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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 7 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

I certainly agree with Charlie Luke of the SLC City Council that Citizens United opened the door for this. That's exactly what Obama argued when the SCOTUS ruling was handed down. It left the Dems in a bind in that they opposed opening the Super Pac Pandora's box. They had little choice other than to play to win by those rules or be the victim of a one-side pummeling.

Now Republicans are crying foul and Romney complains that the Obama super pac ads are a distraction from Obama's record. Figured that out, have you, Mitt? You're not as quick as I thought you were. Did you honestly expect Obama to go for the bait of playing a strictly defensive game while you flail at a way at him?

Woods Cross, UT

PACs dumping money into elections will be our ruin. We have to change the system and create cleaner elections. Do we want American political power for sale?

We have to change the system. Limit spending. Limit the length of active campaigns. And both sides need to call out those who are engaging in misleading and untruthful ads.

Castle Rock, CO

I find it very hard to take articles like these seriously given the horrible things Republicans said about Obama in 2008. That he wasn't born in this country, that he was a Muslim (not horrible but untrue), that he was a socialist, etc. etc.

And now you whine that Romney is being unfairly targeted? Unfortunately, what goes around comes around.

Cinci Man

A company uses profits from American consumers to sever American workers, build facilities and hire workers in foreign countries, destroy stability of American families, upend the housing market due to layoffs and unemployment. And all this with no consequence. And those who do this want tax cuts for their personal wealthy incomes. JPMorgan Chase does it. Bain Capital does it. And many others do it. And we keep voting these guys back into office. Wake up America! 23 million Americans are out of work. Millions more are making less than they did 5 years ago. Owning your own home is more difficult if not impossible. Congress and the White House have to be rolled out. Send the message to Washington with your vote.

Nibley, Ut

Anyone who uses these ads (from either side) as a basis for casting their ballot ought not to be voting. Do some reading and research on the candidate you want to vote for and see if they are the one that can give this country what it needs.

Madison, AL

There is nothing civil or above board about Obama, his attacks on Romney are attacks on each of us who love this country and love what it means to us, and our families and children.


Seriously? As CNN and others have reported, Soptic's wife HAD health insurance through her employer after he was laid off and after Romney left Bain. The ad is false; couldn't be more wrong. Amazing to me that, regardless of what anyone thinks of Obama and his campaign staff, that they would think this type of blatantly false message could influence anyone. Goodness how low can we go...

Pleasant Grove, UT

I am still amazed by people still supporting Obama he shows everyday he is no leader, the only thing he's lead us to is 5 trillon in Debt he praises his bailout for auto industry and we have lost 26 Billion that will never be paid back. Now GM is on verge of going Bankrupt. He's never had a job voted present 100 times in Ill. Legislature helped us get the lowest rating in history has had no budget in 31/2 years he dosen't seem to want to work with house everytime they present something within 48 hours he says he will veto it. And Harry Reid just as well be home these last 3 years for all the good he's done. I don't care who is running anyone would do a better job then he has done

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


"...Goodness how low can we go..."

Stay tuned. There's three more months to go before the election.

Saratoga Springs, UT

@ Joe Bauman

Joe, I hear your comment, I'm a Romney supporter and I wish Mitt would stand up a bit taller and respond to some attacks as they are being presented, it seems almost daily. However, you suggest that Utahns should "wake up."

I throw out the same cause to the left, when will they "wake up" as you say and realize that Obama is not the answer. As to the way many lefties put it, they say Romney is a crook, doesn't pay taxes, now he is killing people because of his involvement with Bain. Many accusations unproven because we simply just do not know for sure how everything played out, taxes, off shore accts, bain etc. Media rhetoric is filling the minds of the mindless who do not want to do their own homework to make a decision, rather they let the media chose their candidate for them.

So, "wake up" lefties and realize your savior (Obama) is not what HE SAID he would be and is not doing what HE SAID he would do. His own words. At least attacks on Romney are media, not his own words.

Provo, UT

If those who post comments on here are not concerned with truth, why should PAC ads be concerned with truth?

Readers here have repeatedly trumped up attacks against President Obama for "his record" regarding the economy and unemployment.


As Mitt Romney himself said, "The Government does not create jobs." The Government does not run the economy.

Mitt Romney insists that Businesses create jobs, and Businesses influence the economy - business IS the economy!

So how can any honest Republican or Conservative ever say that Obama's record on the economy or on jobs is "horrific"?

It is NOT HIS!

And how can any honest Republican Party nominee, after having pointed out that the President of the US does not create jobs nor control the economy, then insist that his business record qualifies him for the Presidency?

Make up your mind, Mitt. If you claim to want to help the economy and create jobs, then stay out of the White House. That is not the place to do those things.

You said so yourself!


You know if this woman lived in a state that had decent health care, like Massachusetts, this would never have happened.

