone blogging on Yahoo and CNN sites the people supporting Obama say Romney needs to give complete details that everyone who are undecided can make a inform decision. I know Romney don't want to share those other tax returns but I think this is hurting him too. Romney should not be afraid of sharing with the Republic his tax returns. I just want the best outcome for Romney going into the debates. God bless Romney and I hope he can clear up some confusion for undecided voter.

Mcallen, TX

CHS 85,

What kind of expectations do you have for people who lead our country?

I don't consider this a game. I feel a man who cheats on his wife, will cheat on his country.

Again!--" why did Obama need Bill Clinton to boost his campaign?"

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Fred44 and alt134

First ALL polls nationwide show Romney leading with Independents - most showing 55-40 percent. I was actually 5% off. Not sure what you are talking about Fred44 because there is NO comparison here - this is just sampling independent voters.... not that hard. The higher the number polled the better the numbers are for Romney. Check it out of for yourself. Now to the second point for both of you guys. Yes it would be nice to know what the percent of registered Democrats vs registered Republicans that actually vote in the election but there is NO way to know what that is exactly especially this election. You can't compare to 2008 either since Democrats if anything are less likely to have high numbers due to the dismal performance of Obama and the disenchantment of some compared to 2008. So what you do is do EQUAL sampling and then add independents as well. CNN only sampled only 4% independents which is not EVEN CLOSE to actual percentages that normally vote and they did that on purpose since Independents largely favor Romney by 14 percent...a HUGE gap. It's not that hard guys.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT


Let me ask again - when was the last time a President was elected by popular vote? All the polls in the world don't matter at all. If Utah votes 80% for Romney, do they get more elector votes?

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