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Published: Thursday, Aug. 9 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

@ 7:28 a.m. Aug. 10, 2012
Happy Valley Heretic

One second after reading your post. What religion is personhood? So it's not religion that is attacking and forcing people to not have abortions but an activists group made up of a few people with that view point.

That's not the view of most religions.

Again you have jumped off of the topic that was being discussed. Blue was trying to convince everyone that religions want to force people to keep a child no matter the circumstances. Blue even cites rape, life-threatening situation etc. A point that Blue knows most religions and people agree that in those circumstances that is for the woman to decide.

Personally, I feel when a woman has consensual sex with a man, with or without birth control, and becomes pregnant. Then she made her choice already. In my personal point of view and current understanding, if she decides to kill the child then that is murder of a human life, if it is not life threatening to the mother.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

So Obama tells us Romney is waging a war on women and Romney tells us Obama is waging a war on religion and a war on job creators. Sure are a lot of wars going on, aren't there? Oh, for the days when LBJ waged a war on poverty and called it by that name himself.

The power of effective understatement goes unappreciated here. In Presidential politics, it's the power of rhetorical overkill that rules the day. We the voter pay the price by not being able to take seriously 99% of what is said by politicians.

Springville, UT

A war on religion? What a joke. Romney is grasping for straws. He is clearly desperate.

Where was Romney and his supporters when Michelle Bachmann and her cohorts were attacking Muslims who have worked long and hard for both the executive and legislative branches, because of their religion? There was stone silence from many who whimper about assaults on religion, including virtually the entire Utah community (including the BYU law school crowd who make religious persecution a big issue). Senator, McCain, condemned it, but not Romney. He is morally weak, a weak leader, and the far right know it. They have been pushing him around like a school yard bully. Maybe it's payback for Romney's bullying as a youth. The Romney campaign is getting sad and pathetic.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Has Blue or the Herectic ever seen an abortion or been there?

I was called over to a home late one night from a mother in tears. She was desperate for help and asked to come over because her daughter was sick.

I rushed over to the home, and her daughter was on a table and blood everywhere. Which is not what I had expected. I asked what happened. She had overdosed on pills on purpose. That didn't make sense to what was happening. Finally, with the daughter begging for forgiveness her mother told me that she had chosen to down the pills to force an abortion. No one else knew she was pregnant. I stayed with her two crying kids while the mother ran for a doctor, who came back and helped her. She made it through okay. She regretted that decision more than getting pregnant. The feeling in the room was dark and very sad. A human life was lossed because of several poor choices. That child could have been born and put into adoption and raised by loving parents. Instead there was death and regrets for a lifetime.

You can't google experiences like that.

Kaysville, UT

With all the President has done to change for the worst hope of America, I am super afraid of what he will do as a lame duck President for 4 plus years, even the time after the election in 2012 before he leaves in January 2013. Even though President Clinton did some good things in 8 years, he did some marginal things in the time after the election without him and when he left office.

Romney's religion is not piece and parts, it is any member's life, conviction and complete part of one's life. You can't separate government and the LDS religion, even though some attempts can and will be made. Good religion is good government. That doesn't mean you stop your religion when you are in government. It means you try to make it a better government. You can't use Utah's government as a complete example as some of those Executive and Legislative elected officials do try to make their power used to mark government workers and the school process as not good. Utah, because of the majority religion has given more to our public than any other state for the money.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

you said,
ute alumni said: "obama has NOTHING to talk about but negative things....so much for mr. hope and change. he is a disaster"

Please point to one ad in which mit does otherwise?

Having spent the last three weeks in a battlegrund state I have seen pleny of Romney ads where he touts his success in the 2002 Olympics and he cites BLS statistics showing he was the most succesfful governor in Mass at job creation. (mostly while watching the Olympics on the National Barak Channel (NBC) Now you may not agree with those claims, but they were positive about Romney. I saw NO BO ads positive about BO, they were all scare tactic ads against Romney.

Do you watch MSNBC exclusively? That may be why you have not seen the positive ads.

