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Published: Thursday, Aug. 9 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Kaysville, UT

Since the 1990s when Mitt Romney ran for U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, his life has been an open book. He is not hiding anything. It is the media and especially his Chicago group that are making everything appear that Governor Romney is hiding something. The Chicago group and the President's campaigners need to look at what the President may be hiding. When Mitt was running for Governor he had a lot of the same type of anti-Romney campaigning but still won the election as a Republican in one of the most liberal and especially Kennedy states. He was able to work with the very liberal Legislature and their government was successful, working together. They made their laboratory on healthcare attempt and figured out it may not be the best thing for the national scene. The Governor learned from that experience as Massachusetts chief executive. Our President became an executive, not from college training nor business experience. He did not have that kind of experience in making the hard decisions. As such he chose the wrong people as his Cabinet and staff to lead us and Congress through difficult times. Mitt's life long convictions are USA true

Kathy Dana

Why is it NEVER mentioned that Senator Harry Reid's an active member of the Mormon Faith? Is it because he's a democrat and there are different rules for democrats? I think so... The scutiny that republicans get over there personal affairs is unfair in comparison. Romney's religion should not be an issue.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Of course, the right wants religious leaders to make the policy decisions.

Saint George, UT

Republican/Severely Conservative's understand perfectly about the Republican/Severely Conservative strategy to deflect attention from their pathetic record of leadership and attempt to focus attention on meaningless and minute trivia from President Obama's records.

Voters see nothing but continued obfuscation and disingenuity from the Republican/Severely Conservative campaign.

In reality, pretty disgusting and beneath the dignity of a presumptive Republican/Severely Conservative nominee for the POTUS.

Excellent points.

Centerville, UT

How is Romney releasing his tax returns for the past 10 years going to bring unemployment down? If Romney releases his tax returns, Obama MUST release his college transcripts so we actually know where he was during those years and what kind of student he was. We might have an idiot in the White House and not even know it!

There is no argument, no positive reason that an Obama supporter can point to as a reason why we need 4 more years.

the truth
Holladay, UT

Of course it matter,

to the left (just read the comments here),

a recent survey revealed 43% of liberals would not vote for a Mormon!

RE: one vote

And left wants leftest academics (those with no practical experience, like Obama and most of his cabinet, czars, and advisors) making policy decisions.

How is that working out?

always the silly generalizations from the left.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

So when do we here the same thing about.Obama?

Eagle Mountain, UT

Why is it NEVER mentioned that Senator Harry Reid's an active member of the Mormon Faith? Is it because he's a democrat and there are different rules for democrats? I think so... The scutiny that republicans get over there personal affairs is unfair in comparison. Romney's religion should not be an issue.


No, no different rules. If Harry Reid were running for President, I am sure he would be under the same scrutiny. As it stands, the only people who should really care about his religious standing/belief are the citizens of Nevada who have voted him into office. Not being a resident of Nevada, I am not sure how much, if at all his religion were brought into light during an election. The man has been repeatedly elected, so I would not be surprised that any objections would have resulted in his first election, and I am sure most voters in Nevada know he is LDS.

Durham, NC

MItt can't have it both ways. He can't use it like he did this week to back up a policy decision, and then on the other hand, claim it doesn't matter when people don't agree with him.

It is a two edged sword, Mitt needs to own it, and show how it as a net positive, even if you don't agree with the nuances of his faith. His faith will matter, Mitt just needs to show why that is a good thing... not run from it.

Salt Lake City, UT

"I only assume you would agree with me that not paying your taxes would be a form of cheating."

Not necessarily. Consider GE. They paid no taxes and did so legally. It's possible to not pay any income tax legally, heck, conservatives frequently note how many Americans are in that position. Personally, I assume that Romney is doing things legally, exploiting loopholes and things that maybe shouldn't be legal... but are currently legal. I don't believe that Romney has not paid taxes for 10 years, but I think the rates he paid most years were smaller than the 14% he paid last year and may have been as low as 0 for a year or two (like when the recession came, he may have had enough losses for it to drop to 0 that year, that year being 2009, the most recent year he refuses to disclose). Of course, not everyone interprets the statement the same way as I do but since Reid was noting how these are things the rich have available, I think he meant it as legal loopholes being exploited.

Pendleton, OR

Regarding Dektol

You brought up allegiance in a political world that demonstrates deficiencies in allegiance almost daily. Many overt and covert "fruits" are declaring that politicians hold most allegiance to themselves, then re-election, then to big donors, then to party, then to constituents and last to the Constitution and the Republic. In many cases the last is absent all-together with nothing visible showing what is good for the Nation.

If that were not true why do we have politicians who leave office many times richer than when the enter after a lifetime of service? Why do we have politicians who are more willing to vote with the party than to think for themselves and find a solution that works for all? Why do we see total agreement that deficit spending is bad for the Nation but all parties continue the practice because "their" program is very important at any cost? Why do we need laws that "protect" us from unethical practices by our leaders? Why do we see pandering to causes and successful lobbying? Why are so many lined up at the public trough?

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