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Published: Saturday, July 28 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Hurricane, UT

Government banning anything is never a good idea. If you do not want their product do not buy it. I follow my own advice. I do not smoke so I do not frequent smoke shops. I do not drink so I do not frequent liquor stores. If I do not like the show on TV I change the channel. I do not need government telling me that they will protect me from the "evil" smoke shop, "evil" TV program, or the "evil" 'larger than 16 ounce soft drink'.

Layton, UT

"To justify the ban, Centerville has to show a "substantial relationship" between smoke shops and the public health, safety and welfare, Romney said."

If this is a public health/safety concern why is Centerville not also targeting fast food restaurants? or convenient stores that sell mostly unhealthy foods and beverages? This appears that the city council is targeting a minority population for whom they disagree with their unhealthy but legal activities.

the truth
Holladay, UT

Who cares if they ban smoke shops.

This is a free country,
go live in a community or town or city that supports those shops if that is what you want.

Why does every individual demand that the community support and allow every desire or whim they have?

Let each community, towns, city, state the have values and character they want. That is beauty of America.

For some reason the "tolerant" and "diverse" left wants everyone to be forced be the same gray.

Bronx, NY

@the truth
I really think you need to read your own comment again, it is very self contradictory. this is a "free country" but but "individuals" should not demand to be treated as if it where? Did you make this same comment against chick fil a wanting to move into boston? Using your logic chick fil a should just drop any plans to develop there, right? wrong people have the right to freedom in both cases sorry.


@the truth

Seriously, just the left wants everybody to be forced to be the same gray? Did you forget about not being able to shop on Sunday in most towns in Utah? Try buying any type of alcohol on Sunday anywhere outside Salt Lake County. What about not being able to enjoy life outside of church on Sunday? Or is that an acceptable shade of gray?

Farmington, UT

The last time I checked there wasn't such a thing as carcinogens in normal fast food and there isn't "second-hand smoke" when eating by downing a burger, fries and a large drink so the comparisons to smoking vs. fast food are, well, "up in the night." But that's what you'd expect from people crying that they have "their rights" to an addiction which causes cancer. Smoking injures others who breathe the fouled air and if most people were honest they'd admit they started smoking as a teen because someone convinced them it was "cool" and they wish they could quit now and that they had never started the filthy habit in the first place. That's because they're addicted and no, smoking isn't a natural appetite, although it must be an incredibly short time from from trying to be cool to becoming hooked and enslaved.......incredibly short with strong cravings that over-come common sense for decades. Plus, it's deadly!


"Tobacco shops are much more dangerous to a community than a liquor store is," he said. Oh really? How many deaths and accidents have been attributed to drunk driving, versus driving under the influence of tobacco? Nicotine enhances many of the skills required for safe operation of vehicles and machinery: alertness, visual memory, concentration, and physical reflexes. Alcohol impairs these abilities. I suspect that if you asked the police department directly, they would tell you that they have significantly more calls to handle altercations at establishments that serve alcohol than at a tobacco shop.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

If the owners abide by the laws, leave them alone.

If they are caught selling to minors, the license will be revoked. And if I read the article correctly, the owners will not be able to just sell the business, it will be forced to close. That should be plenty of incentive to obey the law.

Taylorsville, UT

I am disturbed about the smoke shops, myself.

Kaysville, UT

What does it mean to be free? It means to be free from coercion and force especially from the government.

Beware, Centerville. When the community combines against the individual, or when the community's government combines against the individual, you have invited tyranny into your own town enforced by you upon your own neighbors.

There is no evidence that this or any other smoke shop is forcing anyone to consume their products or defrauding anyone by hiding the nature of their products. If they were, THEN the government should intervene.

Centerville should drop this issue immediately and then apologize to the smoke shop and to its patrons for this intimidation.

Salt Lake City, UT

Kids -- I hope you're reading articles like this. It can help you decide what you want to be when you grow up. You can expect a VERY lucrative career as a lawyer as long as there are silly municipalites. A ban of a legal product is an easy lawsuit, but draw it out so that the city pays more. Remember kids, the Tenth Circuit Court Of Appeals in Denver is your best friend in striking down such silliness.

O-town, UT

People in Utah smoke? Heaven forfend!

This is the same community that tried to stop Walmart from coming as they thought it would lead to the four horsemen of the apocalypse. I imagine these townhall meetings look similar to the the Rockridge townhall meetings from Blazing Saddles. As the town drunk would say "Revid!" (incoherent for I agree)

South Jordan, UT

This quote rather disturbed me. "If you look at the clientele at tobacco shops, they're not exactly the best people. They're buying drugs for crying out loud." I really hope Rep. Paul Ray of Clearfield is put under a lot of fire for demonizing smokers. To make a sweeping statement that calls smokers bad people is both juvenile and alarming.

South Jordan, UT

Utah's nanny state policies are annoying. I grow weary of being told by the state legislature how I should live my life.

salt lake, UT

@lost in DC
for once I agree with you, If they follow the law leave them alone if they break the law then they should be prosecuted.

Northeast Kingdom
Portland, OR

"'If you look at the clientele at tobacco shops, they're not exactly the best people. They're buying drugs for crying out loud,' Ray said"

Sounds like Rep. Paul Ray is more worried about the customers who frequent the shop, rather than the actual consequences of tobacco use.

Kevin J. Kirkham
Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder what the public reaction would be if the city used the "health and safety" argument to outlaw gun stores.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

You can still buy cigs and lighters in any number of stores in Centerville. What a bunch of self righteous hypocrites.

Durham, NC

Second try since my first comments were deemed "offensive".... interesting. It would really be interesting to see the justification behind some of these "declines".

Anyway, a law abiding business is to be banned because it offends community standards? Or the argument that this is different because the end consumers of these products are causing a health risk to others. This from the same crowd who believe that business are too burdened by regulation, and that business know best what is best for their communities. I would love to see how this rational all plays out.

We can allow (and defend) coal powered plants that we know dump tons of heavy metals into our air causing health issues. ... this all under the umbrella of preserving free enterprise and low energy cost, plus jobs.

Yet we have a small business that is obviously serving a part of the community else it wouldn't exist, that has broken no laws, and the "community" decides this is offensive and wishes to ban such establishments.

This from the "freedom" crowd - and yet sounds more like anything resembling socialism where government decides what business get to exist. This is big government at the city level.

Bronx, NY

I am disturbed by a lot of things and I do not care much for smoke shops but neither one is a justification for outlawing things. .

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