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Expansion would bring changes to Olympic Cauldron Park

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 21 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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East Salt Lake City, Utah


Not sure how being 4-5 in conference qualifies for an expanded stadium. Another case for Ute math I'm guessing.


Let me help you out...

Going 4-5 in the PAC-12 still resulted in 98% renewal rate in season-tickets. Utah is over capacity.

How did you do going 10-3 with a WAC-lite schedule? Are you guys expanding to "legacy" level program levels yet (ie USC, Texas, Alabama)?

In total attendance BYU was #26 last year just ahead of the other legacy football program Kentucky.

Mesa, AZ

byu played exactly 3 good teams last year and, not surprisingly, went 0-3 against them....Clearly, the coaches never looked at their schedule when voting, just their record....CU's SOS was 4 times stronger than byu's....Clearly, CU would've had double-digit wins w/such a weak-schedule as byu's.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

utes, you must be so proud. 55k 5 years off. let let players play and all the wannabes. other than penalized usc the pac 10 plus 2 isn't all that great

Highland, UT

Based on the last couple of years one would think this is a no brainer, expand that crackerbox and get more peope in there. But of course cooler heads are not so quick to do it, why is that? Because there is more than ample evidence to suggest spending 60 million dollars to expand a stadium that will empty faster than a reservoir behind a dam breach once the mediocrity sets in is not a wise thing to do.

If utah "fans" don't think chris hill and the other powers that be at the university don't pay attention to what's occured at the hc and realize how tenuous and fickle the utah "fan"base truly is then they are far more deluded than we think.

What it will take to actually expand that stadium is utah "fans" still filling it after several mediocre to poor years. And the good news is that they are going to get the chance to prove they'll still fill it in those situations right away.

Honest utah "fans" know this to be true, they won't admit it out loud but they know it.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

By the time the Olympic park agreement expires there will be no basis for expanding RES as the flash-in-the pan Ute football program will once again be on the decline. It'll be back to passing out free tickets along with your Happy meal just to get anybody to park their carcass there for a few hours. You all hope I'm wrong but quietly know the odds are against expansion.

Baltimore, MD


Who cares about percentage of capacity? BYU has averaged more than 15,000 more fans per game than Utah since 1982!

Economics 101 teaches that supply and demand will naturally balance each other over time. The reason RES only seats 45,000 is because there's never been enough demand to expand the supply. BYU was drawing more than 46,000 fans BEFORE Cougar Stadium was expanded to 65,000 THIRTY years ago!

The Skeptical Chymist

I don't understand how we can in good conscience support football in this country. The evidence that it causes serious brain damage is overwhelming. The same sort of injuries that turned Muhammad Ali into a shell of his former self are so common in football that it seems almost criminal to encourage young people to begin the sport. I understand the pride felt by having a winning football team, but folks should read about the downside of the "sport". Those who object to their children taking methamphetamines or other drugs should compare the brain scans of drug users with long-term football players. There's not much difference in the extent of the damage.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Naval Vet

"This article makes it sound as if we're just now considering expanding the stadium. However, stadium expansion was being vetted even before we finished the last expansion back in '98."

So how is this even newsworthy if, as the article states, the Utes are still studying the possibility of future stadium expansion?

BYU has had plans in place to expand LES for over thirty years, in fact, the footings to add a second tier to the east side stands were built when the stadium was expanded in 1982.


@ #1 SLC Sports Fan

I follow both teams and wish them both well and I'm really not into the "My dad can beat up your dad" drivel that has taken over anything Utah/BYU, but BYU has been playing big name teams in LES for 20 years.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Wow, an upgrade to 55k seats...the team will have to be nearly undefeated to fill even 50k of those seats. The U is a commuter school and the lack of crowds in the stadium year in and year out prove that. I hope they can fill it and they really do need a 70k seat stadium if they plan to be a perennial PAC power.

Layton, UT


BYU football attendance is on the decline, BYU AD recently admitted to this, also the recent Groupon for BYU football tickets is not a good sign.

Heber City, UT

Why not just fill in the corners. It would probably add 15,000 and make it a good bowl shape, that way you do not have to do anything to the Olympic area.

You Utah fans are so funny with your put downs. Why not build both teams up instead of trying to tear the other team down. Seems un-Christian in your guile.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

mussingaround (1 of 2):

"What's funny, is the same team that enjoyed a perfect storm game against BYU in September, faltered the rest of the season, never beating a single PAC opponent with a winning record..."

