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Published: Monday, July 9 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

If you look at the recruiting services, BYU's recruiting class has gone down in quality each year recently. Hopefully, Bronco is able to turn this around. Despite Gurney's rallying the troops, this is trouble if it doesn't change.

Ann Arbor, MI

Wow! I've got to give Gurney credit for being objective and honest. I agree that bYu fans are now left with only prayer in hoping bronko knows what he's doing.

Gurney is smart enough to know where this class will end up being ranked on signing day. Stratigically it was a smart move to soften the crushing failure by informing bYu fans early in the year that this class will be one of the worst in the past 10 years.

Iowa City, IA

Gurney's just throwing a bone to ute fans and giving them a chance to take cheap shots...which they will.

Plenty of excellent talent coming into BYU and no, it's not going down in quality, only committing earlier. National rankings don't consider that, there best guess is who is getting the calls. They have nothing to go on, case in point, Tanner Mangum. BYU found him and committed him way before "recruiting services" did. Now that he's shown his stuff he's a hot commodity.

Salt Lake City, UT

As much of a fan as I am of BYU, it will be very difficult for them to get to the bcs or the coming playoff with the players they recruit. It's just not a priority to get the best players in the country because they can't get them. Like the article said, they have very different parameters to recruit by and those requirements take top talent out of the mix. After Scary Crowton, the church won't tolerate bad media coming from fools on the football team, and his teams were awful anyway. So Bronco is meeting that expectation first, to recruit dudes that will live by the honor code, and if they can play football, great. Somehow Cougar fans need to get comfortable with the past 7 seasons ending win totals, because that's as good as it will get. That's no disrespect, because the team as performed well when compared nationally, as far as win totals. With better teams on the schedule after this last year of the weak sauce wac, ten wins going forward should be celebrated. If they make it to the playoffs, I'll be happy to eat my words.


Recruiting rankings are almost utter nonsense. Like 3grandslams mentions, Mangum wasn't even in ESPN's maxpreps' top 150 (or whatever) until he came out as the #1 overall MVP in the Elite 11 (he had already committed to BYU). Jake Heaps rings a bell (top overall QB recruit that year), and he couldn't even hold his starting spot, despite multiple chances.

Notre Dame has, year in and year out, one of the highest overall recruiting rankings, and where have they been the last few years? What about all those stellar Boise State years? Did they have all the five-star ranked talent back then? Of course not.

Point is, recruiting rankings are pointless.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Probably one of the best ever. For sure.
We don't ever loose recruits.

Ann Arbor, MI

BYU aggie,

Hate to break it to you but...stars matter...a lot. Every National Champion in the BCS era has had consistent top recruiting classes. Although I love BSU, their success comesform great coaching in their one or two big games per year. The jury is still out on wether they could do what they do on a weekly basis.

The reality is bYu never has had (and never will) the talent to win a BCS era national championship. What happen in '84 could never happen today. It's time to just be happy you have games on TV.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


"Recruiting rankings are almost utter nonsense."

That's not what we were hearing out of you guys in the 80's when BYU's recruiting classes were ranked so much higher than Utah's. Where do you think the term "February championship" came from? It came from the haughty laughter of BYU fans after LOI day and another great recruit class was in the bag.

So in summary, when BYU was raking in highly-regarded recruits, rankings meant everything. But now that BYU's recruiting has tanked, rankings are "utter nonsense." Does everyone understand now?

Maricopa, Az

BYU is the destination for Kids and their families that want an LDS lifestyle. They never have and ever will get the best of the best. Thats what makes it great because we win with those just like us. It's us against the world. It's awesome to have the hedgehogs of he world denegrate us, then crawl in a hole when we win. BYU is one of 11 schools that have finished the season ranked in the top 25 five of the last six years. The Ute's are not on that list. Go bronco! Go BYU!

Mission Viejo, CA

High School rankings are just fan boy concerns. Yes, there are a few standouts who go to the big schools. If I cared enough, I could probably put together a dataset for statistical analysis. I don't, but if one of you guys want to do it, here's what I would need:

HS Position.
Year ranked.
Number of Stars.
Year graduated.
College offers.
College chosen.
College position.
Years started.
Years played.
Year graduated.
College honors? What?
Pro drafted?
Pro walkon?
Pro team.
Pro position.
Years played.
Allstar team?

