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Published: Thursday, July 26 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Clearfield, UT

tO The Rock

. . .
@Richard Larson

"The dog on the roof of his car incident, and all the other blunders make a much, much
bigger impact then his "mormonism" could ever!"

So Romeny took his dog for a drive, where dogs usually like to ride, in the wind. Obama took a dog for a wok (spelling inentional). Do you really want to go there?


Let's get that issue straight. Romney deliberately and wilfully abused his dog (nobody who cares even the slightest bit about his dog would put him/her in a crate on top of the car); Obama ate the foot his mother put before him. Who do you believe is the worst? The deliberate abuser? Or the child?


In this election, yes, his religion will have little impact. Put him up against another White Christian of ANY other denomination and he won't have a chance.

Syracuse, Utah

I'm still lost on why being a Mormon means you can't be president of America. Last time I looked we were all given the same freedom of religion rights. Has someone re-written the American Constitution and put in that Mormons are not allowed the same rights as everyone else? If so can we have a copy of that and a major news story done on it.

If that hasn't happened then America needs to stop complaining about non issues. Getting rid of people who purposely want to destroy America, is more important than Romney being a Mormon wouldn't you think?

Provo, UT

MoJules Florissant, MO

Where do you twist your information to help form such opinions? So is the moon made out of blu cheese? Such subjective analysis (characteristic of the folks at Faux Noise) just makes one's head spin? So we assume, from your piece, that if your parents wsre religious, the moon was in it's full phase, and you went to public school, you would like tofu and sprouts?

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

@Counter Intelligence:
Why would someone blame racism if Obama were to lose, when he's already been elected? Now, there is a certain percentage of conservative voters, the tea party, who are in fact racist but those people weren't going to vote for a democrat anyway.
You seem confident that Romney will win. Have you seen the polls and how the states stack up to the electoral college? Romney isn't going to come very close to winning.

Uncle Charles
Where freedom and liberty reign, utah

Oh the disdain that emanates from the resident Republican Furry. Romney abused his dog by putting it on top of his car? Really? How so?

Give us a break with your claim that you are a Republican but show absolutely no positive posts regarding any Republican. You and LDS Lib make claims of what you are but your posts are completely against what you claim. In other words, your words state clearly that you do not like Republicans even though you claim to be one.

Pagan: don't make us laugh. Obama steps inside a church that isn't the Rev Wright's one time a year and you want that to define that he is a Christian? Laughable. The words of Obama let us all know what religion he is. You do your research on what sounds Obama says are the best music to his ears.

basket case
South Jordan, UT

@pagan- The fact is.... true Christians center their lives around Jesus Christ on a daily basis, you can see it in their countenance. Going to church a few times a year doesn't make obama Christian, even though he says he is...

With regards to polls, I don't put much faith into them. People who are polled will sometimes lie. Romney's religion is a bigger factor than what we're being led to believe.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

So it only took till the second post for the right wing to try and use religion against the current president.
I think most folks know who uses religion against people and it isn't the democrats.

LValfre nailed it too.

I'm far less concerned about Monson calling him, I'm worried when his good buddy Netinyahoo in Israel calls and tells him what he's gunna do.

Salt Lake City, UT

It has always bothered me how republicans use religion in their politics. For example,there has been a feeling in the air that to be a good Mormon, you better be a Republican. Lets just say it was looked down on to be a Mormon democrat. You wern't being a faithful member. It is enough to make someone want to throw up! You go on about Romney being judged for being Mormon and in the same breath find a way to make a stab at Obama by saying he is Muslim. It is amazing how much hate exists among the people here. Tell me, if Obama were a Mormon, would all you people change your attitudes? Probably. you are more worried about having a Mormon in office than anything. There are good people n most religions and I get so sick of how people attack each other. I would never vote for Mitt but it isn't because he is Mormon. There are a lot of Mormons who would make good Presidents, but he is not one of them.

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

Only consevative evangelicals have a problem with Mitt Romney's religion. Howeve they have been conditioned by a concerted Republican attack on Obama from Day One that he is somehow "the other", different, foreign, and anti-American.

Still, most Republicans believe that Obama isn't a "real" American, that he was born in Kenya, raised a Muslim, cheated to get into college where he did poorly, secretly hates this country, and, through a vast conspiracy and deceit, was elected President in 2008.

Maybe they also believe that he became a draft-dodger to avoid Vietnam. Also, even though his grandfather served with Patton in WWII, they may think he really dislikes the military because he never volunteered to serve and he really didn't make the decision to go after Bin Laden. Somehow they've come to the conclusion that Obama is "ruining" America, but don't know how.

So much political disinformation and simple falsehoods. Wouldn't it be nice if somehow the propaganda, lies, distortions and out-of-context citations could be eliminated from the public dialog. However, then we could have a real discussion rather than have to mess with the talking-point tripe often repeated here.

KTC John
Wetumpka, AL

To Butler,
If Obama gets re-elected, just look at the mess he will inherit.

Saint George, UT

Romney has a 40% unfavorable rating from FOX News...for Pete's sake.

FOX News touts Romney's business acumen as his presidential calling card.

If religion is not the basis for the unfavorable rating, what is the basis?

Salt Lake City, UT

"No person even the President of the Church can receive revelation instructing another person to do something. "

Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't mission call locations considered divinely inspired in which case wouldn't that be a revelation of sorts instructing another to do something? Regardless, I agree that the idea of President Monson calling a President Romney and telling him to do something a certain way is rather ridiculous.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Ernest T. Bass
"Have you seen the polls and how the states stack up to the electoral college? Romney isn't going to come very close to winning."

I wish that were true but there are a lot of states where Obama only leads by 1-5 points so between a small change and Republican voter purge efforts, it's not too difficult to see Romney winning which is why he still scores around 35% likelihood of winning the election on Intrade and Nate Silver's model.

the truth
Holladay, UT

The better question is what kind impact or influence is religio n and religious leaders having on Obama?

What has Rev. Wright or Father Pfleger instructed Obama to do?

What are Rev. Wright or Father Pfleger instructing Oabam to do?

We know of Obama's strong Islamic connections.

So what is the Islamic brotherhood (a radical islamic organization) instructing Obama?

Why does the Islamic brotherhood have so much positon ans influence in Obama's administration?

In light of these concerns, Romney's religion is of little matter.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

Romney's religion is the primary reason I will not vote for him.

Ogden, UT

I know it's just a matter of opinion, and mine is as good as Mitt's I think, but I see my Mormon religion as different from his.

Whether right or wrong about that, he won't get my vote; not that most Utahans care.

Salt Lake City, UT

If you believe Obama is not a 'real' Christian...

I hope Christ forgives you for bearing false witness.


Apparently Deseret News doesn't understand that polls lie, and that religious bigotry is not something that most people will readily admit to. Mitt Romney will lose this election, and Evangelical Protestant ignorance will be a major part of why that is the case.

Phoenix, AZ

It is most evident that Romney's true religion is gold, pretty much the same as the rest of the polititions. Romney's failure is that he is Romney, not his church.

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