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Published: Thursday, July 12 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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deep in thought
Salt Lake, UT

Wow, must be popular, it just crashed the church website. I got to a small summary but when I clicked "read more" it took me to a screen that said the site was down for maintenance.

deep in thought
Salt Lake, UT

Back up and running...

My favorite point was that the church "helps people who help themselves." Even though many of the functions of the LDS cannery and distribution services could be automated (for faster and easier production), they aren't on purpose to give people a chance to "work for what they get."

What a novel concept in welfare systems! No free handouts leads to less dependency and future self sufficiency! There is great self esteem and personal dignity that comes from having the chance to work rather than having a freebie handed to you.

If only the government could catch on to this concept.


Nothing new in the Church statement, no new revelations, no more transparency etc.



What kind of statement, revelation or additional "transparency" would have proved satisfactory for you?

Lehi, UT

No other system quite like it! Nations, countries, companies, organizations, churches, etc. will try to copy it but can't. Keep up the great, marvelous and selfless work my dear Church!

Spanish Fork, UT

Keith B. McMullin who heads the church-owned holding company, Deseret Management Corp. recently stated in an article on Business Weeks website, “We look to not only the spiritual but also the temporal, and we believe that a person who is impoverished temporally cannot blossom spiritually.”

Doctrinally false statements like this only further to show the Church in a bad light. If this is truly what we as members believe then I worry for our salvation. No member should ever find themselves judging or being judged spiritually by the level of temporal wealth they or others have obtained. Unfortunately I fear that this is too often true within the church.

American Fork, UT

Meh, This was bound to become an issue at some point in time. You can't be extremely secretive about a massive amount of wealth held by a church and not expect it to become an issue at some point in time. I don't think most people care that the church has money, they care that they are so secretive about it, that breads speculation and all sorts of crazy theories. In this age of easily accessible information we expect and like openness from people and organizations. Whether that is right or wrong I don't know.

That said standing in city creek and viewing the temple while simultaneously standing next to some of the most expensive and worldly stores in the world is a bit of a paradox. I do question the choice to build a 2-5 billion dollar mall, when by the church's own records they have only spent 1-2 billion on welfare in the last 25 years. I realize that 1-2 billion number doesn't account for a large amount of other resources and by no means presents a full picture, but it's still a shocking difference none the less.

City, Ut

Loved it.

A well-worded excellent explanation for those who are actually interested.

And between the lines said to the skeptical and outright nosy: Respectfully, it is really none of your business and we don't have to explain ourselves to you or provide you detailed information or "transparency". But thanks for asking.

deep in thought
Salt Lake, UT

@ Hunt

It's Maslow's hierarchy of need dude. You can't work on self-esteem and spirituality if you don't have food and shelter.

Sounds like the only one judging here is you.

American Fork, UT

I have faith in god. Man, however, should issue audited financial statements.

Buena Vista, VA

I'd like to know how much any given temple costs to build, just because I'm curious. No ax to grind, just curious. Why is it that the church won't tell those of us who are faithful tithe payers simple information like this?


"The Church exists to improve the lives of people across the world by bringing them closer to Jesus Christ".re Where does spending multi-billion dollars on a mall fit in with that statement/

Centerville, UT

From the press release:

"Resources are used to provide food and clothing for the needy and to provide ways for people to lift themselves up and be self-reliant."

What a fantastic, novel idea! Help people build themselves up and be independent. As John Adams said, "Independence forever!"

No expense is spared in building a temple. The regular meeting houses aren't as much and are nice, but fairly plain. The Temple, in the LDS religion, is the most holy place on earth. Tithing is used to build these as well as the regular chapels for Sunday worship. The exact cost isn't disclosed, but it's in the several million dollar range.

Before people start worrying about how much the church spends on Temples, etc (I'm not accusing you, shark) remember that the department of education LOST 8 Billion dollars. The church doesn't waste money. The government always does.

Fresno, CA


I took his statements in a different way. In the Book of Mormon, the righteous had no poor among them because they shared what they had with each other. I believe that is in fact what he meant and it is doctrinally sound.

Manti, UT

Hutterite: Do you think the Church owes you an audited financial report? Why?

Salt Lake City, UT

Am I too simplistic? Why should I be worried about how much the temples cost or anything else my tithing is spent on for that matter? My only obligation is to follow the law of tithing and give my 10%. Whether I do so or not is between me and the Lord. What the leadership of the church chooses to do with the tithes is between them and the Lord and is not really my concern. It all belongs to the Lord anyway, so why should they have to account to me as to how it's spent? They must account to Him as must I.
Nevertheless I trust that they take their stewardship seriously when making decisions about expenditures. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute something that doesn't really belong to me anyway and proud to be able to contribute to the effort to further the mission of the Church and have full confidence that the money will be put to good use.

Dietrich, ID

In the days of Nauvoo they were told to build a hotel. Built one in Utah too. The first few prophets in Salt Lake had homes, Beehive and Lion house. Eagle Gate apartments house the prophet now. As for the businesses they are not paid for by the tithing dollars but by profit providing goods and services. Church always had a few business ventures.

I don't think tithing pays much for the poor but fast offerings. I also read were on the other miscellaneous donations such as missionary and temple the church may when lacking in one area give to another ie missions and temple or vice versa. I don't care if they do. People that don't contribute do the most complaining it seems like. Tithing can be used for how the lord sees fit. As for other donations if shifted don't bother me one bit.

Salt Lake City, UT

To Mightymite:
Where does building a multi billion dollar mall fit in with the church's mission of improving people's lives by bringing them closer to Christ? My guess would be that making the city more attractive and economically alive provides an opportunity/incentive for more to come and consequently have the opportunity to learn about the church's message and mission. The improvement offered for people's lives can be related directly to the message of the church. Salt Lake City is associated strongly in people's minds with the Church, and having a better image of the city translates into a better image for the Church.
And isn't the welfare of the entire state improved by having a vibrant capital city?

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

I can understand why folks worry about how their tithing is spent.

30 years ago in South America I saw the church spend a lot of money building chapels and then temples even though the incomes of the members (and hence their tithing) was very modest. Clearly the spending was no "investment". The motivation was clearly not financial but spiritual.

Recently, while involved in watching church finances at the local level I have seen significant care taken to make sure that tithing funds are spent wisely and well.

I rest easy at night confident that tithing is used for the right purposes.


When your church is there to help and show you how to help yourself, you feel good. Faith is a word of action, and you see a lot of action in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is not just a Sunday meeting of living good, but a week long effort. Even Joseph sold into Egypt taught the people to store in times of plenty so they could make it through times of famine, it was a welfare program for them, and it worked. What is going to happen when the famine hits close to home. Are you ready?

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