Edd Doerr,
I will humbly, but forcefully disagree with you. Please explain how forcing religious employers to violate their conscience is consistent with the 1st amendment protections of "free expression thereof". Also, please tell me where Romney is trying to ban women from using contraceptives.

BO supports religious freedom only if it does not interefere with his agenda, as evidenced by the HHS mandate.

Salt Lake City, Utah

For those of you wondering about who is pushing limits on abortion that would restrict it in cases of the life of the mother...

Arizona recently passed (and had struck down in Court) a law that would have limited late term abortions to emergency situations where the woman's life was threatened.

Sen. Mike Lee recently proposed a law for D.C. that would prohibit all abortions after 20 weeks even if the health of the mother was at risk.

And, yes, late term abortions are very sad - but they are less than 2% of all abortions and, although a minuscule number of them may be for reasons other than medical, the vast majority of them are for medical reasons which are really the business of nobody but the woman, her doctor, her spouse (if she has one), and her God if she believes in one.

@ Mountanman: We are forced to pay for what happens in bedrooms everyday - or did you not realize that is where children come from?

Salt Lake City, Utah

@ Liberal Ted: Now imagine that scene occurring multiple times because abortions are illegal.

Imagine how different that scene would have been if that girl had had access to birth control so she would not have gotten pregnant in the first place.

Imagine if that girl had been able to talk to her parents and her pregnancy had been accepted and supported instead of something that shamed her.

It is unfortunate for that young woman that she ended up in that situation and felt that she had no other choice.

It is a very sad anecdote - and the telling of it is very supportive of the need for access to sex education, contraception, and legal abortion.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

how about obama and his war on the unborn? no one wants to talk about that. what rights do they have and who is looking out for them?

Salt Lake City, UT

Contraception is healthcare. This so called battle is just part of the long standing human predisposition to be meddlesome and domineering. Next stop: The Great Inquisition. Sharpen thy swords and load thy guns, all ye bloodthirsty burners of witches, books and heretics. It's bad enough that what we have to endure now is The Great Imposition: that compulsive need of some to impose their belief system on the rest of us.

Orem, UT

First of all, some birth control can be very expensive. IUD's for example can cost around $500 without insurance. Not all women can or want to take the pill. Second of all, what about women in stable relationships that don't want children? According to you they should just not have sex if they don't want to get pregnant. Seems to me a lot of husbands would have a problem with that. Not all women who take birth control are sex addicts as your underlying tone implies.

Woods Cross, UT

I think the use of the word "war" is inflammatory and misplaced by both sides. A war is when people are killing each other.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

no one is talking about taking away contraceptives. but for libs that don't want the government in the bedroom, why is it that they should force others to pay for what goes on in the bedroom? you can't have it both ways....oh right, yes you can.
another brillant bo slogan

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

lost in DC,

".....The mandate that religious employers provide birth control coverage contrary to their convictions is contrary to the constitutionally protected right to freedom of expression. BO and his HHS ARE hostile to religion."

Let’s look at it calmly and accurately. The HHS mandate requiring contraception coverage in health plans is a Federal mandate patterned after state laws already in effect. It applies to ALL carriers, not the Catholic Church specifically. The Church knowingly chose to get into the health coverage business agreeing to follow all applicable provisions and without entitlement to special exemptions. The obvious solution would be for the Church to divest itself of involvement in a business one doesn’t ordinarily associate as non-profit or religious.

It’s quite a stretch to call that a war on religion. Nor is it a war on women. It’s a prime example of how an unlikely endeavor can suddenly find itself in the maelstrom as a political football.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ute alumni
"obama has NOTHING to talk about but negative things"

Sounds like the Romney campaign. Incidentally he talks about a lot of positive things, I guess Fox News doesn't like showing that sort of stuff.

@lost in DC
"The mandate that religious employers provide birth control coverage contrary to their convictions is contrary to the constitutionally protected right to freedom of expression."

Nobody is forced to use birth control, it's not a violation of freedom of religion.

"Romney has not called for the abortion bans you mention."

Romney told Huckabee on his show that he supported the Personhood amendment which would ban all abortion and the most common forms of birth control used by women.