If only there was a way to make health insurance like they have in Massachusetts available to everyone!

Jeepers, next thing you know they'll accuse Romney of having death panels!

Cinci Man

@ I M LDS 2

Just go back and read Mr. Obama's campaign promises and you will understand. He blames Bush because it is NOT HIS. And he promised first year recovery, less than 8% unemployment, and jobs created much faster than they are going. Obama wanted the job. He said if he could not get it done, it would be a one term proposition. We hope he is correct. That may be one promise he will keep. Also remember that he promised that the unions will have a U.S. President picketing with them on the streets. What happened to that promise? And he promised to stop the flow of jobs overseas. Hmm. I have not seen his efforts to stop Jamie Dimon from doing that. Perhaps it's due to Jamie's donations to Mr. Obama's campaign chest.

Provo, UT

Cinci Man,

And how does that have anything to do with what Romney has said (and fails to say about his proposals for improving things)?

Why do so many "conservatives" persist in attacking President Obama as if doing so is an asset for Romney?

The fact that Obama is not perfect is NOT a reason to elect Romney!

Romney cannot Obama-bash his way into the White House. He must present real, viable, coherent solutions.

But he has failed to do so (just as you have failed to advocate for Romney).

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

I M LDS 2,

I am aware that government does not run the economy. However, they can influence it. In trying to "influence" the economy for good, Obama signed hundreds of billions of dollars (if not trillions) away in stimulus packages. And just like we already learned in the 1930's (some obviously didn't learn), it didn't bring the economy back! Obama's health care bill was rammed down our throats and the majority of the country opposed it (fact). His health care bill and his policies are heading toward socialism, where the government WILL be in control of the economy.

Now do you understand why it is important to get him out of office immediately? Otherwise, he will succeed in his promise to "fundamentally change America", or change what makes America great into a pseudo-European socialist nation.

So the bottom line is that Romney will be better for our country than Obama will, unless we like socialism. I do not like socialism, as it has been proven to be less efficient than capitalism.

Cinci Man

@I M LDS 2

My point is that you said the economy is NOT Mr. Obama's. But Mr. Obama took ownership of it when we elected him last time. And he said that if he could NOT get it fixed, his term would be one term. That, my friend, IS a reason to NOT re-elect Mr. Obama. He went from a promise to own and fix the economy by his economic policies to the state we are in today where he still blames Mr. Bush and has run spending amok in his effort to buy votes instead of fixing what he said he could fix. His policies have been a disaster and that IS a reason to NOT re-elect Mr. Obama. Last I checked, the best way to NOT re-elect Mr. Obama is to vote for Mr. Romney. So that IS a reason to vote for Romney. We have become an entitlement nation with record food stamps and unemployment. That, to, IS a reason. Thanks for asking me to clear it up. I hope this helps.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Cinci Man" what about when your tax dollars are used to prop up unions, and are used to determine which companies survive economic hardships and which do not? What about your tax dollars being spent on companies like Tesla that outsource their manufacturing to foreign nations? You, and your ilk are all the same. You ignore what your liberal leaders do, and attack anything that threatens the power of your leaders.

To "I M LDS 2" Romney's quote is correct. The government cannot make Staples create jobs, only staples can do that. It is also true that government cannot run the economy. Just look at this recession, and ever other recession over the past 100 years. The more involvement there was from government, the worse the recession was. Government has a poor record for trying to run the economy.

If Obama and his policies are so great, why is it that we are still suffering from the effects of a recession that ended in the summer of 2009? The recession in 2001 was a distant memory by 2004.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

just because the government does not create does not mean the government cannot ruin.

sugar does not power a lawn mower, but if you put sugar in the gas tank, you will ruin the engine. BO has been dumping sugar in the nation's economic gas tank.

Cinci Man

You must have mixed up who you were writing to. I'm very conservative, but am not happy with the Republicans or Democrats in Washington. I don't ignore what any of them do. I advocate term limits, and that we vote ALL of them out after one term until politicians understand that under-the-table deals for votes is not acceptable, especially when it is in sacrifice of jobs, economy, morals, and American ideals. All politicians are not keeping promises that got them elected. Republicans and Democrats want Jamie Dimon to keep his tax breaks when in his professional job, he spends profits of U.S. consumers of Chase Bank to sever employees, build foreign facilities, and create foreign jobs. His salary went from 1 million to 21 million while he laid off thousands of workers in the U.S. in exchange for foreign workers. Obama once stated that he wanted to raise Jamie's taxes and allow him to offset his taxes by creating jobs. He backed off when the liberals and conservatives wanted to keep Jamie's tax breaks. Wall Street salaries should not go up when they offshore jobs, period. Jamie backs Obama.

Brigham City, UT

"The more you read and observe about this Politics thing, you got to admit that each party is worse than the other. The one that's out always looks the best." ~ Will Rogers

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