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Published: Monday, Aug. 27 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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provo, Utah

A quick search shows Mia Love is a double downed T-party member ready to slash the EPA.

That's right, what we need to do is dirty up the air and water more cause that always helps the economy.

what is it with republicans and clean air?

Holden Caulfield
Eagle Mountain, UT

The entire ideology of Tea Party candidates can be condensed into one phrase: Rather than "We the People", they believe in "I, the individual".

provo, Utah

So her parents came to America for a better life. I suppose the US was better because? Could it be all that social investing we have been doing for the last 80 years? Good schools, college loans, safety nets without every grandad and grandma out in the streets looking for a job instead of the new family from Haiti?

Mia Love likes to start her speeches with a quote from her dad that they never took a handout. Well Sir, you kinda did. That is why you moved here because this country was way easier to get ahead in than Haiti. That's ok, we invested in your kids education and she's doing well. But it's not true that you never took a handout.

And now she wants to eliminate the Department of Education, the EPA and cut food stamps by half.

Another version of the song ' I got mine now to heck with everyone else' the republican anthem.

Centerville, UT

The entire ideology of Barack Obama and the modern Democratic party cand be condensed into one phrase: Rather than "We the people" they believe in "We, the Government."

Salt Lake City, UT

Now let's see if I understand this, Mayor Love. If you get your way you're going to take away my social security and meticare benefits. Right?

Layton, UT

It is interesting to see the same liberals who cry any opposition to Obama as racist vehemently oppose Mia Love

Holden Caulfield
Eagle Mountain, UT

It's not just liberals who oppose Mia Love, but also moderates and many conservatives. And it has nothing to do with race. They also oppose the policies of Jason Chaffetz and Mike Lee. Utah doesn't need another extremist politician who's not representing the majority of constituents.

Farmington, UT

Wow, she gets a whole 2 minutes. Why is this a news story before her little brief remarks? One certainly couldn't call 2 minutes a speech, I don't believe.

Interesting, all this hype....and boring, too.

Clearfield, UT

A two minute speech seems more like a token opportunity...unfortunately it seems more like being offered a technical academy award Oscar than any real meaningful presence in the limelight of the National Republican Convention. It's quite sad really for Utah, especially with Romney being Utah's favorite son.

Ogden, UT

from agb:
"It is interesting to see the same liberals who cry any opposition to Obama as racist vehemently oppose Mia Love"

Not really. Do you have any proof of racial motivation for disliking Mrs. Love? The criticism I see is about her policies; EVERY Tea Party candidate is strongly opposed by liberals. If you have to bring racism into it, it seems more racist of the GOP to trot her out as an example of an African American conservative. From the article:

" 'The Republican Party is trying to do it's best to produce a diverse face' and Love's personal story provides a counter to the party's difficulties with African-American and women voters."


I met Mia Love in a small "meet the candidate" gathering in the home of an active Democrat neighbor and was favorably impressed with Mia's ability to clearly explain her history and ideas...Unfortunately, her ideas have become more extreme after that meeting which took place before she became the Republican candidate at the Utah Republican Convention.

Freedomingood quite clearly stated how I feel about Mia's ideas and plans. I as a moderate Republican, now plan to vote for Jim Matheson.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

Will she use a teleprompter? Will all of you who ridicule our current president for using one also ridicule Mrs. Love if she uses it?

Clearfield, UT

A two minute speech. Really. That's not a speech. What a dissapointment. Regardless of you feel about her I would like to hear what she haa to say.

Durham, NC

the fact that a woman of color is representing the state of Utah at the conversion, that is all goodness. It challenges some notions the left has about Utah, and I am sure it challenges some of the more conservatives on the right as well. My hope for her is that she is just not being used as a political poly, and there is real intent and support behind her - more than just a token validating diversity within the ranks of the conservatives.

I wish her luck and hope she represents herself and the state o Utah well.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It is appalling to see the intensity of the dislike, or fear, that some liberals (or self proclaimed "moderates") have for Mia Love, and the venomous slurs they cast on her.

"Anchor baby?" Why do the censors allow this when it is neither accurate (her parents came here LEGALLY) nor anything but a thinly veiled racial epithet.

What the liberals really fear is a smart, articulate, woman leader who espouses strong conservative views, and unapologetically rejects the traditional liberal insistence that all blacks stay on the liberal welfare plantation and vote straight Democrat.

