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Published: Tuesday, July 10 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

Woe is Mitt.

Sanpete, UT

Obama: I expect Mitt to become open about his finances, but I refuse to let Eric Holder release documents about Fast and Furious. That's transparency for you. One man is expected to release private documents while the other will hold on to what could be a threat to the public.

Othello, WA

Another situation where obama and his media are trying as hard as they can to gin up a story. Who honestly cares, and what does it have to do with the issues? Has Romney complied with the law? Move on! When will we ever see the media turning over every stone to manufacture a critical story or investigation about the Great One, BHO. I have a lot of questions that they could look into, since they seem to be so desperate for work, but they just turn a blind eye!

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Obama is attacking Mitt Romney for keeping some of his wealth a secret. Meanwhile, Obama has yet to reveal his college records, and other things like TOO mentioned.

Anyone foolish enough to vote for Obama this time around deserves what they get. Unfortunately, all of us will pay the price for it (and our children, and their children, and so on).

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

For over four years, a daily abundance of newscasters, articles, programs, have been discussing, over and over, the "fact" that, "we don't know anything about Barack Obama".
After President Obama was elected, the same thing occurred, with the daily comment being, "Had we known more about Obama, we would never have elected him President of the United States".
The public and the nation's voters know very little about Mitt Romney, and do not know why he sends his gazillions off to other countries throughout the world.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mitt is doing it all wrong. The goal of a politician is to get reelected, else why run? How does Mitt do that?

He has to remember that he must appeal to most of the voters. Doesn't matter so much what the issue is. He needs over fifty percent. He has to figure out what the voters wanna to hear and tell them.

For example, he has to tell Hispanics that he loves them and that he will let them stay here without harassment and even get them citizenship papers if they desire. He has to tell them that they can get free education through college and get good jobs after graduation.

Then, he has to say that the rich should pay more taxes and the not so rich should pay less taxes.

And he needs to pull all his cash out of foreign countries and close the accounts.

These are three things he needs to do. Then, after the election he can begin to back away from these positions and do the right thing for this country. He needs to take a lesson from the expert, Obama, cuz that's how he did it.

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

I now the pettiness goes both ways. I know people on both sides of the fence can argue about this, that, and the other...


for me this is a real issue. Romney wants me to vote for him because of his "business sense", yet it is his "business sense" that is in question.

Both candidates have their strong supporters. Those supporters vote based upon a variety of factors. Political party, taxes, religion, race, etc... The economy is the issue that I focus most on. For me Romney is struggling to gain my vote. He talks a good game, but gives little real substance on what he'd do. For example: He says he'd repeal healthcare, but won't have the power alone as president to do it?

Come on Romney.... earn my vote!

Simple Man
Riverton, UT

Obama employs the age old deception of blaming someone else for something they know they haven't done themselves.

The media laps up these statements of his like a thirsty dog..without calling him out for his duplicity.

Hopefully, enough people "get it" that we won't have to live another four years with this man of deception.

Rico Suave
Santquin, UT

Being wealthy is not a crime and neither is using legal means to preserve as much of that wealth as you can. Paying as much on taxes is not American, nor is it philanthropic. It's just plain dumb.

This is just a well-times mis-direction campaign. If you do a little searching you'll notice that the 2nd quarter jobs report just came out and it wasn't good.

They know that rich is a four letter word and that it resonates with a lot of Americans.

The Skeptical Chymist

Mitt has been FAR from forthcoming regarding his business dealings, yet touts his business experience as what is needed to run the government properly. If he wants us to vote for him on the basis of his business acumen, then he needs to be open about his dealings. There is pretty clear evidence that he is withholding information that he thinks will be damaging by not releasing his tax returns, etc. There is also pretty clear evidence that he has lied about his business dealings.

Seeing how things turned out with our last MBA president makes me rather disinclined to buy that the country needs a good businessman at the helm. Being a good CEO, and doing what is in the interest of your shareholders (and yourself) is not correlated with doing what is best for the country at large. I'm convinced that Obama is trying to do what is best for the country as a whole, but is stymied by the Republicans in Congress who will do anything (including sabotaging the US economy) to prevent his reelection. For at least the past two years they have been actively making a bad situation worse.

