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Calls for Romney to release more tax returns 'blatantly unfair,' senator says

Published: Thursday, Aug. 16 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

Yes she would have. The GOP primary was the biggest collection of nut cases in the history of presidential politics, and Palin would have tripled the nut case factor. It would have been great entertainment.

Provo, UT

Palin would have added a lot, but none of it positive.

Durham, NC

I know having Palin in the race would have made watching "saturday night live" a lot more compelling.

A half term candidate who quit because people were being mean to her.... and she would have added something. Other than comedic relief, I am not sure what that would have been. Surely it wouldn't be experience.... or fortitude.


The only reason McCain said that is probably just to make himself feel better. Palin just may have lost McCain the election in 08'......Palin wouldn't have gotten 10% of the vote.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ugg. McCain/Palin was a bad idea. Prior to McCain winning the nomination, he spent upwards of 16 years trying to get it. In the end, it ended up on his shoulders because the majority didn't trust Romney yet. McCain should never have been a presidential candidate. He's too easily offended and he's more interested in power and prestige than actually helping americans. If I was running for office, there is no way I would have let McCain publicly endorse me, or stump for me.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT


While I agree with your general observation on Palin, I will disagree with you McCain. Maybe he wouldn't have been the best president or candidate but anyone who spends six years in the Hanoi Hilton instantly gets my respect.

Durham, NC

Howard, you can respect someones service and sacrifice, but that doesn't mean politically he was the best that was to be offered.

You can respect someone and still not agree with them.....something that seems to have been lost in politics now.

For example, people have a hard time understanding how Hatch could have respected the work and passion of Kennedy, even been his friend, while still not agreeing with his politics views seems like blasphemy to many.

It should be so.

I respect McCains passion... not his politics. Palin.... can't say I really respect much about her, period.

Clearfield, UT

To Howard Beal 11:16 p.m. Aug. 16, 2012

. . . but anyone who spends six years in the Hanoi Hilton instantly gets my respect.


You forget what he told his caaptors, right after he was captured (and this comes from his autobiography FAITH OF MY FATHERS -- "Take me to the hospital and I will give you the information you want." They took him to the hospital and he gave them all the informtion they wanted.

one old man
Ogden, UT

He may have spent six years in Hanoi, but what he did to the wife who had stuck by him all that time, and who was suffering from serious illness when he got out cancelled any respect he may have earned there.

As for Palin's participation in the Republican race, it would have added a big bunch of very unfunny comedy.

Ogden, UT

Is Senator McCain really that delusional now? Sarah Palin was a disaster, and judging from her current career track of abandoning her governorship to pursue a lucrative political bomb-throwing career, I'd say she was completely unfit for any public office. And she lost that debate with Biden badly. Very, very badly.

It's a shame, I liked McCain before he became a presidential candidate. He was reasonable, bipartisan, and seemed to stand for something. Now he behaves like a disgruntled party shill.

But McCain is certainly right about Democrats harassing Romney about his tax returns: they need to back off. Especially Harry Reid. This is a diversionary tactic and needs to stop. We all know Romney is very wealthy, and we all know that he earns millions from investment returns on which he only pays ~15% tax while the rest of the middle class pays nearly double that. You don't need to know any more than that. Using that information you can make a very strong political argument about tax structure, declining middle class incomes, and Romney's inability to understand middle class issues.

Olympia, WA

Palin would be a terrible choice for any public office. She left her appointed office with all the perks of a retired Alaska Gov, after working for the voters of Alaska just 2 years. What kind of an employee does that?
One thing in the story that should be noted is that McCain admits that the stock market tanked during Bush #43 last days, therefor leaving the next President a terrible mess.

Thinkin\' Man
Rexburg, ID

Is McCain still really this deluded?

Eureka, UT

Palin was bad enough for McCain, she would have been a even worse for Romney. Still he didn't make a very good choice either. As bad as Obama's approval rating is, Congress is worse. Romney picking one of the leaders of this divided Congress is not a choice that will "fix" our nation. He would have done much better if he would have chosen someone that could heal our divide instead of widen it.

South Jordan, UT

Is John McCain serious? Sarah Palin is constantly saying things, but in reality, she is no longer relevant, endorsements or not. After his performance in the last Presidential election, I am no longer fond of hearing from Senator McCain, either. I do not think I'm alone in that.

Salt Lake City, UT

Uh, you missed the part where McCain told his captors names of Green Bay Packers players to stop the torture pretending he was giving names of important people they'd be interested in (this is actually good evidence that torture doesn't work).

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

McCain should be doing stand up comedy.

American Fork, UT

Palin did amazing things in '08. For Tina Feys' career. As for the nation, we dodged a bullet.

Lehi, UT

Senator McCain seems to be following the lead of his former running mate and saying anything no matter how crazy just to be heard. Is someone of his stature that desparate for attention? The Palins are just opportunists. Like Don Henley wrote, their fans confuse notoriety with fame.
As soon as they go out of Wasilla they became the political Kardashians. They bring nothing to the table but make sure they leave with the fancy silverware and crystal. Complaining and criticising are not leadership and Sarah Palin is no leader and has nothing to offer to the political discourse. America needs and deserves more than trite commentary and one-liners. Sadly McCain is choosing to close out his career and his legacy as a bitter extremist instead of an elder statesman. What he is is diminishing what he was.

Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT

We all know Romney is very wealthy, and we all know that he earns millions from investment returns on which he only pays ~15% tax while the rest of the middle class pays nearly double that.

You are confusing tax rate with tax paid, and that confusion is what the Democrats are counting on.

The top 5% of Americans pay 20% of their adjusted gross income in tax.
Those who represent the top 25-50% of incomes pay 5.58% of their AGI in taxes.
The bottom 50% pay 1.85% of their AGI in taxes.

Even when you add in payroll taxes, top earners pay a higher percentage.


"I've seen Romney's taxes and yes, he did pay at least 13% all of the past ten years." Why didn't McCain say that? Or he could have said "confidentiality requires no comment," but he went with "he paid taxes." When? At what rate? Such vague, weak support makes it look even worse for Romney.

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