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Published: Friday, July 13 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Hayden, ID

Baloney! Americans don't even have a clue about real poverty. The best cure for poverty is work and personal responsibility, not more food stamps!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Let me see....

$16 Billion over 10 years [i.e., $1.6 Billion per year], feeding 3 Miillion Americans.
adding another $2 Billion to Afghanistan this year alone on top of what we already spend there.

Why can't Republicans SEE this obvious problem and domestic discrepancy?

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

There are as many reasons for poverty as there are poor people. Despising the poor has become a blight on our country. Study your scriptures, people. It is never the poor who bring down society; it is the rich.

"...let not this pride of your hearts destroy your souls! Think of your brethren like unto yourselves, and be familiar with all and free with your substance, that they may be rich like unto you. But before ye seek for riches, seek ye for the kingdom of God. And after ye have obtained a hope in Christ ye shall obtain riches, if ye seek them; and ye will seek them for the intent to do good--to clothe the naked, and to feed the hungry, and to liberate the captive, and administer relief to the sick and the afflicted."
(Jacob 2:16-19)

Syracuse, UT

Since the food stamp program is rife with fraud and deceit, it should be abolished. The war on poverty has been an abject failure.

JD Tractor
Iowa City, IA

Cutting food stamps won't leave people hungry, but it will cut down on trips to Vegas, cruises on the Carribean and vacations in Hawaii.

This program needs to be reigned in so that it can help the truly poor, not the truly greedy and deceitful.

American Fork, UT

We've become hard hearted, and i guess 'christian' enough to delcare that everyone is responsible for their own circumstances, and that we're comfortable to let an impoverished underclass develop in our society. It's their own fault, so we don't have to do anything about it. I'm not sure this is the right direction but that's where we're going. Besides, denial is working for climate change, it can work here too.

Vincentown, NJ

Yet we have an obesity epidemic mostly among the poor. Massachusettes just had to pass a law saying that the food stamp cards couldn't be used at tattoo parlors, gambling joints, for alcohol or, get this, for getting your nails done. They had to pass the law because people were abusing the system.

Adam Carolla just wrote a book "Not Taco Bell Material" and writes about what it was like growing up with a mother on the dole. When he was 9 he asked her, "Mom, why don't you get a job?" She said, "I lose my check from the government." People game the system to the detriment of their families and self-reliance.

The government HURTS people.

David B.
Cedar City, UT

If the illegals weren't here to begin with and the citizens weren't such a bunch of crybaby's wanting freebies our safety net wouldn't be breaking now on the verge of falling apart. Then the politicians in Washington really need to learn how to run a fically strong house.Quit giving our money to every Tom,Dick,and Harry nation. Take care of home first period then if there's extra then share but don't put outsiders first.That's why people get so miffed with government.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Since the food stamp program is rife with fraud and deceit, it should be abolished."

What is with the conservative obsession with taking sledgehammers to everything (aside from war spending, and tax cuts to the rich of course...)?

"Yet we have an obesity epidemic mostly among the poor. "

Healthy food is more expensive than unhealthy food.

"Massachusettes just had to pass a law saying that the food stamp cards couldn't be used at tattoo parlors, gambling joints, for alcohol or, get this, for getting your nails done. They had to pass the law because people were abusing the system."

Well then maybe we can pass laws like that instead of scraping the entire program as some other conservatives are suggesting.

@David B.
"and the citizens weren't such a bunch of crybaby's wanting freebies"

Last I checked it was your side of the aisle that throws a conniption fit every time someone suggests raising taxes to the levels they were a decade ago in order to help balance the budget.

Henderson, NV

"There, there little luxury, don't you cry. You'll become a necessity, by and by." Thank you DistantThunder for mentioning tattoo parlors and getting one's nails done.

WHYYYYY doesn’t the federal government take a look at welfare programs that are succeeding and copy them? In the LDS church, food orders are reviewed by both a Relief Society President and a Bishop, which helps keep everyone honest and fed. Is this so difficult to understand, and to duplicate?

Boise, ID

I wish the "LDS Model" could somehow be instituted... rather than a check or "credit card," the truly needy could visit a storehouse and receive actual food. Granted, the food could be sold on the black market, but I'm confident that fraud would drop in a meaningful way.

