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Published: Monday, Sept. 3 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

It was wonderful..and will prove to be one of the best speeches at the RNC Convention. It was honest, un-scripted, funny and hit the nail. The fact that it was unconventional makes all the potitical type nervous; on both sides. But at the end of the day, elections are not won or lost based upon the vote only of the beltway crowd.

Kearns, UT

Eastwood was embarrassing to watch. He stumbled over his words, seemed lost and disjointed and seemed like a bumbling old man. Not the same dirty harry.


Clint Eastwood's talk at the Republican Convention was fantastic in my opinion. It was clever, creative and very fitting. The metaphor of an empty chair representing an empty leadership was entertaining, captivating and accurate. I thought, however, that it was unnecessary and unfunny for Eastwood to get rank when he pretended that Obama told him to tell Romney to do something unspeakable to himself. I found that to be base and crude. It totally took away from the rest of the message. Other than that, I thought Clint Eastwood made some good points--especially when he said, "When someone doesn't do the job, we have to let him go." It's interesting to note that Eastwood holds to some of the same beliefs as the Democrats, such as being pro-choice, as well as being in favor of gay marriage. Yet, he is willing to admit that he believes Romney will make a better president that Obama. In a business where he is surrounded by Democrats, that took courage on Eastwood's part.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Apparently, Eastwooding did not make their day..
Clint Eastwood's "speech" was not included in the 2012 Republican Campaign Memorial Convention video.

Provo, UT

Well, there is an advantage in talking to an empty chair. The empty chair did not interrupt Eastwood with a reply or a clarification or a denial.

Aside -- I bet Ronald Reagan talking to an empty Lyndon Johnson chair in 1968 would have been landmark.

Far East USA, SC

Too much has been made of Clints skit.

I will say however, that the time slot was prime and could have been used much more productively.

Very poor choice by the convention organizers.

But, it was neither a "disaster" or "coup".

It was simply a missed opportunity.

Elk River, MN

Loved Eastwood, esp. when he hit Afghanistan. You could see the delegates, almost thinking: "Wait, Afghanistan was a good war when Dubya was fightin' it. But, maybe it's bad now that Obama's doin' it. And, we haven't been told what to think when Mitt keeps it going. Should we cheer or just stand here all confused?" They chose the "all confused option." Eastwood was great. The one unscripted moment of the entire Mitt love fest.

Salt Lake City, UT

After hearing too much of the hand-wringing laments from some Republican pundits and the smarmy, infantile put-downs by most of the Democrats, I finally got to see Clint's speech....and thought it was pretty good.

Pretty good in that it was SO different from what either the Republican or Democrat talking heads ramble on about, with phrases and general themes that are so well worn and threadbare they are unbearably boring and predictable.

I was pleasantly surprised that so many of the supposedly knowledgeable purveyors of public opinion could have been so far off the mark. I normally find them to be only moderately off the mark.

Saint George, UT

It's clear that the rnc has decided the election is over save for the vote counting.

To give an over the hill director/actor 12 minutes of unscripted time and leave up and coming repub superstar mia love with a 2 min. pep talk is symbolic of where the rnc found itself on what should have been romney's finest hour to date.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Political conventions are for the street-pounders, and Eastwood provided some rah-rah for them.
What some call over the hill ramblings are more like
I'm old enough that I don't suffer fools.
He had nothing to prove to anyone.
The fact that he irritated the left only adds icing to the cake.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

I loved the lines about we the people owning America and that elected officials are our employees. That when they don't produce they need to be let go. Come November we will put President Obama on two month notice.

Pleasant Grove, UT

It was genius. Mr. Eastwood is living inside Obama's head. The one thing arrogant people can't take is mockery. The pro-Romney side is having a hey-dey with empty chair jokes.

Here's something else that's fun: with Romney and Obama neck-and-neck in Florida, the Democrats are playing the senility card. That ought to create another nice backfire.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Remember, historian Carl Sandburg wrote: “[T]he Gettysburg Address …was a speech that is hailed today as one of the greatest but that most people did not consider a great speech at the time of delivery."

Dirty Harry, er, Clint Eastwood is dumb like a fox, or like Colombo.

Yeah, at first I though it was sort of shaky and out of touch, but it was ENTERTAINMENT with a cutting edge of information that ran all the way through it. It skewered Obama's narcissism, highlighted Obama's failure to achieve the inane "save the world" stuff he promised; pointed out that WE own the country, and that when the politicians we hire fail, we can let them go. [Former Senator Bob Bennett can confirm that for them!)

Eastwood is an actor and director and knows theater and how to get messages across. He created a persona, a plan, a scenario, and a dialogue and executed it flawlessly. That most of us were slow to catch on is confirmation of his theatrical skills.

In retrospect, it was genius, although I was somewhat puzzled at the time.

Sure got a lot of discussion going, didn't it!


I think there is actually a third option besides coup and disaster, I think you forgot childish distraction.

Laie, HI

This should be the DNC response: A Holographic image of Eastwood is projected and a minute into the ramble, the President walks in and sits down. He then answers the questions respectfully and factually.

Springville, Ut

Hey great opinion piece DN! Oh wait...

Ogden, UT

"It was genius. The one thing arrogant people can't take is mockery."

Must be why most conservatives don't like Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. Must be why Fox News lashes out at them from time to time. They absolutely tear you people and that network's hypocrisy apart each and every night. Stewart's shows on the RNC last week truly were "genius". If you conservatives don't think you are arrogant and can therefore take the mockery, you may want to check it out.

Durham, NC

I anxiously await the day when people start to talk of the Eastwood speech with the same level of reverence granted Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address". Here on one hand, you had a man that stood on blood soaked ground attempting to reconcile a divided nation, the other, resorts to foul language and insults.

Some how I have a feeling when the history of this election is written, I really doubt Clint's speech will be referred to as the "Gettysburg Address" of our generation. It will likely filled in "miss timed speeches" along with Bush's Iraq "Mission Accomplished" speech aboard and air craft carrier.

ONe thing I do agree with is the concept that this is our country. Not the playground of Republicans and Democrats to see who wins this years popularity contest. But it belongs to each and every one of us, and it is up to us to make sure our stewards of this country take good care of her...

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

more approprait to have spoken to obama the empty suit


If a lefty, like Barbara Streisand, had gotten up and blundered through a similar 12 min. of nonsense, Fox News would have been on fire for days- and we all know it. It was an embarrassment. The RNC tried it's hand at a silly celebrity gimmick and it backfired big time. If you're conservative and you liked it, I'm sorry for you. You just solidified the stereotype of 'all bumper sticker and no substance'.

The spot light should have been on Romney, not the bumblings of an icon. His points contradicted themselves and Mitt Romney's platform and distracted from his prime time hour...and that's coming from a Clint & Mitt fan.

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