Comments about ‘Mitt Romney's Mormon religion will have little impact in election’

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Published: Thursday, July 26 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Uncle Charles
Where freedom and liberty reign, utah

RFLASH: I don't usually respond to what if's because they usually are silly in nature. The only hate I see emanating on the pages is from people like you, Pagan, A scientist, Furry, LDS Lib.

If Obama was a Mormon and he still held these same beliefs, I'd have the exact same opinion of him as I do now. Nothing would change for me. I disregard Harry Reid in the same manner. He claims to be LDS but does not support the doctrines of the gospel with his votes. Obama and Reid should read the Book of Mormon so they can see first hand how those who believe in the government as the end all be all always fall.

What cracks me up is the Lefty LDS folks on these pages always say that King Benjamin is their hero. Well, he worked for his keep, he didn't get $400/200K for his work and exempt himself from the laws. He also didn't tax the people for trips around the world for his family.

Only the foolish believe government is the answer and a true Mormon would never be so foolish.

Santa Monica, CA

Actually, there is no reason his religion should even come up. His pathetic attempt at introducing himself as a world stage leader should be enough to convince most right thinking people that this man simply does not have the chops.

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