And how many Pac-12 teams with winning records did the Indy-WACers beat?

Answer: ZERO!

But since the Utes POUNDED our mid-majorey little brother by 44-pts down there in "WAC"istan...HUGE edge: Utah.

"Finishing 3rd in the weakest division of any major conference, and 8th overall, is nothing to brag about."

Did you frantically and emotionally make that up? Where had it been reported that the Pac-12 South was the weakest division of any major conference? Here are the FACTS for 2011:

(1) The Pac-12 went 2-0 vs. the ACC (Utah & Stanford beat Ga. Tech & Duke).
(2) The Pac-12 was rated as a tougher conference than the ACC by both ESPN and Phil Steele. I have yet to see ANY publication give the edge to the ACC...

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

mussingaround (2 of 2):

(3) Utah finished 2011 with the 3rd-best record in the Pac-12 South. Ga. Tech finished with the 2nd-best record in the ACC Coastal. BOTH teams finished with the 4th-best overall W/L records in their respective conferences. Therefore, Pac-12 South #3 > ACC Coastal #2. Edge: Pac-12 South.
(4) The Pac-12 played 9-conference games. The ACC only played 8. That gives the Pac-12 and automatic additional 6-losses in overall W/L records, so comparing overall W/L records becomes moot. Especially considering all of points 1, 2, and 3 above.

So either produce a legitimate source that places the Pac-12 South as the 8th worst major conference division, or you're tacitly admitting you were just being a "jealous, frantic and emotional Utah-hater".

Olympus Cove, Utah


"BYU football attendance is on the decline,..."

There's absolutely no evidence to support a slight dip in attendance the last couple of years as being a sign of any long-term pattern of decline in BYU football attendance.

A dip in attendance at LES, means only 60,000 fans in the stands.

A dip in attendance at RES, means less than 40,000 fans in the stands.

We've already seen what happens to fan support at Utah as soon as the Utes hit a losing skid - actual attendance at the HC last season was clearly less than 5,000. Despite the reported attendance figures of close to 8,000, you could clearly see hundreds of empty seats in the lower bowl and a nearly empty upper bowl for every Utah game.

A couple of back-to-back 5-7 seasons and no bowls, and the exact same thing will be happening at RES.

Las Vegas, NV

Apparently someone forgot to get BY-Fan's approval on this project.? The comments above about why Utah shouldn't expand are hilarious. Stop pointing to last season's struggles as a reason to discount Utah. They killed BYU at home, then hit a rough patch. BYU went on to play 4-5 high-school teams to pad their schedule. The expansion has nothing to do with last season. It is about an increasing fan base and demand. If BYU-Fan's rational was correct, ticket sales would be way down this year. Think again. See you in Sept!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

#1 SLC Sports Fan:

Yes - 55k will be plenty, except when Notre Dame comes to town. Oh wait, that will never happen.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"A dip in attendance at LES, means only 60,000 fans in the stands.....A dip in attendance at RES, means less than 40,000 fans in the stands."

Just making up facts as you go along, eh Sportscenter? Unfortunately, when dealing with Ute fans, FACTs always end up being produced.

Here is Utah's attendance over the past few seasons:

2007: 42,593
2008: 45,542
2009: 45,155 -- Drop in attendance = 387. Still 5,156 fans over your frantic and emotional sub 40K estimate.
2010: 45,459
2011: 45,149 -- Drop in attendance = 310. Still 5,150 fans over your frantic and emotional sub 40K estimate.

** Despite 2 separate declines in attendance, 4 out of those last 5 seasons showed Utah AVERAGING over-capacity crowds. Average attendance drops: 348.5. Not over 5,017.

Now let's see how the Indy-WACers fared...

2007: 64,497
2008: 64,102 -- Drop in attendance = 395
2009: 64,236
2010: 61,381 -- Drop in attendance = 2,855
2011: 60,265 -- Drop in attendance = 1,116

** The Y shows only 3 of the last 5 with overcapacity crowds. Average attendance drops: 1,455.3.

Edge: Utah

Discredited: SportsCenter

Colorado Reader
Littleton, CO

haha, maybe they should start winning in the Pac 12 before they start building! Typical Utah fans counting their chickens.....Gotta love the pride cycle....

Bountiful, UT

This expansion should only come after the basketball practice facility is completed.

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