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Published: Monday, Sept. 3 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Border Joe Az/ BYU
Safford, AZ

News today...obama is "struggling" with the question of ARE U BETTER OFF NOW OR 4 YR. AGO!!

That is a yes or no question!! How do you struggle with a yes or no question??..Duhhhnmmmuaa!

Clint Eastwood summed it all up in 10 minutes!! No One can afford another 4 years of this Craziness!!

BozoHussan==NBC=GE= Chicago MOBpolitics=lie,cheat, steal ,twist every crises to benefit your Pravda Press PROPAGANDA!!

Mcallen, TX


"7 kids by 5 different women.... Pretty much sums up where we are to in this nation."

* That's why Obama encourages paid contraceptives.
* What did Obama do with his campaign contributions if we pay for Air Force One?
* Reagan never went around supporting gay marriage.
* Obama's birth certificate states his father was born in Kenya. opps. Kenya didn't exist till 1963. Look it up. The hospital where Obama was born didn't exist till 1978. You can find the Obama book.
* Under funded military? We are the ones to uphold freedom. Without us, the world lives under dictatorship. You know that.
* most Americans on food stamps. yep! Ask a grocery store cashier.

Tremonton, UT

Sure, Eastwood rambled a bit. But it was brilliant speech.

The fact that a Hollywood A-Lister like him would "dare" state his criticism of Obama shakes the liberal foundation, and that alone, regardless of what he said, was worth it.

He poined out that 23 million Americans are out of work (compared with 9 million at the height of the Great Depression in 1930).

His best line was "When they haven't done the job, then you have to let them go." "Nuff Said....

Kaysville, UT

The President may be asking the are you better questions, but he is really trying to state that we are better. They can't really answer that rhetorical question as they can't really say that the citizens are better. President Obama is richer as is President Clinton. However, the nation isn't. I believe these 4 years have taken a toll on the President's integrity and honesty as he has filled positions approved and not approved (Czars) as his advisors that don't know the true definition of integrity and honor. They have tried to change people's definitions to what these politicians want. Decency is not part of the Chicago group's philosophy. They do what will get gain for them and their followers. This President and minions are preaching to the students and people who wanted change and hope to take from the rich to give to the poor. Our country's process of the various branches of government, nationally and in each state, does not allow that, at this point. The Democrats try to make entitlements for people to forever have their share to get their votes for more of the same to elect again.

South Jordan, UT

All in all I thought it was entertaining and somewhat enlightening. He made some good points that I think regardless of your party loyalties are worth listening to. His stuttering and "umming" made me a little impatient. At the end of the day it was a speech of non-traditional form that asked for new leadership. It was hardly the huge controversial political speech the media is trying to make it. Are we better off now than four years ago? If Romney's remarks about people believing that the life of their children will be worse than their's is remotely accurate I think we can make a strong conclusion of no we are not better off. If we don't even have hope what do we as a country have? At least when Bush left office we still had hope and confidence.

Cedar Hills, UT

"if the man doesn't do his job ya gotta let him go" !! Well said Clint!!

The Watcher

I watched Clint the night he gave his address and liked his comments. After the media started making a big deal out of it, I went back and watched it again. Still love it. But what would of really topped it off, would be Clint moving the teleprompters over by the chair and saying, "sorry about that." That would of made everyone's day.

Richard Allan Jenni
Ocean City, NJ

Eastwood was pure GENIUS! I loved it! A magic moment in politics! No wonder the liberal lamestream media didn't like it!

Ogden, UT

Is there really a question?

It ranks with all the other RNP speaches.

Operative word? They were all rank!

Sally J
Altadena, CA

The killer part in Clint's speech was "We own this country. When someone doesn't do a good job, you let him go." And an empty chair represented Obama - since he's been absent from the job in many ways. Good Job, Clint!

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Clint was brilliant. I had to watch it after reading article after article and comments how awful it was. Of course all those people have money invested in obama or in their union or still under his spell or kool aid of hope and change.

Denver, CO

the only "miss" was that, rather than an empty chair, it should have been a throne,mebbe strewn with Hawaiian leis

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