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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 7 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Saratoga Springs, UT

@ LeftBehind -

Just that, left behind. Obama's new health plan wouldn't have saved this woman either. She would have been to far gone in her diagnoses to warrant substantial treatment.

It bothers me when people rant and don't understand a thing. Nobody just eats the hot fudge off their ice cream, they eat the whole thing. So why look at Obama's health care plan the same way.

@ I M LDS 2 -

You say "The fact that Obama is not perfect is NOT a reason to elect Romney!"


"Romney cannot Obama-bash his way into the White House. He must present real, viable, coherent solutions."

Obama's the furthest thing from perfect and if someone can come in and do slightly better I will take them, this is the reason we vote every four years. Obama's failed and you're right, he's not perfect. His four years is up!

Romney bashing his way into the white house, huh? A new spin from a lefty. Present real ideas you say. Much like the ones Obama has? Oh wait, he has no real, viable or coherent solutions at all. Just his arrogance and inept education.


"Has political ad attacking Romney crossed the line?"

Is there a line? As far as I can tell, the "line" exists for the "other" party, depending on what side you're on.

We should do away with PACs and Super PACS. The campaigns should have to create their own ads and the candidate then stand behind those ads.

Romney is going to have a hard time justifying the policies he is proposing, if we ever get to talking about the issues.

Provo, UT

Still no viable ideas from the Romneyites...

No surprise there.

Mcallen, TX

The wife who passed away had insurance through her job.

Got to admire the character of Obama, who'll probably blame this on George Bush.

Mcallen, TX

It's politics. The more you have someone speaking out against a lie, the more you look guilty.

Mitt would be better staying quiet. The woman with cancer had insurance, and Mitt was long gone.

Sure! Obama didn't know anything about this.

Clifton Heights, PA

I M LDS 2,

Do you really want "Romneyites" to spell out ideas on a DESNEWS comment section? Come on. And often, why does anything need to be done at all? Our country and the world in general has become WAY to reactive. Something happens we don't like, we immediately install 100s of protocols, many of which reduce our personal freedoms. There were a lot of very smart people who said that the bailout would only prolong the recovery. They were right.

I will say this. I'm for a candidate that is not going to sensationalize issues to promote personal agendas and bailout the rich.
I'm for a candidate who doesn't pander to special interest groups who got him elected, in fact, I'd prefer a candidate who has no ties to special interest groups, period.
I'm for a candidate who does not spend our money frivolously.
I'm for a candidate who keeps his campaign promises.
I'm for a candidate who doesn't put party first.

Neither of the current candidates can measure up to these standards. Most politicians in the US government can measure up. That's the problem with our current government.

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