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Published: Tuesday, July 31 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

The U.S. Postal Service should follow Wisconsin's lead and put limits on their union worker's benefits ..... before they go bankrupt.

Kearns, UT

Unfortunately, the USPS isn't able to modify the retirement benefits since it was Congress that required that the USPS and only the USPS pre-pay for future employee benefits. If the USPS was like other government agencies, it wouldn't have to do this and would be turning a profit each year.

It is congress that is holding back the USPS, not the USPS themselves. If they are allowed to withdraw from the government retirement program, they would instantly be profitable across the board and could actually hire more people to help speed up delivery. Again though, congress is standing in the way.

Mcallen, TX

Government and debt has become synonymous. Time to modify benefits, and levels of administration.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

This is the result of Congress trying to micromanage a service. The USPS knows exactly how to get out of debt, but because everything related to the USPS needs to be approved by Congress, they arent allowed to do it. No one at the USPS should be blamed for this, this falls squarely on the shoulders of each and every member of Congress.

Casa Grande, AZ

I can hear the Wahaaahaaahaaa all the way from the UPS and Fedex lobbyist offices.

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