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Published: Sunday, July 8 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Kings Court
Alpine, UT

I'm voting for Matheson, even though I'm a Republican. It is nothing against Mia Love. My vote is a referendum against the Utah Legislature which has abused their power in trying to silence the voice of 38% of Utahns who regularly vote Democrat by gerrymandering voting districts to silence any opposing political parties. It is disgusting to see a political party attempt to stamp out all political opposition. Let the Democrats have one voice in Washington, especially when over a 1/3 of Utahns vote Democrat. There would still be three representatives who are Republican. That is more than fair representation in Washington. It is time to quit voting for political parties and start voting for individuals and political liberty.

deep in thought
Salt Lake, UT

I'm in Mia Love's district and will be voting for her along with family members x 7 that I've talked to so far. And @ Kings Court, Alpine is in 3rd Congressional district according the the voting maps.

Washington, UT

Matheson is no "blue dog Democrat", he is as far left as you can get. He supports same sex marriage, and all other gay issues. He has a 100% voting record for gay causes. He believes in bigger government, he has supported every tax increase and every expansion of the national debt--how is that "blue dog?" He sells that like he owns it, but he is one of the great political deceivers of our time. He does not support Utah values, and he is not an "independent voice." He speaks the truth about like Pres Obama does--whom he supports, and which he voted for that abominable atrocity we call Obamacare. Utah needs to be rid of him.

Sandy, UT

Better bring Jean Ralpho in, but if he isn't available then I am voting for Matheson.

Springville, UT

However this race turns out, it will be what it is. One thing, though. Jowers is hardly a neutral observer. He is a GOP partisan, big time.

Layton, UT

dumprake: Matheson is no "blue dog Democrat" ummm. He is the epitome of Blue Dog democrat. He actually has voted numerous times on legislation defining marriage as one man and one women. Please fact-check your statements and become better informed. It is highly patriotic to make informed decisions based on facts and not hearsay.

Most Truthful and Patriotic
Layton, UT

Matheson doesn't represent Utah?

Maybe true, because all of the moderates I know, see him as a far-right panderer working against everything that the average Utahn needs (yet, the average Utahn doesn't realize).

Ms Love may be a nice lady, but her refusal to understand the Department of Defense (despite being her party's nominee for months) is quite shocking.

Well Read

Mia Loves policies if carried out would bankrupt the United states. I have stated many times that the Republicans are using the wrong approach to solve the budget crisis. Their only solution is o cut. One can not cut our way out of the budget deficit! One has to cut smartly and carefully. Not with a meat axe!!

A tax increase is also art of the solution. The presidents plan to raise taxes on those who make over 250,000 is a good one.

One can not balance the budget with either choice alone - raise taxes or cut spending! Both need to be done to get out of the mess president bush caused.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

Deep in thought, yeah I just remembered that the state legislature gerrymandered Matheson out of the 2nd district.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Looks like the spinmeisters are already fired up trying to hide Jim Matheson's consistently liberal record. Sure, he sometimes votes like a "blue dog" but when Nancy Pelosi needs his vote, he is always there for her.

Matheson can pretend to have "Utah values" when running for election here, but he ends up inflicting Obama's values on our nation.

I like Matheson as an individual, but our country cannot afford to let the Democrats destroy it, like they have been for the last 3 years. And, "Trillion dollar" Jim Matheson has been there the whole time.

I trust Mia Love to act on principle. I believe Matheson acts on political self interest and his party's demands.

Vote for Mia Love!

Bluffdale, UT

Well Read,
Good points but you can't blame just Bush. Passing a multi-trillion dollar health care bill that will be an anchor around the neck of our economy is not what I would call fiscal responsibility.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Incumbency is a liability these days, as it was in 2010.
Congressional approval hovers under 20%.
Matheson's got some 'splainin' to do and he's not doing it very well so far.

Salt Lake City, UT

The photo of Love for this article should teach everyone an important lesson; you can't look dignified while doing air quotes.

Saint George, UT

Matheson has always received this Registered Republican's vote.

I vote for the candidate I believe has the greatest ability to do the best job in the years alloted by the office. I have voted every election for Jim Matheson.

For me it's almost worth moving to District 2 so that I can continue to vote for Jim, a representative I respect!

Thank you, Jim Matheson! Best wishes from a grateful St. George Republican!

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

I love Mia Love! too bad i dont get to vote for her :( she would be a great addition to the representation we get at the national level.

Peter R
Provo, UT

@King's Court, I agree about the political gerrymandering. However, voting Democrat just to create that balance, as well-intentioned as it might be, is still voting for a party and not for the individual, as you state. It's just voting for the other party out os spite, which I think is an even worse reason.

Huntsville, UT

I guess DN has made their endorsement.

If I was in this CD, I'd vote for Love, no question. She is not as far right as this article paints her. She is grounded in conservative principles. She sees through Obama's lies (a tax, not a tax - to tax, not to tax). She is determined, principled, independent, believes in the sanctity of the unborn. She's a proven fiscal conservative. When I consider the Utah GOP slate, I'm thrilled. Utah has too much of a good thing.

Salt Lake City, UT

Kings Court,
Actually the legislature didn't redistrict Matheson out of the 2nd district. He lives in the current 2nd and new 2nd district. The new 2nd district and 4th district are both as republican as his current district. He chose to run in the 4th district because he resides in Utah and the US constitution doesn't say he has to run in his own district. He just won't be able to vote for himself this fall.

For those that think Rep. Matheson helped fight "ObamaCare" when it passed, think again.

Look at what votes he made the last week prior that helped set up what happened Sunday March 21, 2010. For those that wanted the bill to pass, he voted against it, for those that wanted it to fail, he voted to suspend the rules so it could pass. Time to vote Rep. Matheson out.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

King’s Court, Voice,
Thank you for supporting Nancy Pelosi for Speaker and thereby forwarding BO’s destructive agenda.

Richard Votaw
Sandy, UT

Really King??? So in California, Illinois or New York you would vote Republican because there the Democrats are the one "gerrymandering" the districts to be more Democrat.

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