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Boy Scouts greet VP nominee as he arrives in Provo

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 5 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

Mitt Who?

Edmond, Ok

Scouting is a great organization, of which I've contributed countless hours of my time volunteering. However, these leaders need to stay on top of their BSA rules, one of which states:

Cub Scout Leader's Manual:
Chapter 7: Uniform Rules and Regulations "The uniform may not be worn by either Cub Scouts or adult leaders when: Involved in any distinctly political endeavor."

The BSA does not affiliate with or promote any political party. It is a fine line these particular BSA leaders are walking, having their boys in full uniform there to greet the Republican VP candidate.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

I would love to watch a debate between Paul Ryan and biden. Even the past debates between Paul Ryan and barack....but in the end the welfare left is never going to budge from their dependent position. Why change? When government will steal from others and download your foodstamps to your ebt or snap card, and then you can barter with that and get cash.

And that is doing absolutely nothing each month. Then you beg and use other welfare resources, pull in tax free income from other spots and you have a 20 hour work month, better healthcare than those that put in 60-80 hours/week. And you can complain about everything without bringing a solution to the table.

At least when everything goes down the toilet, the welfare people won't survive when there is nothing left to take or steal.

The best option if barack is re-elected is to divide the nation. Give the demos $10 Trillion of the debt, give them their welfare voters, let them borrow print and spend to their hearts content. Move the rest of us to the other side with the military and any debt from wars. We'll deal with those problems

Sandy, UT

Ted, you will get your wish on Thursday, October 11th. Ryan vs Biden. I too can't wait!

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Welcome Paul Ryan

Come back often (especially as Vice President)

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

I guess school isn't in session in Provo today?

Burley, ID

$25,000-a-plate dinner
$2,500-a-ticket VIP reception
$1,000-a-ticket general reception

Nice to see that Mitt and Ryan are truly thinking about us little people and what we can do for them.

Wow! All I need is $28,500.00 and I can attend all the events!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Of course,
All that money $$$ will have very little to absilutely NO influence on these politicians.

They will always keep the poor, the sick, and the elderly 1st and formost in all their policy making....

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


For $30,000 you can attend an Obama fundraiser in Maine and for another $10,000 get your photo taken
In San Francisco it is $35,800
or $40,000 at Sarah Jessica's place
or maybe merely meet George Clooney for $15,000

So it seem Ryan is quite reasonable

Wilf 55

The presence of these Boy scouts is incomprehensible. It shows to what extent some people are willing to ignore the political neutrality of the Scouts organization if it serves their agenda. I hope the person responsible for this will be held accountable.

Anywhere but, Utah, Utah

One question I have for Republicans.... Do you think people like living on welfare or getting unemployment checks? Do you think these people live comfortable lives? Do you think the poor are taking all the money in this great country? The Republicans control 2% of the people. The 1% at the top (wealthy) and the 1% at the bottom (poor). How do I justify this? Look at most of the tea party. Southerners who want the government out of their welfare... Make sense?? The top 1% have the bottom 1% voting against their self interest while the 98% of us in the middle are getting screwed. Low wage increases, little healthcare, and on and on.... This election and rhetoric is a little confusing don't you think?

Obama 2012 - A vote for the middle class.

Cedar Hills, UT

wait - i thought Biden was coming too on another flight? Oh that's right - he landed in Canada somewhere ... still looking for him....

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

The indignation over these Boy scouts is incomprehensible. Failure to host a vice president or potential vice president, based upon their politics, would be deemed inexcusable etiquette. I hope the person responsible for getting kids to be politically aware will be praised (and maybe even receive a merit badge).

Provo, UT

@Counter- As a long time Scout leader, District and Unit, I appreciate your sentiment that it is a good thing for these boys to witness such things...but the above posters are all correct a) it would have been nice if they at least had full uniforms, including the Adult Leader, but most importantly, b) they should not have been there, greeting and forming an honor line, at an obviously partisan event - at a political event scouts may present the colors in uniform, but need to leave the meeting area right afterwards....this is really a serious breach of Scouting By- Laws and the Unit Leaders need to realize that and explain to the boys the violation--Scout Law and Oath

Eureka, UT

I think it's interesting that if you didn't pay but just waited to see Ryan at the airport, he didn't speak to you. If you're a poor student and paid $20, you get 10 minutes spoken to the group. I'm sure those that paid $1000 got a little more time and of course those that paid $25000 got personal time and a picture. I just love how money talks and is the voice of politics.

Salt Lake, UT

Counter Intelligence

Sounds like Ryan needs to be at a reduced price to have any takers. Good for him

Centerville, UT

Welcome to Utah, Mr. Ryan or as Joe Biden would call it, "Nevada!"

Bountiful, UT

Just remember that one of the founding principals is that congress create and enforce taxes to promote the general welfare.


I noticed none of the posts so far have much or anything to do with Paul Ryan's views on America's founding principles, but really neither did the article commented on, except the half a sentence in which Ryan is reported as saying he would like to rturn to them.

The headline promised more than it delivered, perhaps more than they could deliver. Maybe it reported the whole of what he said on the subject.

I hope Ryan knows what these founding principles are, what he feels they are and why, and I would also like to know how he plans to return to them, and would like to hear him discourse upon them sometime soon. If anyone heard him do already I would like a good summary with lots of quotes please.

Burley, ID

@ Counter Intelligence

Wow! It looks like I can say the same thing about Obama and Biden. Is money the root of all evil or does it just grease politician's wheels?

It would be nice if both Republicans and Democrats would offer some low-priced (maybe even free) events for us little people to attend.

But I guess in the end, they just prefer to have us stand on the corner and clap as they go by, frivolously spending our hard earned tax dollars.

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