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Expansion would bring changes to Olympic Cauldron Park

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 21 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Naval Vet

60,265 (BYU's lowest attendance in the last five years)

is still nearly 15,000 MORE than

45,459 (Utah's highest attendance EVER)

Only a desperate, delusional Utah fan would try to spin filling a cracker box to over-capacity gives any sort of "edge" to Utah.

Bottom line:

BYU drew 421,855 fans in 2011 versus 270,894 for Utah.

Doing the math, BYU had gate receipts from 150,961 more fans than Utah, in 2011, or more than THREE filled-to-overflowing sellouts at RES.

Congratulations on making plans to possibly expand RES in FIVE years to 10,000 seats LESS than LES. At this rate, it could take another 50 years for RES grow to the size of LES, assuming, of course, that BYU never expands LES again.

Once a little brother, always a little brother.

Highland, UT

I love naval vet meltdowns like the one in this thread. Very entertaining.


Draper, UT

Love how the Cougar "fans" point to basketball attendance as if that is relevant. Football is king.

"We've already seen what happens to fan support at Utah as soon as the Utes hit a losing skid - actual attendance at the HC last season was clearly less than 5,000"

Why not point to the losing skid the Utes suffered just last season in football? Lost their first 4 conference games and RES was still packed for the Oregon St game where they got the first PAC win of the season.

I have a case in point for current demand: I sold 9 north end zone tickets for nearly 4x face value in under 24 hours when I posted them on KSL. We've averaged at or near 100% attendance for over 8 years. Utah football isn't fading anytime soon, so keep trying with your jabs Coug "fans", it's all you have left.


Since the LES is not used on Saturdays after September, why doesn't Utah just play there?

Bluffdale, UT

If Utah took out their seats and put in LES stadium bleacher benches they could raise capacity by 15,000.

If Utah took out seats and put in Marriott Center bleacher benches they could double the Huntsman Center.

Herriman, UT

Listen, Cougar fans you need to face the facts.
Fact#1  Ive been to byu games, and most of the fan base consists of kids and geriatric senior citizens telling people to sit down and shut up
Fact#2  If you havent noticed, Utah is in the Pac-12.  What does this mean?  It means that USC / UCLA / Stanford / Oregon / Cal etc. will be coming to Rice Eccles Every year. This is the difference between down years in the past, this will sustain the crowd and season ticket renewal vs years past when the dregs of the mtn west and wac would come to town.
Oh wait, that is what byu has to look forward to


Go Utes!

West Jordan, Utah

Why is it enjoyable to see someone have meltdown and funny to touch a nerve? I am not even sure those things happened, as it's likely they were induced to be interpreted as such. Still, is that cause for LOL. Oh brother I say.

17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT


A happy 17-14 to you this day!

Lose to Colorado again this year and watch the fans scatter.

Being the perennial 6th, 7th or 8th place loser in your conference does not bode well for your delusional dream of stadium expansion.

Cowboy Dude

If BYU sold out the Utah game, why did it look half empty in the fourth quarter?

Cowboy Dude

‘University of Utah eyes future stadium expansion’

Why does this touch the nerve of so many cougars?

Salt Lake City, UT

I agree it would have been nice to see some plans. But it's not hard to envision what is planned. The article notes the expansion would create a bowl, meaning the south end zone seating will be expanded to attach to both east and west sides of the stadium. I imagine that would add about 50 rows of seating with an average of 100 seats per row in each new section, which means 5,000 seats in each new section, or a total of 10,000 seats.

My biggest question is whether they plan to demolish the current south end zone seating to do this expansion. That would be a terrible waste given how recently that seating was constructed. Planners should certainly have envisioned an expansion of this nature when the current seating was built, and designed accordingly.

Cedar Hills, UT


Yeah like when Michigan comes to LES right? Oh wait, they're coming to RES along with USC, Oregon, Stanford and UCLA. Stadium smack is all you got....for now.

Love it.

Spanish Fork, UT

LES has to have 65,000 seats. How else would they fit all those elderly people and 35,000 screaming kids running around. My work gives out football tickets to every game each year and I've been to quite a few. Mainly because I have a lot of good friends/co-workers who are Y fans. And I love football. But I cannot believe how many screaming obnoxious kids there are running around. And old folks who barely move during the entire game. Sometimes I think they've passed away and nobody notices. So yes Y fans, be very proud of that 65,000 "fan" base. It is something to be proud of.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Who cares about percentage of capacity?


Obviously you don't since you can't fill your stadium.

That same can't be said of Utah, 55K expansion should keep up with demand for the growing program.


Supply and demand. There aren't enough seats for the people who want to go to see the Utes play.

Trying to make it something other than that is just histrionics.

I can't wait for the season to start. At least then, some of this childish back and forth will be about what happens on the field!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Cowboy Dude

‘University of Utah eyes future stadium expansion’

Why does this touch the nerve of so many cougars?


Since they can't beat us on the field stadium size is the ONLY thing they have left.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ 17-14 hurts don't it?

Happy 54-10 Day to you!

Lose to Utah again for the third straight year and 8 of the last 11 seasons and watch their fans scatter and LES attendance drop.

Just remember, one loss and BYU is Kraft Fight World Hunger Bowl bound every year as a mid-major Notre Dame wannabe independent.

Oh and losing to your big brothers up north 54-10 on your home field and your team quit. Hurts Don't It!

Cedar Hills, UT

The U deserves the expansion for sure. Being in the PAC 12 means UCS and others come to town now so an expanded stadium would certainly sell out.

Cedar Hills, UT


This scene is going to play out year after year where the U has teams like UCS coming to town and the Y has Idaho State. This is BIG vs little going forward. I suspect the U will get to the top of the league one of these years and at that time they better have the 55000 seats ready. I think the Y will always get around 60000 for games regardless of whom they play. Y fans are really loyal no matter the state of the program. BYU football anymore is more of just a nice family fall afternoon experience complete with nacho's , hotdogs and half time fun etc... Football is secondary. Wallganger is correct in that the real "football" fans at the Y are leaving or at least not buying tickets anymore (like myself) but there are always other - non-football types- ready to snap up the tickets. Face it Y fans - the glory days are over for good but enjoy those nachos as you watch BYU compete against those mean Weber State Wildcats!! Maybe next year you will get to see Dixie State in Provo!! The food tastes great either way.

Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

Also how about rebuilding the Nielsen Fieldhouse?
Could put seats on top of the new Fieldhouse.
Not sure if they should connect it to the stadium or not. It could be like the Wrigley rooftops.

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