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Published: Monday, Sept. 3 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

You're stuck with it now. You have to defend it.

Centerville, UT

In later years, it will be looked at as a symbol of the Obama Presidency. Nobody has been in 'the chair' for four years. He's been on the golf course.

Spanish Fork, UT

Effective??? Why is it a huge topic of conversation? Effective. Why is the internet filled now with jokes about Obama as an empty chair and a site called Empty Chair. Labor Day was canceled for Empty Chair Day.

I loved the photo of Karl Marx and B. Obama... Marx is standing with a hand on the back of... An Empty Chair. Funny.

Obviously Eastwood knew what he was doing. Do did the RNC. The ultra-sensitive political folks were uncomfortable. Humor does that.


Look it was awkward at times as is to be expected of an 82 year old man going impromptu. But when I watched after hearing all the negative comments I did not cringe or wince - I laughed and I agreed.

Mr Eastwood spoke his mind. He knows he does not have many years left and he had something he wanted to say. I guess after being a part of all our lives for 50 years he perhaps deserved that. And with that 12 minuets he reminded me of a few things.

1. If a guy is not doing the job no matter what the party you have to let him go.

2. Just because the guy in the White House is a nice guy does not mean I need to be a mental masochist and vote for him.

3. Old guys that speak their mind are often politically incorrect but usually right. The years grant wisdom and understanding.

4. Apparently Hollywood has lots of conservatives that have to play it close to the vest. He has the clout to speak his mind.

5. Clint has 1.5 million hits on You Tube all saying cut the nice guy loose.

Danbury, CT

The night was fantastic up to the point Clint took the stage. He could not string together a coherent sentence the whole time he was up there. Be honest, people, it was as if Grandpa had escaped from the Rest Home and wandered on to the stage and before anyone could stop him, started speaking...

It was embarrassing beyond belief. And it totally killed the momentum and feeling leading up to Romney's acceptance. I won't say it ruined the night, but it almost did.

One more thing: for us on the East Coast, it pushed the end of the convention and Romney's speech way past 11:00 PM when many people tuned out. Bad timing, bad decision, should have had a long hook for the guy.

Durham, NC

Ok... Obama is an empty chair... lets play along these lines

An empty chair is generating 100k to 200k jobs a month, while under the Republicans we lost 881k a month

An empty chair ended the war in Iran, Republicans didn't want to.

While under the leadership of an Empty Chair, the US took our Osama Bin Laden, and money other Taliban leaders - Republicans... nope

With an empty chair as leader, the "emptychaircare" was passed. With the Republicans, we had no solutions put forward.

An empty chair expanded gun owners rights to carry side arms in National Parks and lands.

When the Republicans were in charge, the stock market went from 14,000 to 6,600. With an empty chair in charge the market is back up to 13,100

An empty chair has kept the cost of oil under$100 a barrel, while it soared to over $15). And an empty chair has the dollar in its strongest position it has been in for over 7 years.

So the lesson we learn from this is Obama is bad, but an empty chair still provides more leadership than when the Republicans held the keys. Great marketing guys.

Ogden, UT

I felt very sorry to see how Eastwood's mind had so badly slipped, and wondered if he was suffering from Alzheimers. That was a truly pitiful showing. Sad.

Canandaigua, NY

Have you noticed that librerals and progressives are challenged in their appreciation of humor? Eastwood's presentation was wonderful because it was so out of character. He made his point using sarcasm and humor. It was time well spent, and a nice break in the usual flow of convention speeches.

Murtoa Australia, Victoria

The conventions, both Republican and Democrat are boring. Everyone is preaching to the choir and trying to be so lovey dovey. I thought Clint Eastwoods speach was rediculous but at least it lightened the mood and gave everyone something else to talk about besides the speeches that we all expected to hear. Eastwoods speech niether helped or hurt either party.


Sorry he came across as a rambling/ lost old man, but maybe that's a indication of Mitt's platform. I would bet Josey Wales is disappointed & wondering what happened.

Ogden, UT

I'm still trying to figure out why the crowd cheered so loud when Eastwood said that the President should bring the troops home from Afganistan now. Did they forget which convention they were at? How can Romney justify expanding the military if we are not engaged in an endless war?

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

Bottom line is that Clint has stolen Romney's thunder and punch moving out of the convention.

What? No bounce in the polls from Romney? But lots of talk about Clint... Clearly, Clint has been an unnecessary distraction, and the constant video footage on the news of Ann Romney's facial expression of terror during the cut-aways during Clint's speech says it all!

On a broader note, what does Romney's decision to include Clint in the convention say about Romney's decision-making as a leader? Will he let the likes of Trump, Christy, and Eastwood continue to upstage him in office?

Camas, WA

Eastwood's skit was genius and spoke more to the average guy than any speech given by the pro politicians. Yeah, he rambled a bit and said a couple of uncouth things.....kind of like Obama without a Telepromter.... The pundits are so taken in by smooth talk that they don't even get it when someone normal talks.... If the far left really was dismissing Eastwood as a senile old man they wouldn't be making such a big fuss over this little talk..... The truth is that what Eastwood said was highly effective and scares the left to death.... This phrase may become as famous as "make my day"...... "We own this country....when someone is not doing the job you have to let them go."

Payson, UT

Best "speech" of the night. It wasn´t a speech, but a skit. Maybe if people would loosen up and stop worrying about what a "speech" should be, they would have enjoyed it too. Most creative and most impactful.
The common man liked it. Sorry NBC and FOX.

Danbury, CT

@ Utah Blue Devil,

I didn't know we were at war with Iran...

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

If that was "the best speech" of the convention, the bar has been set very low. Some of the comments here have set the bar even lower. They reminds me why I will never again support a republican for public office. And, the joy that some of you expressed at the disrespecting of an American President, does not speak well of you either.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

having lived in NC, there is no way they will fall for your boy's tactics and empty promises again. barry is one and done

Salt Lake City, UT

I enjoy Eastwood's films - but his "skit" at the RNC was beyond pathetic.

I guess the only way Republicans can feel like they've got the upper hand in a debate is if their opponent isn't there and they invent the dialog.

Truly sad.

Springville, UT

Conservatives are working really hard to make it bigger than it really is, but in the end, it only pleased a few and will matter little for the many.

Salt Lake valley, UT

I thought his speech was great! At first I didn't understand what he was doing, it was so different, but after a couple of minutes I realized his approach, and I really enjoyed it. What a great way to spoof the President!

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