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Expansion would bring changes to Olympic Cauldron Park

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 21 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

I can see it now, and it is amazing.


Wouldn't be too soon with 98% renewal rates for season tickets and sold out games with rising ticket prices. Along with completing the bowl, I think they can also increase the height of the north end zone seats, adding another thousand or so.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I love being in a bc$ league

#1 SLC Sports Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

The big question I have is 55,000 enough? There is little doubt that with Utah's Pac-12 affiliation there will continue to be a shift in fan interest along the Wasatch Front, away from that school down south. USC, UCLA, the Arizona, Oregon & Wasington schools will attract more interest than Idaho, NM-State who BYU is only going to be able to schedule. Interestingly Tom Holmoe admitted that their attendance is falling off. What's he going to say in a few years when BYU can't even outdraw Weber State let alone Utah State?

Cedar Hills, UT

Figured this would come and it is better served sooner than later.

Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

Just please do not use scarce taxpayer monies to fund the expansion this time.

Salt Lake City, Utah

It would have been nice to see some drawings of the proposed expansion, but I guess we're still several years away from that.

Palo Alto, CA

"An agreement is in place to keep the Olympic Cauldron Park in place until 2015."

So we're talking at least 2016 before the expansion could begin?

Spanish Fork, UT

The Red is slowly taking over the state, more and more. A lot of Y fans I know are really starting to lose interest in BYU. Several of which all graduated from the Y. They all talk more about the USC game than the ones the Y will be playing this year. BYU football has a good future, but not nearly as exciting as Utah...IMO

P.S. Thank you for the Utah Football billboard next to I-15 in Orem. I love it! In BYU County no less. It's great...GO UTES!!!

South Jordan, UT

The stadium is made to hold over 70,000 once all the sides are filled in. It will be at least 10 years before we talk about expansion to that size. We need the fence sitters to come on over. We know that there are are at least 10,000 fence sitters that started attending BYU games during the Lavell era as that was the best football in the state at the time. Now that BYU is in the minor leagues, the Ute nation welcomes the fence sitters. The best show on the Wasatch is the University of Utah.

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

I'd like to see the university have 10 years of sold out games before this happens. I've seen enough cycles of Utah fandom to know that after being in the lower half of the pac 12 for 5 years in a row, fans will stop coming to the games.

What proof do I have?

Go take a visit to the Huntsman center during next years basketball games. That place was once full for every game and now you can't get 5,000 people to show up. No one that is rational can argue with me on this point.

I don't want to spend the people's money on a stadium that will be half empty in 5 years.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

This article makes it sound as if we're just now considering expanding the stadium. However, stadium expansion was being vetted even before we finished the last expansion back in '98. During the last expansion, the stadium was built to be expandable by an ADDITIONAL 10-15 thousand seats over the 45K stadium capacity we have right NOW.

Personally, I think we should go to at least 60K. We already have the infrastructure, so let's just get it done.

After that, the U might like to take a tour of Beaver Stadium up here at Penn State to see how to expand OVER existing structures. Penn State has one of the coolest stadiums I'd ever seen. Even though its construction is sort of a "patchwork" deal, it still looks super awesome!

Go Lions!


Springville, UT

Come on Ute fans, spit it out, you want a stadium bigger and better than BYU, this is what the conversation is all about. Being in BYU's shadow for all these years is all that you care to get away from.

It's hilarious to see these comments.

"shift in fan interest"
"Y fans... starting to lose interest"
"BYU in the minor leagues"

"“It’ll be driven primarily by the athletic department as it regards continuing success with the football program obviously,” Perez said. “There are no plans as of yet as to when that would occur, but it is an opportunity that we’re aware of.”

Not sure how being 4-5 in conference qualifies for an expanded stadium. Another case for Ute math I'm guessing.

Lifelong Republican needs to head up the committee.

Salt Lake City, UT

If they only add 10,000 seats it would still only be the 7th largest stadium in the PAC.

South Jordan, UT

4-5 has nothing to do with 5 years in a row of sold out games. All games are sold out again this year plus us season ticket holders are paying additional fees. The only sold out game was against Utah. Attendance in Provo is dwindling while Utah needs more seats. Football is King. Hoops will improve as Utah improves. The growing population in Utah includes thousands from the West Coast that are naturally gravitating to Utah as many have nothing in common with BYU. Utah has a better product and the gap is widening.


Sammy G..Utah went 4-5 their 1st year in the PAC 12 and did it with a d-2 quarter back. It's really funny though, because that same team that went 4-5 in PAC play beat your team (BYU) by 44 points in Prove.

Palo Alto, CA


What's funny, is the same team that enjoyed a perfect storm game against BYU in September, faltered the rest of the season, never beating a single PAC opponent with a winning record, and losing home games to TWO teams with LOSING records, including that humiliating defeat to 10-loss Colorado, a team that hadn't won a road game in FOUR years.

Finishing 3rd in the weakest division of any major conference, and 8th overall, is nothing to brag about.

Bottom line:

BYU(10-3) #25 Coaches, #26 AP, #34 Sagarin
Utah(8-5) no votes in either poll, #39 Sagarin

Salt Lake City, UT

You can join the cause to add 10,000 seats to RES by joining the RESolUtes facebook group. Just search RESolUtes on facebook or "resolutes facebook" on google and click "like" to join. This is pretty cool that the U is looking into getting expansion going. We need it if Michigan, USC, and others are going to be coming to town.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Lifelong BYU fan

Since 1998 when RES seating capacity went from 33K to 45K, annual attendance has increased to capacity.

Attendance as % of capacity:

Utah 100.29
BYU 94.10

Utah #11 100.98
BYU #38 95.84

FYI... When Alabama was losing they were averaging 82K annual attendance, now when they are winning close to 102K annual attendance. That's a 20% drop-off.

Even if Utah drops by 20% when losing and not even factoring in PAC-12 games, attendance will be around 35K; which was back 2001 with MWC teams.

Clearly a trend exists to suggest Utah needs to upgrade to meet demand.

Mesa, AZ

Always hilarious to witness byu fans try in vain to denigrate UTAH after they whooped their team by 44-points on their homefield and after their team played one of the nation's absolute weakest schedules....Brilliant, to say the very least....Just observe as byu's win-total drops precipitously as their SOS is gradually upgraded....It's inevitable, particularly when one witnesses the obscene-decline in recruiting they're experiencing....Nobody drafted in 2 years? Not at all surprising, making perfect-sense.

This expansion can't come soon enough and UTAH Football will only escalate in superiority in the years to come....Let's maximize our 3 warm-up games to begin this year and come down here ready to obliterate ASU in Sun Devil Stadium....GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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