Probably some site out there with these data. Download and send them to me. Geatumspraec@yahoo.com

I'll let you know what's what. My guess is that there is very little correlation between high school ranking and college success.

Mcallen, TX

Funny how Texas with all their star recruits,could only beat BYU by one point on their home field.

Alabama wouldn't recruit the utes best players--Barry Switzer.

Recruiting is not an exact science with alot of bias.

Omaha, NE

Having the entire defensive front two deep all be seniors doesn't look good for the next couple of years. That group needs to be spread out in future classes

Saint George, UT

Oneil Chambers in the Defensive Backfield? When did he rejoin the team? That is Great news. I have always hoped Oneil would come back. The kid is a pure athlete.

Lehi, UT

@hedgehog- Boise State had 5 players drafted into the NFL this year. I would say their success came from having NFL level talent combined with great coaching. Other than that, I agree with your post. BYU has not been successful in recruiting many NFL caliber players lately. That 1984 team had 12 players get drafted. That's half of the starters! I don't believe we'll ever see those kinds of numbers at BYU again.
I am a BYU fan and I think we need to realize who we are: a top level WAC or MWC team. That's good enough for me. I simply love watching football. I can enjoy a 9-3 record just fine. It's enough to know that the Utes are too scared to play the Cougars every year.

Highland, UT


Do you always just make stuff up and hope no one will call you on it? They didn't even have recruit rankings like this back in the 80's. In otherwords not one word of your post was true or accurate but it was hilarious to read. I actually spit root beer onto my keyboard when I read it and saw the ridiculous falsehood you were tryingto claim as truth.


Highland, UT

I think the recruiting sites probably get the very top recruits identified correctly, but there are not very many of those and anyone that can see can do that. Were they fail is in the vast middle, the kids they rank 2 to 4 stars. We've all seen far to many 2 stars become stars and 4 stars not become much of anything to not realize it is all conjecture and opinion.

For instance what is the difference between a kid with 3 stars and a kid with 4? Probably not much, just the opinion of the site doing the rankings.

I have to laugh at the hedgies of the world that somehow think they know stuff simply because they see it online on some recruiting site. Those kinds of people are the same sort of nerds that read comic books and play video games and for some reason think it is important. They are the types that cheered loudly at the spiderman movie the other night that I took my 11 year old to see. It's just a MOVIE, it isn't real. In otherwords things that aren't real are the things they consider important.


Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Recruiting is not a science, it is an art. Sometimes four star players don't pan out. Nevertheless, the idea that "star" players are not wanted does not seem to be good logic. In all organizations, better talent provides better results. It makes me wonder why someone would want to focus recruiting on walk-ons, "no stars", and left-over JC's. I don't think one can point to a place where this strategy has been effective. I'm disapppointed that BYU does not seem to want to be the best. (The basketball programs, men and women's, seem to be going in the opposite direction by trying to get the best talent they can sign.)

Ann Arbor, MI

'My guess is that there is very little correlation between high school ranking and college success"

Blue Husky,

Actually Rivals had a great article last year showing the correlation between star rankings and players drafted into the NFL. Really no suprises.

A higher % of 4 andr 5 stars are drafted into the NFL than any other group.

There are more 2 and 3 star players in the NFL simply because the 2/3 star universe is four times the size of the 4/5 star universe.

Orem, UT

Brandon Gurney's writing is much improved since his early days writing for the DN. Keep workin, buddy, you're getting better. It would be "number" and quality of offers...not "amount" and quality of offers.

Bountiful, UT

Two of Utah's most prominent NFL players right now - Alex Smith and Eric Weddle - weren't top rated recruits. The recruiting service rankings are interesting, but not the end all be all.

I'm no Bronco lover, but he has done a really nice job of recruiting "BYU players" to BYU. He is largely recruiting mostly LDS kids and his recruiting success year after year will be a how good that pool is. Some years, there are a lot of great Mormon kids, the next year, the talent may be sparse. All in all Bronco does a pretty good job putting a decent team on the field. I really appreciate that he has priorities when it comes to recruiting that he won't compromise.

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