By their shrill attacks, the liberals have shown us that they really fear Mia Love.

She will be a GREAT Congressperson, and has to courage and wisdom to attack and fix many of the serious problems afflicting our country today.

And her first official vote will NOT be for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker, like Jim Matheson has done after every election he won.

Durham, NC

Centerville, UT

The entire ideology of Barack Obama and the modern Democratic party cand be condensed into one phrase: Rather than "We the people" they believe in "We, the Government."

@A1994 - here is the difference, a liberal truly doesn't see a distinction between the two, where as a conservative does. A liberal sees the government acting in the peoples name - whether for good or bad. A conservative views the government as being something detached from the people, and enemy, and something to be fought against.

In many way, both are right. Anything can become corrupt, businesses, churches and governments. But regardless, it is still the peoples government - and we can't walk away from it saying we don't hold responsibility in assuring it acts in our name appropriately. Being a representative body, it will often act in ways we don't personally approve - that is what democracy enables. But in the end, our government, and even Obama serve at our pleasure, and holds not power unto himself unless it is granted to him. And we go through this process every 4 years.

Maybe there will be change, maybe not. The people (and PACs) will decide that.

Durham, NC

Patriot... your comments are absolutely insulting.

" I mean aren't all blacks supposed to talk and think the same - the liberal way - the entitlement way - the freeloader way??"

What percentage of blacks do you think are living the "freeloader" way? How many black families are you friends with? How many attend your ward? How many in your neighborhood?

In the town I live in now, there are people I associate with on a daily basis that had to attend a segregated school system. There are still signs down at one of the old factories that read "whites only". To pretend that many of these people had the same chance at life that your parents did is a screaming example of ignorance. Blacks were not allowed to live in the same neighborhoods, attend the same schools, hold the same jobs, attend the same Universities, worship at the same churches, nor be buried in the same graveyards. It wasn't a choice, it was law.

Blacks vote for Obama for the same reason you are voting for Romney - because they have a shared life experience and can relate to the person. Please stop degrading comments about people you don't know.

Kaysville, UT

I can relate the fires that surrounded their community as the dangers of the environment that would have enveloped the United States of America without some types of control. She wanted the federal monies to put out the fires. I look at foreign countries that don't have the equivalent of the EPA and those countries have ruined their rivers and wildlife and forests due to non-controlling people and businesses that know and should have known the results. The Congress has abilities to control agencies as does the President who appoints the leaders over those agencies and departments. The EPA and other federal agencies have public processes to go through, usually, that prevent them from overreaching their powers. However, in political years, people running for office say, "If elected," I will go and clean up that or take care of that agency. They are one of 425 plus people. EPA is not just a one party agency. It depends on the Congressional district and the impact the EPA or any other agency has had on those citizens. It can be perceived as either good or bad.

Representative Matheson has done a good job for Utah but is a Democrat.

Salt Lake City, UT

Congratulations for bringing racism to the conversation. Not one person with a "liberal" perspective degraded Mrs. Love for her race, only her policies. Which, by the way, is what you should base your vote on. If you are doing your job as a citizen your voting criteria should be how much you agree with a candidates policy. For instance, I would never vote for Mia Love, not because she is black or because Matheson is white. I wouldn't vote for her because she is a hypocrite. Saratoga Spring property taxes were raised 200% while she was in office, yet she claims she doesn't support new taxes, she took a government loan to get a college education, now she wants to cut those loans.

Cedar Hills, UT


First of all my comments regarding African American's mind set is according to how liberals and The Democratic Party wants them to think - to live and to follow. Listen to MSNBC and you will see what I mean. ANY African American - like Mia - who dares step out of line from what liberals and democrat's consider the "norm" are attacked as being "not real African Americans". Congressman Alan West - who is African American - has spoken a lot about this - google Congressman West's speeches. Also you said "Blacks vote for Obama for the same reason you are voting for Romney - because they have a shared life experience and can relate to the person". This is complete NONSENSE!!! What "shared life experience" are you talking about? Obama had a fairly "privileged" upbringing not common at all to most blacks. Also Obama's communist influence growing up is completely foreign to the majority of blacks. Dr Martin Luther Kings grand daughter - who is NOT an Obama disciple - has urged all African Americans to do as her grandfather taught and judge the man NOT on the color of his skin but on the content of his character.

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