Comments about ‘DeChristopher supporters stage peaceful protest at ALEC convention’

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Published: Thursday, July 26 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The usual suspects up to their usual non-productive antics.

The news media is wasting good reporter time, air time and/or column inches on stuff that is totally irrelevant. When these protesters get real jobs, and pay taxes, then maybe you can humor them by listening a bit. Meanwhile, it is really annoying to see them encouraged by repeatedly showing up and treating their rants and complaints as if it were serious political discourse by a significant percentage of the population.

I thought the "Snakes in Davis County" story was a much better topic.

Salt Lake City, UT

I believe the headline was wrong. I would think it was not a "peacful protest" when one of the protestors was arrested for breaking the law. I guess he is another one who apparently thinks he is above the law and can pick and choose which laws to break and which to obey.

Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT

I'd have come in support of DeChristopher serving the max sentence, but unlike the protestors, I'm employed and a productive member of society.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

ALEC is a dangerous organization. I recommend reading the ALEC Exposed website to see what issues they have had a hand in crafting and the list of politicians who are influenced by them.

Springville, UT

The only reason they protest is because they know the media will broadcast it. And it's the same, bizarre, non-productive, hate-filled, marxist crowd. They hate America, hate Utah, hate conservatives, hate Christians (and Mormons), hate capitalism, hate freedom, hate Romney, hate Israel, hate working, hate taking a shower, etc.

Salt Lake City, UT

Like the Occupy movement, they have no plan, no constructive accomplishments, no regard for freedom other than freedom to indiscriminately disrupt and they preach peace while practicing violence. ALEC has its own faults, but these fear mongers are not the answer and they only enhance ALEC's stature.

Farmington, UT

Just another group driven by hate, and too immature to reasonably discuss concerns with their elected officials.

Kearns, UT

These people need something else to do that is more constructive. Like Jobs.

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