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Published: Thursday, July 19 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

The ad says volumes, about the DNC and none of it is good. I'm afraid that this accurately personifies our imperial president's mentality: personal attacks on the Romney family while ignoring the suffering of jobless millions.

Somewhere in Time, UT

How low can you get. Desperation on the part of the DNC and the Obama Administration. Anything to avoid talking about his dismal performance the last three and a half years.

Clearfield, UT

I'd be curious to know how much money Mitt and Ann make off that horse. By deducting his care from their tax return, they're asking us to subsidize him (unless, of course, he is not a beloved pet and instead is just a money-making commodity . . . which wouldn't surprise me, given they way Mitt treated his dog).

Clearfield, UT

To Cats 9:15 a.m. July 19, 2012

How low can you get. Desperation on the part of the DNC and the Obama Administration. Anything to avoid talking about his dismal performance the last three and a half years.


Mitt dances around pretty much every issue he faces. I haven't heard him give a straight answer concerning what he would do about ANYTHING. He speaks in grand-sounding platitudes, but provides nothing on which his plans and proposals can be judged.

Maybe a better ad would just be one that shows his head on a swivel, turning from side to side and documenting the flip-flopping he does on pretty much every issue. That would make the point better than a dancing horse.

Brigham City, UT

Furry: You crack me up. Waaaaa.

Florissant, MO

I think the DNC pulled the ad because it really was stupid. How many jobs are created to care for that horse? So their bad to have an expensive horse, or their good to provide a job or two or more for someone who would otherwise have to let Obama take care of them. Having been at one time in my life in need of government assistance, I would much rather take care of a horse, then take money from the democrats. They say they are doing this out of compassion, they are doing this to keep people weak and from moving forward.


Furry - If you have an issue with the tax code, why blame Mitt? It's the Congress, influenced by the President, that gives Romney these tax breaks. Are you unhappy that he is smart enough to use them? If he paid his taxes without taking any deductions, wouldn't you then say that he is too dumb to be president? Are we just sore that he won't release more tax returns? Why not ask Harry Reid to show his - he started Congress with $50K and now is a multimillionaire?

Phoenix, AZ

It is sad Romney has to be the Mormon face to the world. He represents so much of what is questioned about politics, the distorted histories and cover ups, the changing of the stories to suite the situation, the non-disclosers, hiding tax and other information and secrets to further propaganda goals, wishy-washy character of saying anything to gain an objective to promote personal ambition. There are solid honest Mormons who would be an honorable representation of, and for, the church. Too bad that they are not represented.

Middle of the Road
Home Town USA, UT

This whole DNC ad is much ado about nothing. Same old same old tactics that are tacky. There are so many fingers pointing back at Barack's people and his failure to reveal his own personal stuff, like his grades with transcript of his education. He has so much "political pull" it is not funny. It also include the cloud of doubt about his citizenship. Obama's actions are louder than his words which do no convince.

When is BO going to fess up and stop his attack of someone else, (Romney) when he himself has NO record to fall back on so he attacks his opponent? It is the bully tactic to say the least.

Congress needs to pass a "truth" in political ads when it comes to fabricating and twisting Romney's record for business, etc. (Bain Capital)

Smith River, CA

How Did Harry Reid Become Rich?

Posted by Mark Noonan on Dec 24th, 2009 and filed under Opinion. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry from your site

(Mark Noonan) – According to Open Secrets, Senator Harry Reid has a minimum net worth of $2,827,056.00, a maximum worth of $6,307,999.00 and an average net worth of $4,567,527.00. Why all the discrepancies?

Because our leaders, much as they set up campaign finance laws to protect themselves, have set up their disclosure requirements to hide things. They don’t really want us to know how much they have and thus the millions of dollars of variance possible in Reid’s fortune.

Still, taking that nearly $4.6 million average for Reid seems fair – if it’s really off, then it’s up to Reid to correct the record. And that is quite a rise for a man who endlessly reminds us was born poor.

Plano, TX

Sic 'em, Ann!!!

Saratoga Springs, UT

@ Furry What subsidizing? This horse I am sure is a business adventure. There is a lot of money in horses. You are not subsidizing anything, he will subsidize it himself through his own business adventures, not you. You are not paying for his business', he is. As for his dog, I guess we should just criminalize everyone who puts their dog in the back of a truck, it really is no different. But nice try on the negative attack. It is what all Dems do, it is their nature, they have nothing else to go on.

@Skeptic Really? You got that our of this article, I think Mitt is a pretty good representation.

More rhetoric from the DNC, to detract attention from the real issues, Obama's record. An empty page. Just sticky notes with his wacked ideas and solutions he dreams up.

Flying Finn
Murray, UT

Re: Furry1993 Clearfield, UT
"I'd be curious to know how much money Mitt and Ann make off that horse."

That question is none of my business .... or yours. Maybe if you asked the DNC would provided the information you seek.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

I haven't seen the ad but I think Ann Romney handled it about right instead of taking it personally.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

"We were simply making a point about Governor Romney’s failure to give straight answers on a variety of issues in this race."

Why doesn't the DNC give some straight answers? Explain why you have failed to create jobs after borrowing and spending some $5 Trillion and gave the burden to taxpayers. Give a straight answer on why barack used taxpayer dollars to buy three buses so he could campaign (buses made in Canada). Give a straight answer if the obamacare is a tax or a mandate. Give a straight answer on obamas grades from school. Give a straight answer on what you plan to do about immigration issues. Give a straight answer on your vision for the country. Give a straight answer on the lack of transparency. Give a straight answer why this regime stinks to hog heaven. Give a straight answer why you haven't cut the deficit in half as promised. Give us a straight answer why you haven't had a laser focus on the economy. Give a straight answer on why DNC people own stocks in "green" energy that have all failed, yet they're now millionaires. C'mon now you have nothing to hide

Los Angeles, CA

Olympic level horses are extremely expensive to maintain and train. Of course it would be a nice little tax write-off.

fan in orem
Orem, Utah

The straight answer I would like to hear, is what is BO going to do for Russia after November, that he can't talk about before the election.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Funny how people want to criminalize someone that has been successful in this country. That's what makes this nation great. You can succeed, you can choose what you want to do with your money. What is unfair, is 50% of the country living off of welfare that the other 50% pay for; from which a small percentage cover the lion share of it.

What is the "99%" complaining about? If they filed their taxes, they would see that they really don't pay anything. If they're upset about the wealth and tax breaks, then they need to vote everyone out of office and replace them with those that won't give themselves tax breaks. The trouble is Democrats and Republicans are wealthy politicians. Do you believe that they are ever going to pass a bill or tax code that hurts thier donors or themselves?

You'd be a fool to think that they will ever break from that. There is always a loophole that they throw in to avoid paying taxes.

The best thing you can do is to take the same advantages that they have. Use the tax breaks and be smart.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Like the shrewd politician he is, Romney does dance around the issues like a TV pitch man for products not sold in stores. The DNC thought that a silly ad would niggle away at that but they only succeeded in making themselves look inept.

IA Cougar
West Des Moines, IA

I'm surprised that Obama doesn't use this horse as an example of what his government has provided for Romney and his family. After all, he should be taking full credit for Romney's wealth, right?

You have to stay negative when you have no message of hope to bring to the people. The best thing Obama should be running on is HIS RECORD. He has 3.5 years of facts to bring to the people on the great change and hope he has brought to America. Unfortunately, since there is no record, he's spending time on Romney and how it's BAD to be successful in this country. To me, the choice in this election is crystal clear! But then again, I'm not in the media!

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