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Published: Friday, July 20 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

I'm so tired people claiming that pro-gay marriage is anti-family. It makes zero sense.

Salt Lake City, UT

Chick-Fil-A will be getting even more of my business now. Thank you for taking a stand, and stepping up against the liberal media. I think they just became my favorite fast food joint.

Waianae, HI

I have always been a great fan of the owners of this chain because their stores are CLOSED ON SUNDAY evan the ones in the Mall. I have not had a Chick-fil-A Sandwish since 1988 because they do not have stores where I live. However when i lived in Phoenix I did go to Metro Center and buy their food. Of course I am much more concerned about God bringing his judgement against us over Abortion then I am over Gay marriage. Gay Marriage is what it is and I am not going to Vote for it but on the other hand I am not going into the street over it either. If it quietly walks into my chapel I am going to go shake hands and welcome them.

If the Chain CEO wants to make a statement against Gay Marriage the he is entitled to this is America. One the other hand the Gay People don''t have to buy the Chains Food. The people laughing most about this is the Gay People out or not that work for the chain. Chick-fil-A being closed on Sunday has always taken a stand. Good for them.

West Jordan, UT

Chick-fil-a just earned a lot of respect and business in my book.

American Fork, UT

I'm not sure what the President of Chick-fil-A was thinking making a comment about family and supporting traditional marriage. It's not like 60% of Americans don't agree with him. How dare he say what most of us think!

I'm getting sick and tired of liberalism.

I'm going to Chick-fil-A tonight...

Farmington, UT

I have never eaten at a Chick-fil-A. That's about to change.

Waianae, HI

In Business you have to serve everyone and everyone has to have an equal chance at employment. I am sure Chick-fil-A has some Gay Managers employees and business owners some where weather they are out or not. I do wounder if taking a stand of this nature is the best descison they could have made. Unless their trying for the Homophobe Business in the South. Time will tell and we will see.

However making the stand they have a right to do and if that what they want to do good for them.

Remember Jesus loves everyone.

Side Note. My Daughter left for her Mission Yesterday. It is a Mini Mission for the Week End but it is still a Mission, My Daughter having health issues this may be the best we and she can do.

This business about coming down on people because they are Not Just Like You in all ways. Is somewhat judgemental behavior and God says Not To Judge.

Now Gods Judgement against us for allowing Abortion which is Murder 1 with the exception of saving the Mothers Life. That might come to bite us. But a few married gays in the population?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Yay for chick fil a! I love them and will happily give them even more of my business. Keep up the good work guys!

South Jordan, UT

The Chik-Fil-A guy was using his Constitutionally protected rights to free speech, and good for him.

The media also uses their Constitutionally protected rights to free speech, and good for them.

You can't accuse the media of trying to stifle someone's speech, by simply using their own speech. Otherwise you are trying to stifle the speech of media.

Spanish Fork, UT

The Mayor of Boston has every right to disagree with the CEO of Chick-fil-A, but if he tries to deny a franchise owner the right to open in Boston, he's facing constitutional issues of his own. The CEO didn't say he wouldn't serve gays. He didn't even say he wouldn't hire them (though I doubt he would if an openly gay person applied). All he did was express his religious belief. Now a government authority (mayor) is imposing a religious test for doing business in his town. If I were his one of his constituents, I would not be happy about that. I think I'll avoid Boston this week and go to Chick-Fil-A for dinner.

Riverside, CA

The mayor of Boston is showing how "inclusive" he is by excluding Chick-fil-A from his city. So typical.

City, Ut

I thought if kind of strange that people got so upset and offended at a story in The Baptist Press. Of course they are going to talk about religious things.--in the Baptist Press.

It would be like the country at large being terribly upset and offended if the Book of Mormon, or missionaries, or Joseph Smith, or God, or Jesus, OR SUPPORT FOR TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE was spoken or written about in the LDS magazine The Ensign, or in The Church News.

In fact, that is what many non-believers are always suggesting believers do: Keep your religious views to yourself and talk about them only with other like-minded individuals who want to hear what you have to say.

Seems to me that was just what Mr. Cathy was doing--answering questions about and talking about his beliefs and views--in a religious publication.

Joey K
Sandy, UT

I find it funny that many LDS people, (including my mom), are so supportive and effusive in their praise of the Chic-Fil-A owner. This is why politics makes strange bedfellows. While many LDS people agree with his comments, (I'm LDS but I strongly disagree), they should remember that it is the same southern Evangelical supporters who hate the Mormon church. Yes, they may act like they are on our side now, but remember 6 months ago Rick Perry's pastor saying Mitt belonged to a cult? These religious evangelicals have persecuted the Mormons much more than the "liberal media," who many of you posting comments have criticized. Most of the people who say they would never vote for a Mormon under any circumstances come from Evangelical Christian churches in the south and midwest.

So while you are lauding this guy as a hero right now, I doubt most of you will feel the same when he comes out and says, "Mormons aren't Christians," or "All Mormons are going to hell."

Leo Femedlers
El Paso, TX

To Mr. X...


Redlands, CA

And yet, when companies that come out (no pun intended) and say Kumbaya, everyone has the same rights, people cheer and say yay. Why do they get to stand their moral ground but I don't?

Montesano, WA

This just shows how tolerable The Left is they will tolerate anything till a person with a back bone speaks their mind and it is a opinion that they do not like then it is Oh your doing hate speech and they fain fake offense. Then they try and squash the first amendment because they don't like what they heard.

South Jordan, Utah

I am so tired of people claiming that support of traditional marriage is anti-gay. It makes no sense.

Salt Lake City, UT

Which is more likely to manifest itself?

The wrath of an imaginary deity, or,

The wrath of a sizeable number of Americans who don't think much of ignorant bigotry masquerading as morality?

My money is on the latter.

York, SC

You go Mr. Cathy! Stand your ground.


Way to go, Mr. Cathy! It's nice to see someone actually speak the truth and not be afraid of how the world will react.

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