@Liberal Ted

"A topic that most religions agree that a woman can choose for herself in cases of rape, incest, and when it is life threatening."

You aren't too familiar with the evangelical south are you? Over a third of Mississippians voted to ban all abortion, no exceptions, when they had their personhood amendment come up.

"atheists like to use the "victim minority""

I dunno, it seems Christians like to use it given how this articles' comments have gone...

Pocatello, ID

C'mon, Blue. The razing of churches doesn't happen first. It takes place AFTER small, insidious attacks have weakened the populous. It will happen first in the IRS, then in the areas that no one could possibly consider happening. In some places it is already in full swing as government has forbidden church groups to provide meals for the needy, stating that since they (the government) have no idea if the food being served is, shall we say, "good enough for those with no food" the food cannot be used. Take away a generous heart and replace it with The Government. If you can't see the signs everywhere, allow me to remind you that Hitler did the same thing - Get control of the education system, the health system, the food supply and destroy the people's faith". The "Night of Broken Glass, Krystalnicht" is an extreme example. Pun intended, this is food for thought.

Eagle Mountain, UT


Attitude like yours are what makes this debate difficult. Not everyone who has sex is an addict, and not all sex is moral decay. Not all sex is to simply procreate, and I would even go as far to say it isn't recreational.

My wife and I have had 3 children (from 3 pregnancies) in a 30 month period. If she got pregnant again right now, it would absolutley ruin her. We also cannot afford to have a fourth child, and we have shown an uncanny disposition to reproduce. You're answer is to not have sex? That I believe is unnatural, and I believe goes against what is taught in the Scriptures (a man shall leave his parents and cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh). Most doctors would even list sex under the "Need" category and not "Recreational"

I believe sex is meant to be an expression of love, and dedication and unity. Children are a product of that sometimes, but procreation is not the primary reason for sex.

Columbus, OH

While contraception is the hot topic, many women are turned off of the GOP for other reasons. Primarily, their attacks on Planned Parenthood. I'll bet many of you would be surprised how many women you know have relied on their services at one time or another. Abortion is a very miniscule part of their operations. Most of what they do are things like cancer screenings for women without means to health care.

As to the contraception thing, they are only required to offer it when they are employing non-members. In other words, the Catholic church need not cover it for their clergy, etc. But when they are receiving millions of tax dollars to support their hospitals, whose employees are largely non-Catholic, then they need to abide by the rules.

Salt Lake City, UT


"But not being willing to force women to go contrary to their religious beliefs is a war on women?"

I don't remember any law that mandates women be on the pill...

Sandra Fluke was testifying on behalf of a friend of hers who eventually needed surgical removal of an ovary for a condition that forms of birth control are frequently used in treatment. Though you're just like Rush Limbaugh probably, a depraved mind who can only think of sex and hasn't bothered to ever ask women what they use it for (hint: it can reduce cramping for one).

Mitt Romney personally told Mike Huckabee that he supported Mississippi's personhood amendment. Now to be fair, Mitt Romney has basically said he supports every single side of every single position. He's got one vigorously held policy stance and that's his refusal to disclose tax returns.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mitt Romney on 3/14/12 speaking in Kirkwood, MO: "Planned Parenthood, we're going to get rid of that."

Mr. Romney supported the Blunt amendment, a bill that was introduced to restrict access to birth control by allowing any employer the right to deny health insurance coverage for any benefit based on a "moral" conviction.

Romney said during the primary debates that he thought Griswold v. Connecticut, the 1965 case that first made explicit the right to privacy, was also wrong. "I don't believe they decided that correctly," he said. That case was the basis for affirming a woman's right to access contraceptives.

Womens' health issues, that should have been non-issues, are for this current crop of conservatives suddenly important. It feels like their goal is to return the nation to 1913, instead of leading us into 2013.

And yes, I know someone who as a 15 year-old had an abortion. Date-rape. Prosecuters declined to press charges because she'd agreed to go out with the boy and his claim was that she was "asking for it."

If she was your daughter, what would you do?

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