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Published: Friday, Sept. 7 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

Other note for gdog... If you look at penalty yards... USU had more... They had calls against them. And an overturned fumble... They recovered... Utah didn't... Pretty sad to blame the refs in a great game like this... Utah got lucky too... Dropped 2 kickoffs... USU nearly intercepted 2 balls in the fourth quarter... And the refs called the fouls well... By the way... Murphy did push off... So it is a flag...

u mad bro?


**clap clap clap clap clap**


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Saint George, UT

No hate for the Utes. They simply were out played. The Aggies were fired up and ready for this game. Chuckie Keeton is a baller.

I hope BYU is ready to face a ticked-off Utah Utes team next week. The cougars Defense should prove to be the difference in the game.

Springville, UT

"Props to Utah State. Still, they are not better than Utah."

Here cometh the excuses...

Come on gdog, you are better than that, give the Aggies the honor and respect they deserve. Cut the crap and excuses and be a good little Ute and let it go.

Tonite the Aggies were the better team. Congrats to USU. Well done!

Reminds me of that moment before the US played the USSR in the Olympics in 1980 when in the movie "Miracle" Coach Herb Brooks says...

"If we play 'em 10 times, they might win nine. But NOT this game."


Congratulations to the Aggies. They played very well and deserved to win.

Centerville, UT

You know, BYU fans, some of you are making this out to be an embarrassing loss for Utah. But except for an absolute stoke of luck, USU would have 2 in a row on BYU going into this year's game. It's possible that USU is that good. Clearly they have figured out how to win in a tight spot unlike last year. It could be a miserable conference weekend for BYU fans. These aren't the doormat Aggies of old. And we have awesome new helmets to prove it!

Evanston, WY

Great job and congratulations to our brothers up northYou have a special coach in Gary Anderson and This game had me worried. for obvious reasons. I don't see anyone on your schedule you can't beat. This could be your special year. Good luck after a hard fought win. I've always liked your teams when not playing Utah so, even though I have a hard time watching my team lose, at least it's to a team and program that I have a lot of respect for. Now we can both destroy BYU

Highland, UT


utah "fans" have been the ones saying that utah will blow out BYU for a good year now. I'm not sure what you saw tonight that might have given you any reason to believe that is going to actually happen but utah "fans" are not noted for their reality based thought process.

Let me tell you what just happened and it wasn't all USU.

Terrible o-line. I've been telling you guys this for months. It's true. Face it.

Terrible qb's. Once again I've been telling you this for months. When jon hayes is your best qb you truly have the worst qb situation in the nation.

wr's that have done absolutely nothing, "best in the pac12" was a joke when it was claimed.

The defense is good, that is all, they are good. They are not "great".

LB's are incredibly average. Once again you've been told over and over.

whittingham seems to have bought into the embarrassing hero worship utah "fans" have heaped on him.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

It's sad when a couple of poor calls effect the outcome of the game. The Utes got hommered, but should never have gotten them selves in that position. Brian Johnson called a horrible game. Every, and I mean every, time the freshman QB comes in they run the ball. Hello! Can the kid throw? Do you want the drive to stall. Whittingham and Johnson need to figure this out. The Defense is solid!

Logan, UT

to sammyg

I like the Miracle analogy... :) Pretty awesome.

Keisels Beard
Overton, NV

Congratulations to USU on the win. It makes me a little nervous about the game coming up in a few weeks. I suppose I can be a little relieved that it will be in Provo rather than Logan.

As for next week, this loss may be bad news for BYU. It could get Utah that much more fired up for the rivalry game, not that they have ever needed the motivation. Let's just hope BYU doesn't turn the ball over a million times like they did last season.

Finally, I will say I'm not totally shocked about the loss. The offense wasn't very impressive in beating a very weak FCS team. Yes, they could have just been working out the kinks. However, I think this game shows that the offensive worries are very real for Utah.

I just hope they don't get them figured out over the next week.

Virginia Beach, Va

What a great win for a great team. Anyone who has followed Utah State the past two years knows its not that huge of a upset. Utah State can play with most teams as they proved at Auburn. No wonder Utah and BYU are not wanting to play the Aggies !

Evanston, WY

I really don't get the trolls on this one. There is no shame in losing to a team that has clearly been improving since Coach Anderson took over. That Defense will rock the house in Provo and I loved the guy that said Utah state owned Utah. Look at the record. The Utes have decimated Utah State for years. I just hope Coach A decides to spend a long time in Logan. He is doing a great job. I predict they will go unbeaten this year now.Utah State by 17 in Provo.

Palo Alto, CA


After all of the talk about Utah State not even being worthy of being on the same field as the Utes, Utah fans should just keep silent.

Bottom line:

USU 1-0 in the PAC
BYU 1-0 in the PAC
Utah 0-1 in the WAC

Enjoy the crow!

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

If Utah scores more than 14 against BYU next week, it will be a major let down for the Cougs. Even if we win they game, it would be dissapointing to give up that many points to them after what I saw from the utes offense. Like I said earlier, even with Hayes in (Utah now has a better chance)I find it hard to see Utah finding the end zone. BYU's offense wasn't much better in the 2nd half against WSU, so it might be a 10-3 or 6-0 game next week. I am just saying this so I don't seem to cocky or confident about the outcome next week. Makes me a little more worried to play USU conference weekend, Chuckie might be best QB in the state. I do love rileys leadership, though. Go Cougs!!

Orem, UT

I'm amazed at the number of complaints about the refs ... were these NOT PAC-12 refs?

Palo Alto, CA

Spokane Ute

"The Utes got homered"

By PAC 12 refs???


No, the Utes simply got dominated by a better team.

Murray, UT

lol and rofl @ chris b

just love it when a big time LOSS by lil brothers up north and all chris b can say is "we're no.2, we're no.2"......chris b you've proven time and time again you'll just lie or rationalize and make posts after we spank the utes next week. come on just admit it, no way will you stop posting on byu articles after we win next week.....admit it!

Logan, UT

Thanks that you think we are going to go unbeaten, but we are still considered underdogs against 3 teams: #13 Wisconsin, BYU, and Louisianna Tech

Frisco, TX

Lucky for U, U don't play a WAC schedule. Don't worry though Utes, U'll have easier games in a couple of weeks when U get into your conference schedule.

PAC12 commish just woke up thinking he had a bad dream, but no it's real - your newest member just got WACed on national TV. Congrats Aggies!

I feel bad for Wynn, but Hays played much better than Wynn was playing.

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