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Published: Monday, July 23 2012 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Humble, TX

the nation of India is already a great nation. But by allowing the Savior's message to be taught in their land will make them a predominant nation in the world. Watch closely as India rises to become an influence for good in a troubled part of our world. Would that other nations who do not allow the savior's message to be heard would begin to understand this principle.

Las Vegas, NV

When I visit a foreign country I'm most interested in learning their culture, their religion, their customs, their cuisine, and so on. I find it offensive when outside religions arrive thinking their way is better.

Clearfield, UT

Organized stakes in Russia, India. Daniels prophecy is being fulfilled. It is an exciting time to be a Latter Day Saint.

King City, CA

Congratulations India! I am former Elder Tucker, a missionary who served in the India Banglore Mission from 2008-2010. The people of India are humble, sincere, and faithful. I enjoyed teaching them and helping to build up the church there. I knew President Guday Rao when he was the District President, and I was happy to hear that he was called as the first Stake President in India. The church is very strong in Hyderabad, and we all had a sense that there would be a stake there soon. I celebrated along with everyone else when the first stake was organized. I'm hoping to go back to visit, for I have a love in my heart for India and the Indian people. How thankful I am that the Lord allowed my to serve them, and to get to know them and their culture. What a blessing that has been for me!

Morgan Hill, CA

TellAll, What would you say to the early apostles such as Paul, Thomas, Mark, and others who traveled out of Palestine and into Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Asia Minor, all believing that they were preaching a "better way"? (Not to mention the followers of Muhammad who rode out of the Arabian desert to spread Islam throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa, or the missionaries sent out of India who carried Buddhism on its way to becoming a world religion).

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