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Published: Monday, Aug. 27 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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CHS 85
Sandy, UT

Does anyone else see the irony in the Deseret News publishing this article?

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

the times don't have a clue on real america. the fact that it is the NYT says all that needs to be said. left, left, left. obama is their guy.


So the new york times reflects the bias of its "cosmopolitan readers?" kind of like the DN, KSL and fox news etc.... reflects its readers and viewers bias?

Salt Lake City, UT

GASP! The times and post are left?? How could it be? When did this debauchery sneak into such credible, fair news sources?? Good grief. The way executives, politicians, and media speak using all the smoke screens as if we're all too stupid to see through it never ceases to amaze me. Then when called out about it, deny deny deny. We live in a time of moral cowards. Sports, business, religion, politics. It's everywhere. Fox news is absurdly right wing? Nooooooooo way. They just really have an affinity for pachyderm. What blows me away even more is that these fools expect to have a credible voice with their "hidden" bias and agendas. It's disgraceful.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

glad the guy finally came clean. if he had had integrity, he would have done so BEFORE he left the times.

so you're OK with the NYT claiming to be fair, but actually having a strong left bias?

non believer

The Times may be to the left what Deseret News is to the right! The fact the DN reviews each comment and cherry pic's what they want is truly disheartning!

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

My old mama use to tell me “No matter how much you stink, you may not be able to smell yourself”. I think the same might be true of conservatives and liberals.

For myself the notion of a person being liberal or conservative with regard to the public media is immaterial. All public media is owned and operated by businessmen.

Judging from the actions of businessmen in government positions, they all act the same no matter which side of the aisle they are on.

Sandy, UT

Yes, not so much a revelation as another verification. I think a good percentage of the population might be learning that main-stream media is a guide only for naive people who are largely immune to truth. Anyone who's had personal experience with "journalists" knows well that a good percentage of them don't actually know everything about everything, which is completely contrary to their self-proclamations. Comparing what "the Times" says to reality does reveal a pretty sad commentary on what's happening to this country and the free world. The thing I wish ALL media would quit doing, however, is referring to liberals as "progressives." Their positions of a welfare state where government authority monitors and controls all facets of society, confiscates private property for redistribution, ignores many extremely dangerous trends and policies, etc., is anything by "progressive. In fact, it is ultra-REGRESSIVE and routinely proven to be non-productive.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

The New York Times iconic status as the standard of journalistic excellence against which so many other newspapers measure themselves doesn’t depend on being unbiased which is something no news enterprise can honestly claim to be. But its views don’t evidence a liberal conspiracy in which the New York Times is ring leader. The so-called liberal news media is a right-wing illusion that far too many on the political right ascribe to.

Notice how the difference of opinion between Arthur Brisbane and Jill Abramson is out in the open for all to see. Wouldn’t it be grand if all news enterprises operated like that?

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Jay Tee,

"....The thing I wish ALL media would quit doing, however, is referring to liberals as "progressives...."

If we're going to start calling things by their dictionary names, liberals would be more accurately described as conservatives. When they defend Social Security, Medicare, and other such programs, they are the true defenders of the status quo.

Tooele, UT

Re: "The thing I wish ALL media would quit doing, however, is referring to liberals as 'progressives.'"

Hear, hear!

And, I dislike hearing them called "Liberals," as well. They are neither liberal nor progressive, according to any sane definition of either word.

The appropriate appellation of people who oppose conserving the policies, ideals, and morality that made America great would be "Destructives," NOT "Progressives" or "Liberals."

The fact that those who lean left apply these intentionally misleading monikers to themselves and their fellow travelers in no way requires normal people to do so.

Saint George, UT

Rupert and Roger would crush anyone who does not follow the daily talking points memo.

FN has a bias.

The DN has a bias.

The NYT has a bias.

So what?


The irony. DNews pushes Romney 24/7 and yet it has the nerve to call other papers biased? Be real. Be truthful will your fellow man DNews.


@lost in dc
where did I say that? typical twisting and turning from you lost. what I did say is that they are no different then the DN,fox, KSL etc.. playing to their readers and viewers, so I suppose you could say I think they're every bit as "fair" as the DN, KSL, fox etc... so I guess if your really believe the DN, fox KSL etc... are "fair" then I suppose I could see why you would wrongly assume I must think the NYT is "fair."

Cedar Hills, UT

NY Times left wing bias - this is not news. Speaking of left wing bias take a look at the latest Time Magazine cover. I don't take this liberal trash I just happened to see it in Wallmart. Anyway, Romney has this RED splotchy face on the cover and Obama is beautifully done in a light majestic light blue. Good heavens... this is high-schoolish!! These liberal propaganda rags need not wonder why they have zero credibility and falling.



"NY Times left wing bias - this is not news."

Have you ever noticed how biased your own words are? DNews has a right wing bias - do you consider it news?

one old man
Ogden, UT

Lost -- so you're OK with FOX claiming to be fair, but actually having a strong right bias?


Comparing the DN to the NYT is like comparing the Ogden Raptors to the New York Yankees. Give me a break.

Durham, NC

Golly Gee-wiz, isn't this a prime example of the Pot reportng that the kettle is black?

How in the world is this news? What next.... FonNews is neither fair nor balanced? That they have a right leaning stance..... imagine the shocker that would be.

Oh by the way... in other news, Issac to hit New Orleans on the exact same day7 years later...... but I guess that doesn't impact Utah so lets cover trash news like this.... you know, the stuff just intended to incite more division between people.

Patriot..... Time Magazines cover this week is a black in white shot of Mitt smiling. What issue were you lookng at. Perhaps Time has a special cover just for "Walmart" shoppers.....

Salt Lake City, UT

I think having some bias, liberal or conservative, is okay, as long as facts and context are given.

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