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Expansion would bring changes to Olympic Cauldron Park

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 21 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Arlington, VA


"I've been to BYU games, and most of the fan base consists of kids and geriatric senior citizens telling people to sit down and shut up."

Then you're obviously just spouting off with absolutely no factual basis because the number of BYU students attending BYU games is several times the size of the MUSS.

"If you havent noticed, Utah is in the Pac-12."

Yeah, we've noticed. The Utes have gone from being a conference championship contender, lately, to being a conference bottom dweller, as usual:

8th in football, with not a single win over a conference foe with a winning record
11th in basketball
last or next to last in every other men's sport

A couple of 5-7 seasons and no bowls and the Utes will abandon their football team just like they abandoned their once proud basketball team.

Arlington, VA


"The U deserves the expansion for sure."

"Deserving" is irrelevant - what Hill has to decide is whether he wants to waste millions on a sea of empty red chairs when the inevitable losing skid happens on the hill.

Arlington, VA

Cowboy Dude

"If BYU sold out the Utah game, why did it look half empty in the fourth quarter?"

Same reason RES looked 3/4 empty in the fourth quarter when the "national championship contending" Utes were destroyed 7-47 by TCU.


Sports Authority --- I'm sorry that Utah has had 2 undefeated seasons in the last 8 years. I'm sorry that BYU just can't seem to beat Utah hardly ever. 30% of the time in the last decade. That's sad! I'm also sorry that BYU got whooped by 44 points in Provo last year by the Utes. That would be a lot for any Byu fan to have to deal with.


Sports Authority -- I'm really sorry that the Utes make you so discouraged.

Kearns, UT

Why don't we let the two teams play the games this year. Based on the results at the end of the season, we can then determine who was the better team. Personally, I would like to see both teams be successful and have two powerful programs in the area. Bragging about beating a weak team isn't really worth doing.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

Adding 10,000 seats would move us from 11th to 7th in the PAC-12. We won't be breathing the rarefied (and smog polluted) air that USC and UCLA have, but I think being on par with Oregon and Arizona works well.

The article did say at least 10,000 seats. It could be more.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

some typically hilarious jealousy from the fans down south as Utah shows it continues to grow and threaten the fragile egos of those same fans.
The funniest part of the cougar fans' comments is how no one will show up at RES if/when Utah struggles with mediocre records in the Pac 12. Yet it's those same fans that like to point out how Utah finished "8th" last year and 4-5 in league play. So here's the obvious question ... why after such a terrible year has Utah managed to basically already sell out all of it's games this year??? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
Check StubHub or KSL and look at what Utah tickets are going for. The only way I could get a ticket to the BYU game was to buy it FROM BYU!!!! Funny thing though, I'm selling those two tickets and doubling what I paid so I can make a down payment on two tickets to the USC that will cost me at least another $200. That's right ... cheapest BYU tickets at RES are $110. Cheapest tickets to USC are close to $200.
And this after finishing 8th! Enough said.

Gilbert, AZ


"some typically hilarious jealousy from the fans down south..."

Jealous of what, Utah thinking about expanding its stadium some day, and even IF that happens, RES capacity will still be 10,000 seat smaller than LES.

I am a Utah man and I live across the green with jealousy that Utah will forever be BYU's little brother.


Hey Phoenix -- Utah clobbered byu by 44 points in Happy Valley last year and has beat them 7 out of the last 10 years. Who is the little brother here.

Gilbert, AZ


"Hey Phoenix... Who is the little brother here?

BYU(10-3) #25 Coaches/#26 AP/#34 Sagarin
Utah(8-5) unranked/#39 Sagarin

Obviously, U are!

Highland, UT


We have discussed this before and you know the reasons, you just want to pretend like you don't.

utah and its "fans" are currently in a honeymoon stage. They have had unprecedented succes, for them at least, over the last 8-9 years and were included in an expansion of the PAC 10. That IS exciting and it HAS made for increased interest and attendence for the program. Afterall everyone loves a winner.

But the honeymoon will not last forever, they never do, and the relationship with utah and its "fans" will return to a more relaxed and familiar state than it currently enjoys. And that is waht chris hill and the powers that be at utah have to consider. And they don't have to look any further than the huntsman center for evidence of what will occur when the honeymoon ends and some less that stellar results occur, and that WILL happen at some point. When it does are they better served having spent 10's of millions to expand a stadium now half empty or would they have been better off spending that money elsewhere?


Highland, UT

Like it or not for utah "fans" but utah is still mainly a commuter school and it is still just the number 2 draw in this market. Its "fan"base is famously fickle and it is tenuous. Many people that previously did not care have hopped on board because of the recent excitement, I know many and I am sure you do to, but outside of that most of those people have no real ties to the school or the program, they simply want to be a part of the current happenings.

But with nothing to really tie so many of them to the school outside of just enjoying the ride it is important for the utah leadership to figure out how many of them will remain actual ticket purchasers and game attendees when the inevitable downturn comes along.I know utah "fans" cannot fathom that ever occuring again but it will at some point.

That is why there has been so little talk of expansion from the actual leadership at utah, they know who and what they are and who and what their "fan"base is. They need a longer termshowing of support from their "fans" before doing it.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Well spoken.

There isn't a program in the PAC 12 that hasn't gone through a period of mediocrity or worse. The 5-7, no bowl seasons for Utah are unavoidable and the vast sea of empty seats currently seen at the Huntsman Center could easily be repeated at RES WHEN, not IF, Utah hits its first losing skid.

Hill can thank the Olympic Cauldron for giving him several more years to think about expanding RES before actually having to decide whether or not to proceed.

Herriman, UT

Listen, I have one question, and one question only for these byu "fans" and their harping on the PAC 12.

What would you do if the PAC 12 called and invited you?

I think your opinion and highly derogatory remarks would surely change.

Face it cougar fans, we are living your dream.

Enjoy las cruces in November.


Bluffdale, UT

To Duckhunter...

USC, UCLA & CAL are commuter schools. Someone seems to be grasping on to anything.

Murray, UT

As has been pointed out in other comments, this is not a new concept. It was indicated during the last expansion that the south end would be rebuilt sometime in the future. More recently, the U indicated that joining the PAC12 would mean that would need to expand the stadium. So I wonder, what is Mike and company up to.

On a related note, perhaps the torch and the museum should be moved to the Olympic Park. But the Hoberman Arch should be moved to Pioneer Park where it was first proposed. I understand that all the parts to the Hoberman Arch are still in a warehouse and that it could be rebuilt and be operable. And SLC is currently hosting concerts on a regular basis in Pioneer Park. It could be a good fit.

Truth Seeker
Zion, UT

I think if Utah does expand their stadium they should paint Utah fans pictures on the seats. That way it would look like all those empty seats are filled. It would be great for TV.


Move the torch into the stadium. Don't you dare move it from the stadium area. USC still uses their torch for events.

Orem, UT


"What would you do if the PAC 12 called and invited you?"

Sorry, you've misread the tea leaves. BYU fans would be thrilled to have BYU in the PAC 12, because unlike U, BYU would actually be competitive in many sports, including the Olympic sports.

The problem BYU fans have with Utah fans is their arrogant attitude based on absolutely NOTHING. The PAC 12 produced nine NCAA champions in 2011-12, and Utah wasn't even close to being involved. Try at least finishing in the upper half of the conference before beating your gums any more about being in the "conference of champions". So far Utah has been nothing but bottom-dwelling cannon fodder for the big boys of the conference.

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