(As for those who recite scriptures as evidence that we need food stamps... Christ and his spokesmen have always addressed INDIVIDUAL attitudes regarding wealth and poverty. To imply that involuntary participation in collectivist welfare programs is Christian "charity" is totally erroneous.)

Layton, UT

A couple of easy fixes would save billions. Ban the purchase of soda, chips, cookies, donuts, steaks, etc. from being able to be purchased using food stamps. Second, if someone is caught selling food stamps than they are banned for 5 or so years.

My neighbor asked my wife for a ride to Smiths to get groceries and she bought chips, pop, snack trays, etc. for her super bowl party using food stamps. She is unable to work because her child has ADD.

I'm also amazed at how many people on food stamps own smart phones. Can anyone explain to me how that works?

Layton, UT

atl134 - I always amazed at how many liberals think that giving freebies to the poor actually help them out. It has quite the reverse and simply makes them more dependent and lazy. I don't think that un healthy food is cheaper but the problem is more to that is easier to heat up. All the people on food stamps that I know live off cereal and soda and I'd bet that is the case for a large majority of people on food stamps.

salt lake, UT

@distant thunder
actually if you go back and read when the sponsor of the bill was asked directly do you have any evidence of this actually happening the sponsor had to admit there was no evidence this was even a problem. The bill was nothing more then political grandstanding at the cost of those the sponsor knows cannot fight back. Just like a distant thunder this was noting more then a distraction from the work at hand.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

Charles Dickens on helping the poor from his essay, "Temperate Temperance"

"You must look at things with their eyes, a little; you must not always expect them to see with your eyes. The weak point in almost every attempt which has been made to deal with the lower classes is invariably the same -- too much is expected of them. You ask them to do, simply the most difficult thing in the world -- you ask them to change their habits ... and to abandon habits and make great efforts is hard work even for clever, good and educated people. The position of the lowest poor is so terrible, they are so deprived of energy through vile and low living and bad lodging, and so little ready to second any efforts that are made for their benefit. We must get it into our heads -- which seems harder to do than many people would imagine -- that the working poor man is neither a felon, nor necessarily a drunkard, nor a very little child. There is a tendency in officials to be rough and brutish or cheerfully condescending. Both are offensive to the poor."

In essence, use the golden rule.

Las Vegas, NV

Oh come on! The average family of 5 can receive up to $1200/month in food stamps which can include tobacco, alcohol, etc. My own married children who each have four kids, don't even come close to spending that for their families. We need to take a good luck at the abuse in this program. I am glad for the food stamp program, but their are some real abuses going on.

Bronx, NY

@distand thunder
the sponsor of that bill in Mass had to admit he had no evidence that this was actually even an issue. You have to wonder what it is that people that push this issue and the false notion that voter fraud is any kind of substantial issue are trying to distract the voting public from looking at? If they are so confident that Obama is as bad as they say why hide behind false claims about food stamp abuse and voter fraud? run on the economy, run on foreign affairs issues stop hiding behind propaganda issues.

Salt Lake City, UT

Where did you get 1200/month from?

[Rosenbaum and Dean wrote. "The $100 per month in SNAP benefits that they receive covers about one-fifth of their monthly food budget."]

1200 a year sounds right... there is some variance in food stamp allotments by state based on standard of living but the most generous areas are still about 150 dollars a month like that one tv chef did for a month.

Logan, UT

To kmitch. You cannot buy tobacco and alcohol with food stamps. I have never heard of anyone getting $1200 in food stamps a month. There is some abuse going on but most families are really in need that are on food stamps.


Re:heedaf, kmitch

So if you know people who get food stamps and have smartphones why dont you ask how they can afford that?

I know a disabled woman with an 8 yr old daughter who gets food stamps. She cant afford a smartphone and doesnt have one. She does have a cell phone which she used to call me one day to help her get up when she had fallen in the rain in front of her house.

Its. easy to pass judgement from afar. No doubt there are those that take advantage of the system. But even the LDS Church welfare system has people who take advantage and ive never heard anyone advocate for abolishing that.

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