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Published: Saturday, July 28 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Williams, AZ

Not all smoke shops sell the ban drugs, I use smoke shop to buy my tabacco because it's cheaper. I have smoked for over 30 years and I am getting tired of hearing about my smoking and the health issues, yes it does cause cancer, but fast food causes people to be over weight and causes heart attacks and other health which cost a lot of money. I live in one of the state with one of the highest tax rate on tabacco. Why not just put more tax on these shops and leave them stay in business and put that money into a state health care? This country has become anti what ever and not all people have their rights, because people want to infrig on their right.

Layton, UT

The reason "smoke shops" are a problem is that they sell crack pipes, and other paraphanilia used for more hard core drug use. Man utahns are gullable. We arent talking about rolling your own cigs we are talking about the glass pipes used for crack and other fun people killing road accident causing problems. You get the legal but high spice you get kids getting older friends purchasing papers to roll the joints, pipes to smoke the drugs etc. Grow up people even smokers arent going to tell you they agree with a shop down the road from them. There is a large selection of glass pipes in any of there places. Grow up Utah and put your religious differences on a back seat and realize the drug problems are in your own back yard. Support your local police force they arent going to say theres a problem with out something to back it up. You have a very young population and drug abuse goes along with that. Love these posts defending it. What a crock!

Bronx, NY

@lisa 1234
First you make gross generalities about smoke shops and the people that do business there and then seem to think that closing down smoke shops will stop these kids from getting their hand on the things you describe? I am pretty sure someone needs to grow-up but I don't think its Utah.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

"'If you look at the clientele at tobacco shops, they're not exactly the best people. They're buying drugs for crying out loud,' Ray said"


So if it's "DRUG" buyng you are so wound up about, close down all the Pharmacies for crying out loud!
More people are killed from those legal "DRUGS" than tobacco and drunk driving in this State.

This is ridiculous beyond all belief.

More Utahans suffer and die from breathing illnesses from our Coal burning Power Plants and Inversion stoked Kennecott exhast than all the 2nd hand tobacco in the world but I don't hear any concern about that.

So this is not about "Drugs" or "Public Saftey" at all, but just another indirect attack of Liberty and Freedom on "not exactly the best people."

What was it the Nazis used to call them?...oh ya, undesirables.

Oh and FYI, I don't smoke.

Salt Lake, UT

Gotta love the clean air act! seems like it only applies to highly populated areas if you go to Paiute County the gas station there has tables right next to the entrance for people to sit and smoke no clean air act sign anywhere. I manage a restaurant and you always get people smoking at the drive thru. If you want to smoke that is your right but please don't do around people who don't want to breath it in.

Ogden, UT

I donot think the gentlemen from the council of Centerville gets it. He complains that the people that go to the smoke shops are drug addicts. Hope a few of these smokers get together and sue due to defamation of character. I do not smoke nor drink but stand up for the little guy. If there is such a minority that use the shop (for legal purchases) is so small then the smoke shop would go under due to low sales and overhead.

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