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Published: Monday, Sept. 10 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT


But in all seriousnes....

a $100 fine is all?

When time is money,
most suspect most folks without a conscious would rather take the chance and pay a simple fine that is less than spitting gum on the sidewalk than sit in I-15 traffic.

Brigham City, UT

Now, if they would start ticketing the goofballs that drive in the HOV lane and obstruct traffic. If someone is passing you on the right, especially if you are in the HOV lane, you are in the wrong lane!

Spanish Fork, UT

Sorry NedGrimley, but the HOV lane is not the exceed-the-speed-limit-lane. I am willing to go a couple of mph over the speed limit, but some idiots think that 15-20 is perfectly fine. I refuse to get out of the HOV lane for them. I have just as much right to that lane as anybody else, and I prefer to spend my money on other items than speeding tickets.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: ipr Spanish Fork, UT
"I refuse to get out of the HOV lane for them."

That's no problem. Probably why other drivers cross the double white lines to go around you. There is something wrong with people who insist on being jerks on the freeway.

Brigham City, UT

ipr: No one is asking you to speed.

I'm just saying if someone is passing you on the right, especially in the HOV lane, you are in the wrong lane. Impeding the flow of traffic can also be a ticketable offense. Please don't go with the "I'm entitled" routine.

Wasatch Front, UT

I am with Ned. Although I also loathe those who drive dangerously fast (10+ mph over the speed limit, in Utah, 5 over the speed limit on the freeway is the norm, and 5-9 mph over is EXTREMELY common. If you want to go the speed limit, or 1-2 mph over, please just stay in the right lanes. We don't need "entitled" people driving the speed limit in the far left lanes, or in the HOV lane.

Draper, UT

The HOV lane is not on the left to be a go-really-fast-lane as ipr said. It's a High Occupancy Vehicle lane, which means more than one person. (Yes, you can buy a "free pass".) Think of the HOV lane as an only lane, like a two lane road. You get behind someone going slower, you have to pass, albeit on the left instead of right. Crossing double white lines is illegal and dangerous. Look up the word projection. The jerks are the ones who feel "entitled" to go faster, and endangering everyone else in the process.
Yes, if cars are passing you on the right, you should definitely move over (not HOV). Utah has a law that requires you to. The ones who are feeling "entitled" are the ones who feel they, and only they, own the road and must go as "fast" (read: break the law) as they want. Now anyone with more than one person in their car IS "entitled" to drive in the HOV lane (even at the speed limit) because they are doing their part to help clean up the air. Having more than one person in their vehicle "entitles" them to.

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