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Published: Monday, Sept. 10 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

It seems like msssive parental failure to support a G-Rated movie. This after so many (appropriate expletive) parents demand G-rated movies for their children and then sit on their car-keys when it is time to set-up at ticket office. I wonder if its that "bad" of a movie to have SciFiTheater3000 would do a voice over spoof of the movie? Who knows, it might become the sucessor to the "Rocky Horror Show"? with a second life as a midnight movie?

None of your business, UT

Sounds like this movie is just garbage. Assumption is being drawn too quickly that the G rating/level of content is the issue. Parents will clearly take their kids to a good G movie. We have plenty of examples of that. One crappy movie flops and people want to say the demand for G movies is dead? Hardly

American Fork, UT

They need to keep making G movies. Otherwise, you end up with a theatre full of kids running around at a movie adults want to watch, or hand wringing parents' groups griping about there being nothing to schuff the children off to for a couple hours. Regardless of the rating, however, a crappy movie is a crappy movie. This looks like it was the 'pluto nash' of the toddler set.

Beaverton, OR

After seeing the ad at a theater, and reading its premise, it's no wonder this is an epic fail. When every character has the ending "-oobie" on their name, who can keep anything straight? The kids nowadays are smarter than this. But some life and adventure into a G-rated film. That's what little kids are all about anyway. they want to explore their little world.


What the makers apparently forgot was that parents aren't going to take their kids to a movie that they don't think will also entertain them. This movie looks stupid to adults, plain and simple. If they were half-way smart they would allow parents to watch for free.

Salt Lake City, UT

Just look at the picture in the article. That alone should leave 0 appeal to anyone above the age of 8. Then any parents with kids below 8 could easily get something like that, except presumably better, from PBS, Nick Jr., or the Disney channel, since those shows would actually have proven track records of success.

Bountiful, UT

I saw the preview for this movie when I went to the Ice Age movie. I literally started feeling nauseous during the trailer, I wanted to leave, and my thoughts of suicide doubled. It made Teletubbies look like Casa Blanca...

Centerville, UT

I think the real problem is that there are already MUCH better options On Demand and on Netflix. Why would I pay that much for my kids to see a movie like that when I can get something better at home? I haven't seen the movie (and won't) but it looks like a mash up of ever cheesy, annoying kid's show wrapped up into one boring hour.

Provo, UT

Not much left to be said. Going after a G rating does not absolve a producer from demanding a quality effort. And we should not patronize a bad movie just because the rating is G - something the Mormon movie community seems to be learning finally.

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