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2 other women also testify against GOP activist

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 14 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

Peterson is one disgusting human being. Lock him up and throw away the key.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

I'm curious why nobody in Republican leadership ever became concerned about this guys behavior. He has a real problem with women and that should have been apparent to people that were with him frequently. Peterson should not be allowed to associate with anyone outside of prison for the rest of his life.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@Sneaky Jimmy

"I'm curious why nobody in Republican leadership ever became concerned about this guys behavior."

Probably because none of them knew about it. I don't think he was bragging about who he sexually assaulted over the weekend at work on Monday morning.

Don't make this a political issue. He is a sick human being, period - the fact that he is Republican is incidental and irrelevant.

Sandy, UT

I don't think I could ever be a defense lawyer. I mean yes there are people who need good defense lawyers and are accused of something the didn't do or who need someone to make sure they get a fair sentence for their crime or whatever, and I do believe the even guilty people have the right to a fair trial with good defense lawyers, but I could never do it myself. If I knew my client was guilty and he wanted to plead not guilty I'd probably kick him in the butt and tell him to find someone else.

Kearns, UT

Is there any DNA proof on these allegations? This is either a witch hunt or this guy has a problem. Could it be this is about eventually collecting money?

Reasonable Emotion
Springville, UT

It's so sad that these women had such a hard time getting charges filed against this creep. So disturbing!

Cinci Man

If he tells the truth and takes the consequences, he can receive appropriate punishment and victims, families, and the perpetrator can heal. His bishop and stake president should be counseling him that way. But his attorney will tell him to shut up and make them prove their case. Attorneys and judges will knowingly participate in lies throughout the court proceeding, imho. A judge once told me that this system where lies can be told is the only way a perpetrator can receive a fair trial and it's the greatest system in the world. It might be great, but imagine the improvement if legal officers of the court had ethics and morals and would not knowingly participate in lies. No wonder people leave court proceedings absolutely ill from what they witness in court. Anyone else have that experience in court?

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

It sounds like he has narcissistic personality disorder.

Penguin Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

These delusional Amway salesmen types are all too common amongst us.

Salt Lake City, Utah

This fellow is so handsome and charming that women probably flocked around him. He certainly didn't need to resort to such criminal behavior.

Tremonton, UT

Yes, Sneaky Jimmy, how absurd is it to think that "those in Republican leadership" even knew about this guy's private life? Or even that it's relevant that somehow, this guy's despicable behavior, in private, somehow is imputed to the entire Republican party. This guy was a low-level "operative." A wanna-be. He never held any elective office I'm aware of... not even county dog catcher.

As one lowly Utahn who considers himself Republican/Libertarian, I can tell you that: (1) This guy deserves his day in court; (2) if found guilty, then he should suffer the full consequences of the law and be put away for a very long long time. I would have zero sympathy for him.

Contrast this approach to that of left wingers who ignore such behavior on part of Democrats. Lest we all forget the esteemed 43rd President, Bill Clinton, and frequent reports of his dalliances, and predation upon women. But I guess high standards of personal conduct only apply to Republicans?

Why is Republicanism even a part of this story at all? Seems to me that's a very minor part of the story.

Huntsville, UT

Sneaky Jimmy: Peterson wasn't officially sanctioned. And there were definitely concerns but not of this kind. He provided a venue for fundraising. The first year was well attended. The second year the event was not nearly as well attended. Personally, I never wanted anything to do with him or some of the group he hung with. As another person said, criminals rarely brag about their crimes, right. Many of us are disgusted by him. I am sick and hope these young ladies will be helped.

Charlotte, NC

A wolf in sheep's clothing

Ogden, UT

Women need to be taught that you can't beleive anything someone on-line says about themselves. Many on-line personalities are entirely made up. No matter how long you've been texting back and forth, you don't really know these guys. They lie about their age, marital status, job status and religious affiliations. I have a friend who went on 150 on-line dates over a two year period. Some of the dates were hilarious and some were very scary. She eventually met her soul-mate through mutual friends. Sleepless in Seatle was a cool movie, but it was fiction. Don't go there.

Salt Lake City, Utah

It would appear Greg had not been properly vetted.

Ogden, UT

Gr9Dane: The irony that you miss is that this man's behavior epitomizes the obvious conclusion of the Libertarian/oligarchial, Ayn-Randish power structure. That is, the strong, wealthy and powerful would be able to do anything to anyone anytime. Letting the powerful set their own rules and do as they please without restriction will invariably attract every sociopath on the planet to your party. The fact that this man successfully intimidated women by stating that he was a powerful member of the GOP, should tell you that people already viscerally fear what your party is morphing into.

La Vonne
Laguna Niguel, CA

This is a horrible crime and should caution others that just because someone holds a temple recommend or goes to church it does not make them a great person. This is why temples and the recommends required to entered are a little curious to me. Only God knows the heart. We need to be wise and search everything out.

Provo, UT

utahboni: What you are missing is Greg Peterson isn't strong, wealthy or powerful...only in his own mind, wherein lies the problem. His own personal psychoses can hardly be used as a broad brush to smear the Republican party.

Also, our current president must ascribe whole-heartedly to the "Libertarian/oligarchial, Ayn-Randish power structure". I've never in my lifetime witnessed a president who abuses his power in such a blatant manner. What is most shocking is that he does it so openly and often and believes we, the people, are too stupid to call him on it. At least Clinton tried to be subtle.

Joshua Steimle
Draper, UT

utahboni: You misunderstand the libertarian power structure. Libertarianism is founded on the non-aggression principle which absolutely forbids any act of aggression other than in self-defense. In other words you can't be a libertarian and approve of rape, kidnapping, or any forceful or coercive action. Libertarianism does not let "the powerful set their own rules and do as they please without restriction", it is the strongest restriction on such behavior. It is only with government assistance that the powerful set their own rules and do as they please.

Salt Lake City, Utah

RE: Josh Steimle

Thanks for the lesson. But, you're wrong if you think that it is only with government assistance that the powerful set their own rules and do as they please. A more reasonable or intellectually honest human being would concede that government both facilitates and restricts the actions of "the powerful." Also, "government" comes in many forms. And "government" tends to develop naturally in vacuums of authority or force, be it via mafias, bullies, "markets," or whatever. Consider yourself enlightened.

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