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Published: Saturday, Aug. 4 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Mark B
Eureka, CA

To all the "small government" types out there: This is how things end when there is too LITTLE regulation. It doesn't matter if it's banking, bridge building or food processing. We deregulate at our own risk.


Last paragraph 'the state would have to reclaim the area to return it to it's pristine state'. This is what the legislators and their industrial masters want to do to all Utah's public lands. And then make us pay to clean it up.

sherlock holmes
Eastern, UT

TO Mark B in Eureka, CA.

This was hardly an example of small government botching something.

The mining industry is a challenging industry, has more oversight than any other business I can think of. And it was the federal government that had taken over when there was the accident trying to save the miners.

Choose another subject to try to make the 'small government' argument. Maybe it will work in some of the regulated areas in your state. I'm trying to think of one. Can you?

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