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Published: Friday, Sept. 7 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Tyler McArthur
South Jordan, UT

Did Utah State really just beat Utah? I'm speechless... Football in the state of Utah is really getting shaken up. Let's hope Weber doesn't pull anything similar on BYU tomorrow.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Utah - how could you allow the lowly WAC to embarrass you??? So much for the mighty BCS, conference of champions, and all the smack talk.

Eagle Mountain, UT

AGGIES!!! Awesome game USU. Aggies actually won the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball most of the game. Very impressive.

California Steve
Hanford, CA

PAC 12 - Conference of Champions? Hardly.

West Jordan, UT

Pride goeth before the fall. Own this one Ute fans. You earned this humiliation with your incessant chest thumping about being a BCS powerhouse that has left their in-state rivals behind. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell Whittingham that when he decided to hire a 25 year old rookie to run his offense.

sandy, UT

Chris, as your therapist, stop. Just stop typing. Go to bed. It will be better in the morning.

em J em
Idaho Falls, ID

WAC > PAC 12

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Good job Aggies.

Utes obviously have issues: O-line, QB, play calling, etc.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

First and foremost congrats to the Aggies. They came out with a game plan and beat us on BOTH sides of the ball. The are the better team.

As far as Utah, that was absolutely embarrassing. Really, 49 yards in a half?

Wynn was just horrible, when you get outplayed by a D2 QB you need to quit.

With Hays we're looking at a 8-4 season, assuming White is healthy. So might as well let
the Bulldog start.

Lets hope we come out with a better game plan against BYU else we'll be 1-2 by the time PAC-12 play starts.

Cache county, USA

Utah is the 3rd best in the state today. Byu is for real.
And I hate byu.

Spanish Fork, UT

Sweet. Love the Aggies until they play the Cougs. Go BYU and USU until then.

Farmington, UT

Hey, Chris B....haven't you learned anything from your Washington State-BYU prediction from last week? Now you're somehow turned your BIG LOSS TO THE WAC and new MWC member by the PAC 10.2 into some distorted view of BYU. Your opinions are lousy, man, give up.

Orem, UT

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah 34
usu 17

I respect Utah State and their coaches, but you are still a WAC team, 2 notched below a 2 time BCS winner and Conference of Champion member.

Don't be too sad, you're easily the 2nd best team in the state.

Hey Chris! By my count, that would be "WAC Team" 27, "Conference of Champions" Team 20.

U must be so proud.

bountiful, ut

Sorry folks, but this year... Wait! I'm not sorry. The reality of life in Utah in 2012 is that not one team from Logan to Cedar City will beat BYU on the grid iron. There will be no seven turnovers. There is a qb controversy on the north east bench of SLC and it is in provo that both the Wildcats and the Aggies play 'us'. We will win those two games for sure. Tomorrow will prove us 1-0 in state... 2-0 overall and then, we will come up there to SLC and kick the Utes into the deepest depression they have been in since 2003. 0-2 against Utah state teams will hurt like no fire ever scorching the Ute family. And... If I am right about this Romney will win in November!

West Jordan, Utah

Gary Anderson did more with less, and outcoached Kyle. Utah had a poor showing even if they would have won. Still, bad breaks and calls went against Utah. Overall, I think the officials did a okay job, but Utah was getting blatantly held a ton, with an obvious hold on Keaton's run to the one yard line in overtime.

Special teams is AGAIN a weakness at Utah. One could argue the blocked punt cost Utah the game. Either way it was costly. Making a 52 yard FG is a tall order, but can you say two ugly kicks attempted for the win. Also, another field goal was skibbed through with an flubbed extra point made.

It was costly for Utah that USU had three fumbles that they got lucky bounces to cover their blunder. Utah forced Keaton to fumble and couldn't recover. Then we had another forced fumble and fumbled punt that worked out in the favor of USU.

The call on Jake Murphy in overtime was a tough call to make. That eliminated an extra point try for double overtime.

Utah will struggle all year. White IV needs blocks (holes) with no Bergstrom and Cullen.

Logan, UT

I wish BYU fans would quit bashing teams in the USU, Utah game... You'll get your shot at both teams in the next few weeks you'll get a shot at both teams... Talk if you actually win. You aren't the best in the state as of right now, until you prove it against Utah and USU. I personally think that right now there are three evenly matched teams in Utah... BYU hasn't won any state number 1 slot yet... Actually Utah State is the only team that has beaten teams from Utah... Wait 4 weeks and we will see the USU vs BYU football game... And don't overlook the Utes next week...


First year O-coordinators are tough. Just ask Doman at BYU. Utah's offense was pretty anemic all night and the defense wasn't what we thought it would be. But I was extremely impressed with the Coaching from USU. The Aggies played solidly to their strengths and away from Utah's strengths. That game plan is what won it for them in the end. Well played USU.

Provo, UT

Utah deserved to be humbled tonight. I've been listening to Utah fans and talk radio all week long talking as if Utah had already won the game. I could hardly stomach the arrogance from the ute fans. Ever since they made the Pac 12, ute fans have been acting is if they are better than every other team in the state and every other team in the pac 12. The bottom line is that even the PAC 12 has cellar dwellers and just like last year, Utah will assume the same position in the middle to bottom of the pack. I just wonder what the utes will say after they get beat by the cougars next week. GO AGGIES!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Aggielove - I hate utah state, but I loved you tonight! Nice job! Lots of crow being eaten in Salt Lake City and on the hill. They got what they deserve.

Go Cougars!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Nice job Utah State.

Aggies desrevd the win and they got it.

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