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Published: Friday, July 6 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

@RichardB, you can't find it, because the Supreme court never used "undocumented immigrant" in their decision. They used eight or nine "illegal alien", and mostly alien.

The original article is incorrect, and wasting our time with bad information.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I am sure the "humanistic approach" by those afflicted with political correctness obsession will soon be arguing for other euphemistic and non-judgmental terms:

Drug dealer = unlicensed pharmacist
Bank robbery = undocumented withdrawal
Car thief = transportation redistribution specialist
Rapist = amorous adventurer
Newspaper thief = impoverished reader
Murderer = expedited expirationalist
Liar = one who misremembers facts

Sadly, too many people lack the courage to speak the truth, for fear of "offending" someone, and thereby standards are diminished, and words become meaningless.

Salt Lake City, UT

Another accomplishment of the Robert's court,with intended consequences that were known and planned. The SCOTUS continues in its quest to remake the country into its image of compassion and humanity.

Provo, UT

"The poison is effective," he wrote. "Surely it's no coincidence that in 2010, hate crimes against Latinos made up 66 percent of the violence based on ethnicity, up from 45 percent in 2009." What the statistics don't show is how many of those crimes are Latino on Latino violence.

Brotherly Kindness

How can we have both mercy and justice?

First, we call them "(alleged) alien trespassers". That is about as neutral and all encompassing as it gets.
Next, we must have a nation-wide national Resident ID card that can be swiped to electronically verify them. These would be required for employment, banking, and all electronic (debit or credit) financial transactions $20 or larger.
Amend the law to say that only children born in US to permanent legal residents may receive automatic citizenship.
Any felony by non-permanent legal residents is immediate deportation (with family members, if desired).

Make acts of violence motivated by hatred of alien trespassers a hate crime--stiffer punishments.
Allow alien trespassers to register with the government to work legally and become probationary legal residents (non-voting), but the probationary residents' incomes are taxed at higher than the normal rate (I advocate 2x higher) for some length of time, say 5-10 years, as a reparation for having breaking the law, until the time is fulfilled and (if there are no felonies) they becomes permanent residents.
They may apply for citizenship once permanent legal residents, but they are processed "from the back of the line".

Sacramento, CA

And if Native Americans had not given help to the illegal aliens that came here, but sent them back where they came from right away, where would everybody be who had other ancestry? Me, I wouldn't be here. You? Bet not, either. Most of you wouldn't be here, either. So think about that. And maybe if you do, you can then start thinking that most of the people who come here come for the same reasons our ancestor did. Get that? And children in arms, even older children, obey parents, same as children almost always do, and have since time began. Got that, too? So, who is so different from me or you, or those from whom we are descended? No one.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

I prefer the term "illegal alien" to that of Harry Reid, who called them "Undocumented Americans" or Nancy Pelosi who referred to them as "Very Patriotic."
No thanks. I get nauseous when they spin me around.

Mcallen, TX

The excessive usage of the word "slur", is taking away our freedom of speech. Seems everything we say can be a slur.

South Jordan, UT

I don't think the country needs immigration reform. I the people on the outside just need to realize that there is system of due process that must take place in order for people to immigrate and our politicians need to enforce the established laws. We do this to ensure the safety of the Citizens of the Country because after all they are the people the politicians swore to protect, not the people on the outside. Yes we are all humans and deserve just and compassionate treatment, but when push comes to shove politicians should protect citizens not people who illegally cross borders.


Everyone deserve compassion, including citizens of this country.

A person that comes here illegally for work is rewarded by allowing them to stay. It's amnesty for their illegal working. Going with I am I, those who support pro-illegal actions, need to start telling people to accept our laws and follow them.

Spanish Fork, UT

Wow, the xenophobia, hatred, and baseless sense of "entitlement" here is kinda shocking. While there are a small percentage of us whose family or ancestors came to this country under our current hypocritical and byzantine system, the vast majority of us came to America when they didn't check your current wealth, education levels, and ability to name drop at the gate. *That* was one of the primary foundations our nation. America was to be a land of freedom and opportunity, not a land of scapegoats and frightened, hypocritical, elitist whiners.

Those that have found a way to comply with these new centrally-planned mandates that artificially limit who can migrate here "legally" -- but that support those restrictions -- remind me of the old timers wryly commenting that "Back in my day half of us simply up and died to childhood diseases and we *liked* it!"

I strongly agree with the commenter that pointed out that *actions* can be illegal, not *people*. All you "illegal" drivers that dare cross a hair over 55 in construction zones ought to take note, lest we physically brand you with the designation for life.

We need to simplify "legal" immigration and re-open it.


Entitlement to the point that people come here illegally, and demand citizenship? We are not living in 1890. Let's stop diverting the conversation, those that come before, came honestly, many needed papers to land at a port of entry to be processed. They had to apply for them in their old country. They were moral people that came to build this land on principles. They were not 11 million that came through the back door in the dark of night. Your excuses don't justify their actions.

The last two times people demanded amnesty, we had reform in 1986, and 1996. Other than the amnesty(1986), nothing happened. We don't need reform, we need enforcement to give the young people in this country a chance, and let them inherit a decent country founded on morals, honesty and following our laws. We don't need 11 million teaching them that breaking the law is OK, and sometimes you get rewards.

Half my family came here legally over the past 50 years (Mexico), legally, and not all at once. Illegal immigration is a slap in the face to legal immigrants. Stop making excuses, start preaching honesty.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

Is "illegal" offensive? If the shoe fits..


For every "undocumented immigrant" there is one "unemployed American"......


"Illegal immigrant" is the correct term for those foreigners who have immigrated to this country ILLEGALLY, as compared to those foreigners who have immigrated here LEGALLY.


Doug B- We have a path to "legal immigration" in this country which MILLIONS of people have successfully negotiated throughout the years. Personally, I am glad it is difficult for people to get in. If we made it easy, we would have even more uneducated, unskilled, desperately poor people to take care of at taxpayers expense. As if we didn't already have enough of our own.....

Salt Lake City, UT

If you're not here legally then what are you? If you are from another country, not a U.S. citizen and living here, then what are you? Get over the PC nonsense. If the, whatever they're called, want to become citizens through the legal process, I welcome them with open arms and I will call them Americans.

Spanish Fork, UT

RRB, The majority of my ancestors came over in the 1600's, mostly from England. Many were not on good terms with the nation they were fleeing for various reasons -- usually religious persecution or a need for better economic opportunity. It is not that we have run out of land or resources in this area since the 1600's or even the 1890's. What we have now is a system of government that declares unfettered, allegedly necessitated control over every inch of the land -- and a people that clamor for "entitlements" that are not properly funded, conceived, self-sustaining, or scalable.

The same arguments for artificially limiting how many immigrate into our current system (and don't even get me started on the scapegoating and faulty logic that attempts to assert that immigrants "steal" jobs rather than creating them! If that were true we should have permanently closed the borders as part of our declaration of independence in 1776) ... at any rate, those same arguments are *precisely* the ones used in nations like China where forced limits on childbirth are tyrannically enforced. We need to re-think our socialist ponzi schemes - certainly - but limiting immigration won't solve that.


Why don't we call them "foreign criminals residing here illegally at the expense of American citizens, workers and taxpayers"? That is exactly what they are. And no other country on earth would put up with them for 5 minutes, much less actually REWARD them.

Riverside, CA

I have no problem with the term illegal immigrant. I don't see it as a slur or a loaded term.

What I have a problem with is all the propaganda that circulates on the internet and the mob mentality that has gained so much traction.

It wouldn't surprise me if there is increased violence toward Latinos but don't believe it has anything to do with the term.

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