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Looking closely at LDS Church businesses, finances

Published: Thursday, July 12 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Durham, NC

Really folks... did you read the article. If you did, what was the distortion they made? What numbers did they report that you would like to refute? Are you really all so thin skinned that any review of the church that isn't glowing make you jump to insulting the writer. If you have numbers to disavow what was written, present them.

The fact is the church - my church - doesn't release any financial data. It did while my grandfather was Prophet. That all changed with David O McKay. There is nothing illegal, or wrong with not publishing the numbers... many faiths don't make an accounting of their expenses and earnings. We have nothing to hide...

Stop taking questions as insults. I highly doubt there is anything wrong with our churches finances. But understand that those on the outside will raise questions, as they should to every religion that acts as stewards of sacred funds. We should all be diligent that funds are spent for the purpose that were donated... to all faiths.


For those calling for boycotting BusinessWeek and it's sponsors and claiming how biased and hurtful the article was:

1: The article was full of facts and interview questions from legit sources. I don't believe there were any 'lies' that weren't substantiated with some level of evidence. And the church didn't dispute what they said ... they just made sure the public knows it's a 'means to an end'. I don't know how some businesses, such as the new mall, reach the end but spin it any way you want.

2: Nobody was complaining when BusinessWeek published an article about Mormon's producing great business leaders a few months back. In fact the DNews wrote about it, and the comments were full of favorable posts. Seemed like a positive for Romney, right?

3: For those calling BusinessWeek biased and slanted ... please re-read DNews and open your eyes a bit. All writers and journalists are biased. If you think for one second this paper doesn't push it's own agenda (A means to an end ... as the Church stated about it's businesses including DNews), then you have surrendered your conscious elsewhere.

New to Utah

Lawrence O'Donnell the ultra liberal firebrand on MSNBC started the "mormon bashing" with his bigoted statement about Joseph Smith. Howard Bryant again a very liberal columnist for ESPN next tried to tar the LDS church with Penn State and Jerry Sandusky. Now we have Bloomburg's Business Week doing the hatched job. I have lived in liberal land and expect much more trash and bias as the political season heats up because the left is going to use smash mouth tactics to destroy Mitt Romney and the Chicago group running Obama's campaign will use extreme negativity to win.

Sandy, Utah

On 06 April 1830,the Church was organized with but six members and the rest of the world was not aware. The Lord's true Church was restored with a "whisper". Today over 14 million have heard that whisper that very same "still small voice", and concerning truth a modern day Apostle of the Lord wrote: "In human affairs, erroneous and unchallenged assertions sometimes assume an undeserved aura of truth. While a response to this hopelessness may not create conviction in disbelievers, it can bolster believers against the silent erosion of their own convictions." Elder Neal A. Maxwell (Ensign, May 1983, p. 9.) As the "world" puts us under a microscope we might remember... "persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done" For me it is enough to bow my head in silent prayer and reflect in my heart the hymn, "Be still my soul".

San Diego, CA

I am a faithful Latter-day Saint (one of those people who try to veer away from the nickname, Mormon) who love the church deeply and dearly - I can't say more of how much I revere church history and deem all of the sacred restoration truths as pearl of great price to me.

Having said that, I find the cover amusing. I wish I can tell Mike (I used to know him pretty well, the Purdys were my neighbors) that the reason for this cover is NOT to make fun of the Saints or our religion or anything like that because it's obviously caricature.

Which also mean that these people who published this magazine KNOW that Mormons (or LDS) are people with a good sense of humor.

I am NOT offended by the story and feel very strongly that EVEN Joseph Smith might find it humorous and may just walk away feeling that it was more of a compliment than anything else.

IN FACT, because this is so obviously a caricature, it may even get people asking about what that is REALLY all about. haha

Salt Lake City, UT

"And I certainly have had my share of disappointments in life, but I would cast my lot with people of faith (no matter what religion) than the humanist left anytime. They're selfish narcissists at the core."

As if someone who is disparaging other peoples' beliefs isn't narcissistic? Fact is New Hampshire has the lowest crime rate in America while having the highest percentage of atheists. Second place in both categories is Vermont. Third place in both categories is Maine. Coincidence? Actually yes it sort of is, if you look at the 50 states as a whole there really isn't any correlation between religiosity and crime rates. So this assertion that humanists don't care? Seems more based on adherence to standards your own group sets. Based on universal standards of law... they do just fine.

"From the article, it states that the new mall cost 3x what the church has done in charitable giving over the last 25 years. It may be a true stat. "

It's 3x what the church has self-reported its humanitarian aid contributions have been over the past 25 years. That doesn't include all church based charitable giving however.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

where's the story on the Qur'an which is a part of obama past? it's okay to bash Mormons but are afraid to say anything about islam.

Pine Grove, CA

The world is a Worldly Place, where business's will distort truth to make the very same money that they "THINK" the church makes. Our church does not make money in a business sense, we just support it as we should to provide for the needs of the people that work for free and pay their own way if able, to provide buildings, disaster relief and many other causes. But headlines that tease and distort will earn the big bucks so anything goes. Shame on the board who chose this cover and the story that was printed.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

I loved the article. Well done, Business Week.

