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Published: Friday, Sept. 7 2012 7:54 p.m. MDT

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Alexandria, VA

This really is comic gold watching Chris B self implode. Time to retire the keyboard.

bountiful, ut

Funniest thing? My DNews grid picks is written in stone Utah 41 Aggies 14... Boy did I get that one wrong! WOOT WOOT!

sandy, UT

I had retired from this message board until I saw Chris B and his comments. You tried all night to convince yourself. Maybe convince your defensive lineman to not throw a punch, or convince your coach to respect and prep for each team. You may have a lot of talent on your team, but you seem to lack class. Similar to your derogatory comments towards the Aggies. Please grow up and realize that you are not always correct, heck you rarely are.

Gilbert, AZ

Great win Aggies! The new uniforms were sweet too.

I can already hear Ute Fan now..."it's no big deal 'cause we can still play in the Rose Bowl..."

Sorry, losing to USU IS a big deal and you may have a mathematical chance, but after what I saw tonight USC (and several other teams) will roll U this year!!

Park City, UT

The mighty Utes just got WACpaddled!


Palo Alto, CA

Congratulations Aggies!

Can't wait for Chris B's next "mark it down" prediction... the barbequed crow is especially tasty tonight.


You can't help but chuckle at the string of Chris B posts...

Grand Forks, ND

"nom nom nom nom nom", the sound of Chris B. eating his words.

Highland, UT

No chris b, no naval vet, no uteology, no kosta fsenko and his/hers many other screen names, no utah/hawaii, no hailstorm, no sir robin, no jenny, no williary, no pap smurf ute, no johninslc, no wallbanger, no soonerute, no ute "fans" at all.


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