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Published: Monday, Aug. 20 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Pragmatic could you explain further how a hotel larger than the Grand America, built at today's prices instead of those in 2000-2001 could charge lower room rates and still be profitable? Perhaps, you have a terrific new construction technology that allows this and would be helpful to County leaders.

Sandy, UT

Here's a better question, Hellooo. If Pragmatic knows of a way to build a hotel that is profitable, he doesn't need to tell the people at County, he needs to tell private investors. He'll get rich, the investors will get rich and convention goers will have a place to stay. Problem solved. Without the County. The County has too many other problems, like fixing the roads and schools and so forth. The last thing they need them to involve themselves in is hotelling.

Murray, UT

There isn't a 1,000 room hotel in SLC right now. The Little America is the largest I could find with about 850 rooms. I don't believe SLC is ready for a new, large hotel. I am totally opposed to it being government funded.

This is a more balanced story than that of the Trib a week or so ago. It was pointed out in that story that the Salt Palace is on full about 45% of the year. That leaves a big question as to demand. Comments from Sinclair, who owns the only 5 start hotel in SLC, and from Hospitality and Restaurant Groups indicate that there is not presently a market for a 1,000 room hotel.

What is being proposed would reduce the current occupancy rate year round and hurt all the existing hotels. It would only be fully used a few times a year, making it financially unfeasible. Visit Salt Lake told us to expand it and they will come, but they have not, as represented by the sub50% use rate. And now they want us to believe that if we build a 1,000 room hotel, they will come. I don't buy it.

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