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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 7 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

“Anytime you start bringing things up where you’re scaring people — either by trying to link someone’s death or safety and national security (referencing a recent anti-Obama attack ad) — you’re pushing the envelope of good taste,”

Bad Headline!!!

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Democratic political ads are opening the eyes of American voters.
Multimittness is becoming easier to visualize as Romney's previous statements about issues are saved for posterity on our airwaves. One cannot continue to express one's policy preferences when one uttered the opposite opinion in a recent time period. Oh, sure people change their minds, but all the time?
Mitt and his minions tried to confuse the public about his history and sordid business practices.
Why would Romney neglect sharing his tax returns with the voters he expects to cast a vote for him? Why will he refuse to discuss his true Bain history, and off shore wealth information?
Why would Romney or anyone else, continue to subject one's self to all of this daily, even hourly abuse?
The wise individual would chose to correct misinformation and clear one's name.
Mitt Romney must be concealing some extremely damaging personal information.

Centerville, UT

So now Romney is a felon, a tax evader, and (new today!) a murderer. And the unemployment rate is still 8.3 %. The Obama strategy: DO NOT look at my hideous record!

Stansbury Park, Ut

I find the proof in the pudding. Mr Romney and his people didn't say that everything the gentleman said wasn't true, they just tried to divert attention to something else. Thank goodness we are not in a battleground state so we are not barraged with these ads constantly. I don't think either candidate is being well served by the crap they are putting out. As to Mr Romney's status as a tax evader, I have no idea because I have seen nothing to prove he isn't, whether he is a felon or not, I don't know, I believe all the tax cheats in that particular event were pardoned. I am so tired of the politics of hatred from both parties and all candidates. Isn't there a gentleman politician in the land? I haven't seen one.

Centerville, UT

These ridiculous adds from both sides are frustrating, and bringing us to the lowest common denominator. Candidates are going to try anything and everything to win the election, and because these types of adds influence people they will continue to be used.

Americans should simply punish those that use them. We should demand detailed proposals and plans from our candidates, and reject the lies and absurd adds that are going around.

Both sides are guilty.

  • 5:30 p.m. Aug. 7, 2012
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West Jordan, UT

Go Team!

Durham, NC

Folks.... be glad you don't live in a battleground state like North Carolina. At this point I am all in favor of doing what other nations have done and shortened the political season to a few months. We get up to a dozen calls each night, and every other add is yet another one pointing out just how evil the other is. It has gotten totally over the top. We don't need a full year of this stuff, at the cost of Billions. It is a process gotten out of control.

As to this add directly, you know, this started a long time ago with the add attacking Newt and his morals. I really think the tone for this election was set early one, and we haven't see the worst of it yet. Swift Boat was only the start those years ago.

Riverton, UT

So the message is, it's inhumane for a company to close a factory because someone might lose their job? Really?

Joe Bauman
Salt Lake City, UT

Talk about slanted journalism! You trot out somebody to put down the ad about Romney but do not try to talk with anyone who would make the obvious rebuttal: Romney's actions caused a disaster for the family of this steelworker, Joe Soptic, and he has every right to talk about it. Romney's career has followed a disturbing trend in which his profits are placed above the welfare of people. He has been callous with his plant closures, which benefit him, and he will not even disclose how much money he made and how much he paid in taxes. He claims he is afraid that his opponents will distort the details of his tax returns -- well, why doesn't he let the information out and then blast his opponents for any distortions? I am astonished that the good, hard-working, morality-loving people of Utah do not rise up against this secretive politician. Religious affiliation shouldn't be an important criterion for or against a candidate. Wake up, Utahns.

Kaysville, UT

After living and working in various countries, our political system brings out information about the candidates in a year plus time span. If we are inconveniced due to phone calls, that is not inconvenience in a free world. I have seen people taken from their place of living and taken to jail in a country where a jail does not provide food. So many governments are not really free like our country and even if they have a constitution that may be similar, ruler come in and declare martial law in order to get around the constitutional powers. We are so blessed to have a system that provides us stability in the government and even with an economy that almost every country in the world would want to enjoy. Free enterprise comes with a price and all people benefit from those endeavors of people who make jobs. In our country, our taxes, even though higher than they should be due to unemployment and many government services providing a road to the dole for some, is a good system. What an employer or investor brings into the economy is more than any equivalent in taxes, in most cases. Business = USA prosperity.

Iowa City, IA

The more Obama is negative the more it reinforces he can't run on his record. Obama is turning people off and they are seeing he's not the man he portrayed himself to be.

red state pride
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I have to agree with Utah Blue Devil for once in my life- we don't even see the ads in Utah because Democrats understand it's pointless to waste their money on ads here like Romney probably doesn't waste money on ads in Vermont. I work quite a bit in "battleground" Colorado and every other commercial is a Presidential campaign ad- even for a political junkie like me it's mind numbing and I can see how it could turn people off to the whole process. Which is exactly what the President wants- to discourage as many people as possible from voting because if they vote on his record- it's over for him.

Clifton Heights, PA

Does any listen to these ads and take them seriously, from either political party? Why not just look at records and policies put in place by both men. While I'm not thrilled with Romney as a policy maker, I think Obama has been absolutely horrific.

Clifton Heights, PA

no fit in SG,

Why are the democrats demanding so many documents from Romney? And why is it any of their business? I'd love to see Obama's college records, but I don't really care if he releases them, it's none of my business. Hypocritical to expect Romney to release his records and withhold his own.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Reading the early comments is proof that negative ads work, even if they are filled with lies.

And, the gullibility of some people seems limitless, as well as an appalling lack of understanding of basic economics and the roles of business and the government.

I guess it is true, you really can fool some of the people all of the time.

And, Obama's "Look a squirrel!" campaign strategy is working to distract attention from his steady record of unemployment over 8%; $5 trillion in new debt with nothing to show for it; no press conferences for seven weeks; gutting the work requirement from welfare reform; a Justice Department infected with major scandals; and his repeated association with people who hate our country.

For Romney to waste time denying the slanderous charges is a waste of time that only plays into Obama's game by keeping Romney on defense instead of pointing out the problems created and exacerbated by Obama.

Of course, the news media is totally in love with Obama and outrageously misleads the public, especially those who pay scant attention to politics.

Obama may well win reelection, but only by a campaign of lies and concealed scandals.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

We all know this is just entertainment. The younger set like to go the action type Sci-Fi movies. The rest of us sit back an listen or watch another form of fiction.

Springville, UT

Why is it that Republicans can dish it out but get indignant when it comes back at them? This ad is no different than the many attack ads coming from the Romney super PAC and from the campaign itself. But what is amazing is the DesNews, which never asks the same question about the Romney camp. This paper has no hint of objectivity and is really in the bag for Romney. In fact, I consider this editorial stance to be the unofficial policy of the ownership. Why not just be honest about it?

provo, Utah

There are strong words going around. But there have been strong actions to go with it on both sides. Our country has been through wars, torture, excessive spending, aruments on taxation, name calling and birth certificate denialing. Why would the ads be any different?

Cache, UT

The man lost his job in 1999. His wife died in 2006. I fail to see the connection. There are many people who have lost their jobs due to Obama's incompetence. I wonder how many of them have stories that rival the one described in this commercial?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

why should Romney dignify such an accusation with a response?

NONE of Romney's ads claim BO is responsible for a woman's death. If you cannot see the difference, I am truly sorry for you.

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