Sanpete, UT

Mitt is doing the same thing that any reasonable rich man does--or would do. He has his money in other places where the Government of the US and IRS can't touch it. Like Rico Suave said, everything Mitt does is legal, they are just trying to make it SOUND illegal.

Why pay more in taxes then you have to? Mitt pays his rate what the government requires. However, on the other hand, you have Tim Geitner who evades taxes, Warren Buffet who owes a boat load in back taxes. But because they have a D next to their name and they play ball with Big O, they get a free pass.

Plano, TX

He's a big boy, he can handle it.

Nibley, Ut

Not so fit:
It's true we don't know everything about Romney's finances. Truth is, we will never know everything. I wouldn't release everything. Why give info to your opponent to spin around? But a lot of what the news is saying was hashed out in the primary. Just a regurgitation. His opponents back then claimed he was hiding deep dark secrets, until he released them. Only to find out that there was nothing illegal or unethical. The only thing that come from it was what everyone already new, Romney makes a boat load of money from his investments. A lot of this info comes from the returns released by Romney, the Cayman accounts etc. Not exactly hiding it if you claim it on your taxes. I never went a long with the birth certificate issue, but there is a difference between the possibility of not being a natural born citizen and some bank accounts that have a lot of money in them. You can't be POTUS if you are not a natural born citizen. On the other hand, you can be POTUS even if you have a boat load of money.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Could Mitt's more than ample distribution of funds throughout the world actually be philanthropic?
Maybe Mitt Romney does not want to open his "tax" records to the public because he is helping the needy of other countries as his Mormon Church suggests it's members do?
Could this explain the Romney family's reluctance to speak up?

Frisco, TX

Obama will do anything he can to deflect the spotlight from the real issues. Personally, I don't care how much money Romney has or what his tax rate is (as long as he's not doing anything illegal). I care how much money I have and what my tax rate is, and I think that under a Romney administration my worth will go up and my tax rate will go down. Under an Obama administration, my worth will go down and my tax rate will go up. It's a pretty easy decision for me.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

We don't need a successful man, who ran a business, saved the Olympics and was gov for four years. No, we need a man who has never run a business, has never had a job that wasn't a gov job, and yes, that includes haaaavard - a man who has never met a payroll. Yah, that's the ticket. A man who uses tax money recklessly on vacations, and even flying the dog on a separate jet to their vacation.
We surely don't need a man who has taken nothing for his years rescuing the Olympics, or nothing for serving as gov and a man who has given his inheritance to charity. On top of that he donates more to charity than all the dems in the congress together(and yes, there are more millionaire dems in congress than republicans).
Man he knows nothing! /sarc

Dont Tread
Iron County, UT

How come Romney is the supposed outsource guru in this election? Wasn't it Pres. Obama that took control of HUMMER and sold it to the Chinese? (Or for that matter our entire economy, since all of this extra spending is paid by loans from Commy China)


I'm guessing Romney profited heavily by betting on the declining U.S. dollar and also by investing in emerging markets while at the same time participating as a partner (and subsequently participating in profits as a retired partner) at a firm who in the aggregate has been responsible for the outsourcing of U.S. jobs. This is a huge problem for him.

Murray, UT

Just for fun, there are some out there like me that wonder how much previous presidents net worth would be in today's (2010) dollars. So here are some examples:

George Washington $525 Million
Thomas Jefferson $212 Million (though it is said he died deep in debt)
Theodore Roosevelt $125 Million
FDR $60 Million
JFK (family worth over $1 Billion)
LBJ $98 Million
And without listing them all, going back to before 1850 there were many that would have been worth in the $10s of millions.

Running for and being President has, for the most part, been a rich man's game. That Romney is rich is irrelevant. It is just a tune the Democrats are singing in trying to distract the voters (and it seems to be working) from the relevant issues, like the economy, jobs, immigration, and national security. This level of Romney's net worth in nobody's business. Nor is Obama's, but it reportedly around $5 Million.

Sitka, AK

The problem for Romney is not whether he is doing anything illegal or not. It is the perception that he is giving to voters that he is hiding something or that he is unwilling to to come forward and explain anything. He cannot win an election just saying that he is better than the other guy. He has to be able to produce and answer questions instead of deferring to after he becomes president. People need to know that they can trust him, or they will not vote for him regardless of Obama's record.

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