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Expansion would bring changes to Olympic Cauldron Park

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 21 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Lots of discussion by Duckhunter and his friends on another PAC 12 article.

I guess they don't have anything to say about the WAC champions in Provo over on a BYU article.


It's sad how many BYU "fans" (ducky, sammy, sportsfan, etc.) spend all of their time trolling University of Utah articles these days trying to get their digs in. If I were you, I would be more concerned with trying to be competitive after a 44-point blowout loss to your rivals.

But then, you always have the Idaho, Weber State, San Jose State, and New Mexico State games to hang your hat on.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT


To Ducky and Samantha there was no game last year.

They were in Tulsa.

Orem, UT


It's laughable how trivial 4-5 is compared to 54.


Aren't U forgetting, every one of those teams would slaughter Northern Colorado, and one or two of them would have had a decent chance against 10-loss Colorado.

No Conference Will Take Us

Orem, UT

"What would you do if the PAC 12 called and invited you?"

Sorry, you've misread the tea leaves. BYU fans would be thrilled to have BYU in the PAC 12, because unlike U, BYU would actually be competitive in many sports, including the Olympic sports.

The problem BYU fans have with Utah fans is their arrogant attitude based on absolutely NOTHING. The PAC 12 produced nine NCAA champions in 2011-12, and Utah wasn't even close to being involved. Try at least finishing in the upper half of the conference before beating your gums any more about being in the "conference of champions". So far Utah has been nothing but bottom-dwelling cannon fodder for the big boys of the conference.


I am so tired of fellow BYU fans saying things like this. You can't predict how well BYU would do in the PAC 12. We will never know how competitive we would be.

Herriman, UT

Hey sports fan,

Enjoy watching the big boys play from the sidelines.

I hear las cruces in November is just wonderful.


Springville, UT


Wow, you are really wasting your time on these DNews articles lately. I keep telling you that your time would be better spent at DirectTV's Facebook page.

One more week and still no Pac 12 Network deal for satellite. No one is surprised and I'm sure some of you are having blood pressure problems over this.

Let me help.

Nothing more stressful than having to talk to Comcast or some other provider requesting service and then calling Dishnet or DirectTV explaining you want to disconnect your satellite... unless of course you have no other options and then the last option is to ask me to send you a DVD.

Happy to help a Ute fan always!

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

in a week, espn or pac 10 plus 2 network? wow!

Orem, UT

no conference championship for U

Nice try imposter; one thing we do know, you were so humiliated by how uncompetitive U were in your first year in the PAC, that you've been forced to pretend you're a BYU fan just to save yourself the embarrassment of admitting where your true loyalties lie.

Hardcore UTE-FAN!!
Spanish Fork, UT

Maybe I'm confused. . . They're going to increase out stadium size to 10,000? I thought the stadium held more than that already. It doesn't seem that much smaller than LES that the TDS uses. Isn't their stadium like 27K or something like that? Well, as soon as we can get 10K fans to show up at games we'll just be that much louder and harder to beat at home.

Murray, UT

I have pointed this out several times but for those of you who keep repeating misinformation when RES was rebuilt in 1998 no tax money was expended. The construction was funded by donations and revenue bonds paid back by ticket and concession sales. The Olympics leased RES in 2002 and paid a lease for its use as any other entity would be required to do. Any new expansion will be funded again without tax payer money.

To the BYU fans clamoring for new expanded decks to be built at LES, well good luck with that. It is a lot of wishful thinking. BYU is not a state institution so unlike the U it must apply to the City of Provo for a building permit. Salt Lake City has no such jurisdiction over projects at the U. Back in 1984 BYU wanted to build decks on their stadium but was denied a building permit from Provo City because of the protests and objections of the neighborhoods surrounding LES over height and sight line issues. Nothing has changed much since. Those neighborhoods have recently objected to an eight story building being built at the MTC. So good luck.

Salt Lake City, UT


Thanks for your concern, but I haven't seen any BYU fans "clamoring" for expansion, so why are you whining about it?

Salt Lake City, UT


"It's sad how many BYU "fans" (ducky, sammy, sportsfan, etc.) spend all of their time trolling University of Utah articles these days trying to get their digs in."

Posted on BYU articles by GoRed:

- "Does the kid know that there's an honor code? Cut his hair, and he's 100 lbs. lighter."

- "Even new BYU recruits are all obsessed with the University of Utah."

- "A new rival? That's a bit of a stretch, considering that they've played exactly one time, and the people of Wisconsin are hardly aware of who BYU is."

hmmmm, a bit of the pot calling the kettle black, wouldn't you say?

Big Daddy Utah

@Cougar Blue

I am a lifelong Ute fan and I neither hated or liked BYU, up until the time a few short years ago when Max Hall made his tirade about Utah. He was just voicing the opinion of most BYU fans. This after BYU WON.

After that day I find it hard to root for BYU in anything. It is not because they are poor losers, it is because they are poor winners.


Murray, UT


Sorry, I forgot. BYU can't fill their stadium anymore or sell all the season tickets because of the WAC schedule. But contrary to your comment there were a few on this board who mentioned LES expansion and specifically building decks. As long as BYU has to get that building permit from the local politicians you can forget about it. But as you suggest it will probably never be needed.

BTW, Pointing out facts, which is what I do, is not whining.

Mister J

Just think...

In a few yrs, LES may be the ideal place to hold a multi-region Ice Cream Social!?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

It's exciting to see this football program grow.

Also, LOL at everyone claiming expansion will only result in sea of red chairs. Adding more seats to the stadium also brings the potential of expanding the fan base. This allows the program to grow. Not expanding on the basis that there will be down years where attendance lags is pure cowardice. It's no different than people who were saying Utah should stay in the MWC because they won't be able to compete in the PAC. Utah has been afforded great opportunity by its new conf. affiliation and it would be foolish to not take full advantage. Luckily the leaders at the U don't seem to have the same attitude at many of the BYU posters here and our taking steps to improve academics and athletics across the board.

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