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Published: Monday, Aug. 27 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

by saying the DN reflected its readers and implying a bias as a defense for the NYT's bias, you were, in essence, defending that bias. I saw nothing from you saying the NYT was wrong to have a bias. The article was not about the DN, KLS, or any of those other meida outlets you and old man mention. Nice obfuscation though. ARE you OK with the NYT having a left-wing bias and claiming fairness?

old man,
you sit in my house and KNOW that I watch fox? how utterly Orwellian of you. Of, course, judging by your previous comments, you would be happy in an Orwellian, 1984 society. And please, tell me where the article is about the DN, Fox, KLS. nice obfuscation though. please tell me when I have EVER quoted KLS or Fox. you cannot do it, because I haven't. You even twisted my comments about matheson's vote to force catholic hospitals to provide abortions to have something to do with BO. THAT vote occured before BO was even elected to the senate.

Are fox, KSL, DN balanced? you decide. Fox, probably not, don't watch KSL, DN - sometimes

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Having bias in a newspaper is admitting that the editorial staff thinks its readers are idiots who can't reach an honest conclusion if given unbiased facts. They think that they have to "help" the reader reach their "desired" conclusion. Instead of performing the duties of the "4th Estate", they are just on the campaign staff of whichever candidate they favor.


Not covering Obama's youthful pot smoking?
Obama revealed and wrote about it several years ago, before he ran for president.
We've known about the marijuana for some time.
Also, newspapers have a practice of burying stories that don't come from their own reporters.
No matter where a newspaper places a story in print, it can’t bury it on the web.
Obama's past has already been vetted in detail. Michelle Obama got extremely negative press during the first campaign. But the Romneys are now the new kids on the block.

Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism reported in a study of media coverage during the 2008 campaign that it didn't so much cast Obama in a favorable light as it portrayed John McCain in a substantially negative one,

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Saying the NY times is left leaning is like Claud Rains character from Casablanca saying to Humphrey Bogart's character Rick that he's shocked to find gambling going on.

I guess the only story is that one of the bigwigs of the NY times admitting some bias, perhaps that is the bias. But I think everyone that follows news knows that the NY times leans steeply left while other newspapers like the D-News lean steeply right. Now everyone go on and take a deep breath...


@lost in DC
you really insist on reading a lot more into peoples comments then are there don't you? well YOU (look I can type in all capital letters to) have FUN with that.

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT

This is entertaining. Some of the people posting comments are whining about the DN being right leaning. Why do you guys read this paper if you dislike it so much? Gluttons for punishment I guess.

American Fork, UT

So the Deseromney News found this story, and attached a picture of President Obama to it? Nice...

Centerville, UT


Good point. I agree with you. The problem is that the NY Times doesn't give facts in context. And apparently by the dwindling circulation of the Times, I am not the only one who feels this way. Fox News is definitely has a conservative slat to it, but they don't try to hide it either. I think most Americans respect it if you don't try to hoodwink them. Having said that, MSNBC should really consider trying to hoodwink more people. Their ratings are the worst.

Kapolei, HI

After a 40-year career as a Mormon and a reporter, beginning as a copy boy and cub reporter for the Deseret News, I must say sadly that the pursuit of truth in journalism has more often put me on the side of the New York Times than the Deseret News, but both have their weaknesses.

The News views the world as revolving around Salt Lake City with truth emanating from a single source. The Times is constantly trying to redefine its world, which is much broader, more complex, more inclusive and often contradictory. I respect and admire the hard-working reporters and editors for both, but have no doubt where any top reporter, liberal or conservative, would feel more able to do his or her job with honesty and integrity.

Recognizing and overcoming personal prejudices, biases, background and pressure from outside and within his or her own organization are lifelong challenges for any great journalist.

Durham, NC

"Comparing the DN to the NYT is like comparing the Ogden Raptors to the New York Yankees. Give me a break."

You are right.... one is owned by a religion that claims to be non-partisan on its web site, and in actions through its holdings acts completely differently.

And who do you think has more money, the NYT, or our church..... you are right. It isn't even close.

Durham, NC

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT
This is entertaining. Some of the people posting comments are whining about the DN being right leaning. Why do you guys read this paper if you dislike it so much? Gluttons for punishment I guess.

Because it is a publication run by my church, that speaks for the LDS people in the state where I come from, a state that was founded by relatives of mine. My grandfather while President had a dream where he was challenged three times what he had done with his fathers name. That is part of my families culture and fabric.

Likewise, I am very concerned by what the DN says as being whole owned by the LDS faith, it is one of the most visual voices of the church. There is no wall between these two... the DN can not claim it is not an outlet of the church - no one believes it is otherwise. The Church claims political neutrality, but its agent, the DN, hardly presents itself that way. You can't be fish and fowl at the same time. I can not choose to give up my faith because of the DN, but I can cancel the NYT.


"And apparently by the dwindling circulation of the Times,"

The New York Times increased its circulation by 73% over the past year with digital editions. It was the largest percentage increase of any of the largest newspapers in the U.S.

"The problem is that the NY Times doesn't give facts in context"

Do you ever read the Times?

Taylorsville, UT

There is another word for bias, its called "censorship" and often "politically correct" its the new basis of all american news media. Excepting a few individual stragglers and small independent local radio stations that still believe in free speech.

Censorship in the form of Civil contorl has replaced free speech the the right to be emitional and open with the free speech concept. Free speech is the right to offend, dislike, and not trust the lies spewed by this new form of Media control.

The federal government has established a national organization of civil socialism the every major news organization is a memento and told how, what, when, and where they can report the facts handed to them. This control strips news groups from independent and unbiased news research and reporting.

This national organization was and is designed to limit free speech and freedom of the press and civil rights of free speech and it is revealing the reason why one of our inalienable rights is freedom of speech even if the government controlling news media wants to censor it.

But all this censorship is in vain, we the people can see through this politically correct and civil hoax.

Grantsville, UT

Comparing the DN and it's slant to the NY times is a joke. Is the DN used as a national source for other news outlets? The NY times has help in creating other sources of news that, while some are slanted to their reads/viewers at least give another perspective.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Belching Cow
Why do I read the Deseret News, even though this paper is clearly biased toward conservative causes and anything related to the Mormon church?
Because the other local option for news, the Salt Lake Tribune, has a bit of a liberal bias. I read both, because I like to see the news from multiple perspectives. I find that I usually am more of a liberal, but sometimes I read the conservative perspective and find that they have a really good point. Putting yourself in a box when it comes to getting information is silly. How do you know if you have a good perspective on the news if you refuse to consider the opinions of people you disagree with?

Lehi, UT

The article "Crafting Gay Children" by Dr. Reisman (can be found on defend the family)discusses how the GLBT JOurnalist association boasts that 4 of 5 people who decide what you read in the NY Times are GLBT JOurnalists.
These groups have not only shown extreme bias, they have been intentionally misinforming for political gain. Everyone should read the article, there is an assault on the family like never before, and the Deseret News comment activists are part of the effort.

Cardston, Alberta

So take a look at the demographic of the Beehive state. DN is merely a reflection of the vast majority of it's readers. Give it a rest already! You're not in love with the DN...that's why we give you the Lib-Trib! Your time (and ours for sure when it comes to your whining)would be far better spent curled up with your lib-trib. Same goes for anything Mormon. My kids and grand-kids live in the Beehive state so I regularly tune in to the DN and enjoy every chance I can get to make the 10-hour trip.

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