Springville, UT

Perhaps it does not occur to others that the vast amount of money that is collected and disseminated by the Mormon Church is not to make anyone rich but is rather to pay for buildings (both construction and maintenance), help educate its members (both religiously and secularly), and to provide for welfare and self-suffiency of people all over the world. No one is filling their pockets with the money because no one is paid in their callings. A constant of a 10% donation is asked of each faithful member. If you want to give more, you need to specify what program it is to go to: education of those in 3rd world countries, missionary work, welfare, humanitarian aid, etc. I personally would rather give my money to a charitable organization who knows how to help all of mankind than to our government who seems inclined to waste and always need more without really significantly improving the lot of my fellow man. I am tired of the cynics thinking everyone is as self-centered and selfish as they are. Some of us actually care about others and don't mind sharing what we have. We are content with life.


Some of this is just sensationalism to sell magazines--I remember the New Yorker Cover depicting the Obama's as terrorists and black panthers. Caused a furor and was all the talk for a few days. Some though is just prejudice. In places where there are few Mormons all sorts of misconceptions and contradictions are rife.

Romney's decision to downplay his faith doesn't help educate people. There is an article in The Atlantic by Walter Kirn who was an LSD member for only a few years when a teenager but it is a blistering criticism of the the casual ignorance he sees as rampant.

John C. C.
Payson, UT

I agree with SuziQ.

The money the Church receives from donations and from its enterprises is mostly sent right back out for both the spiritual and physical welfare of others. It pleases me that the leadership prudently invests some for long-term security.

Remember that Jesus in his mortal ministry had a "purse" carried by his apostles, and that He blessed others with both physical and spiritual healing.

If anyone knows where The Church of Jesus Christ spends money selfishly they are welcome to speak up, but my long experience with scouting, welfare farms, canneries, temples, the MTC, and as a ward clerk tells me it's a waste of time. I love what the Church teaches about unselfishness and thrift, about sacrificing anything that is needed to help others.

We don't "deserve" our riches any more than the poor deserve their poverty. Let's not judge like that. Just show God our gratitude by passing it on. Enjoy finding new ways to give and serve. Riches and talents make one happy only when they're shared.

When some criticize the Church, just ask yourself if you, personally, are as prepared to face it as it is.

Provo, UT

The LDS Church leaders are not thin skinned and almost never respond to criticism. This was a very rare exception and is explained. The article is full of inaccuracies. There is no fair minded and honest person out there who has studied the subject who does not know that there was malicious intent behind this article...period.

Lehi, UT

Rick Edmonds says "I thought we were past ridiculing sacred images of other faiths...I doubt the story is as out of whack as the cover..."

Actually, the article turned out to be just as out of whack as the cover. The author seems to have lifted directly from anti-Mormon sources, quoting their manipulated, dishonest, numbers which are intentionally misleading (as anti-Mormons tend to be).

If Businessweek had goodwill rather than malice they would honestly examine amounts of money, hours, etc, per capita, donated to bettering lives. IF they did this they would find what others have, that Mormons are among the most charitable of people in the world. Instead they try to create ugly stereotypes by manipulating numbers and information- like other anti-Mormons (their tactics include: leaving out major donations (fast offerings, service hours, etc, etc), comparing a single fund to estimated businesses, properties etc that we own etc, and count that as income, etc).

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Why would the City Creek money have gone to charity?

Provo, UT

I wonder where LDSLiberal is on this board?

Oakley, ID

The Lord is in charge -- not Business Week


Now it starts again, the LDS Church is in the News. As a member I have heard and seen this before, many times. From now till November many will want to know more about the church and sadly some will fall away due to a weak Testamony of the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope we can all endure this.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Provo, UT
I wonder where LDSLiberal is on this board?

3:12 p.m. July 17, 2012


Not much to say ---

City Creek Mall is a HUGE disappointment to me as a Latter-Day Saint.

It symbolizes materialism and the excesses of extreme wealth – not humanitarianism or Salvation.

There used to be a Pioneer cemetery on that very sight –
To me, much more fitting to us as a people than some materialistic mega-mall.
Life – Death – the Here-after, of the very same Pioneer’s who sacrificed, built and established this Valley.

However, I might add perception means everything.

I re-call back in the 1960’s when a prominent Soviet official visited Salt Lake City.
The only comment he made was noticing the statue of Brigham Young on the corner of State and Main was pointing at Zion 1st National Bank.

I cry.
I fear we are losing the Eternal perspective,
And the perception to the World is telling as to where we are headed….

Salt Lake City, UT

I guess we are all guilty of this kind of thing once in a while. We are going to give our point of view. The LDS Church does it also. Just ask any gay person about it. They use the media, as much as anyone, to manipulate and lead people into thinking what they want. Often, it is far from the truth. Then they fall back on the right to religion and they act like they are being picked on. For example: They speak of Eternal Families and sacred marriages, and at the same time portray gay people as a threat to their families. They have portrayed us in many ways,and attacked our lives and our integrity and put forth many ideas that simply are not true.Despite imperfections, I do believe that they try to use their money and resources to benefit members and others. I would say to leave it alone. Their actions speak plenty. I think that we should say thanks. I, personaly, have seen so much that they have done to help others. We dwell so much on the negative, and in this case, the LDS Church has done so much good.

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