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Looking closely at LDS Church businesses, finances

Published: Thursday, July 12 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

The Church is as guilty as anyone in using the media for their own porposes and depending on your point of view, they distort things. They want to be the good guys all the time and they also choose who will be the bad guys, such as gay people and they will go to great lengths to portray that! So, when they get portrayed as the bad guy, it isn't so much fun, is it. They dish it out pretty good sometimes. Having said that, I think that the Church has done very well in the financial area. They have a fantastic welfare system and think about all the church buildings they maintain. They do a lot of good. I would just say that they shouldn't use their resources for political gain. It isn't right for them to get a tax exempt status when they are doing that. There is a reason for separation ofstate and religion. I would say that I wish them well. Hopefully they can continue to reach out and help a lot more people.They should do an article to let people know about what they do accomplish.

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