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Published: Friday, July 6 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Huntsman was the best GOP canidate in 2012. A shame, really.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Jon, just go ahead and make it official - join the Democrat party. That's who you are. You and your family have hated Mitt for a few years now and deep down, you are hoping he loses. It's sad when one thinks he is so important because his daddy gave him a lot of money; but when evaluating his life, has never really accomplished anything. The GOP convention will not miss you for one second.

Danish American
Payson, UT

Good riddance. We need to get all the RINOs out of the party. And Pagan is right--he would have been the best for the Democrats because there is no difference between Obama and Huntsman.

Clearfield, UT

To Still Blue 11:55 a.m. July 6

Sorry, you're wrong. Governor Huntsman is a Republican. He's just not a far right wing extremist. He's what Republicans SHOULD be.

The Republican Party, and the United States, would have been far better off if he was the Republican candidate for President. He was the class of the field. Too bad the far right extremist base wouldn't give him a chance.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Boo hoo, Jon.

Nice case of sour grapes

Salt Lake City, UT

He's reasonable, and Republicans hate reason.

Woods Cross, UT

None of the things Huntsman calls for are what he argued for during the primary season. He ran on a non-position, can't we all get along, liberal economic platform that never clarified. He ran last against every single opponent for a reason. He was also the only of the remaining 8 candidates that never had a political pulse. It was a shame really. It was a waste of money and effort in an effort of hubris that never had impact or moved th meter. The only possible reason for running other than pure hubris would have been an effort to get a VP or cabinet post. However, his Joe Biden politics seemed to have ruined that as well leaving him foundering at a liberal think tank and finally showing his true colors. He certainly has almost no credibility within the conservative movement and only fringe interest in the Republican party. He still sounds whiney. His refusal to attend the convention is like the kid that didn't make the basketball team saying he will refuse to attend varsity practice. Why do you think anybody cares?

Springville, UT

Anyone could have predicted the ID's of those who would stand behind Gov Huntsman in the comment section today...Pagan, atl134, and there will be a few more, once they roll out of bed.

Makes me laugh, actually.

I guess some of you just as well say "hey, if the Republicans would just accept the Democrat's platform, then I would be a Republican" ???

And for Jon to show his arrogance in this way, insinuating that the GOP needs to come to him rather than the other way around....sheesh!

Abesnt in 2012 and expecting the GOP to embrace you in 2016? Think again.

Centerville, UT

He is a center left. That is why liberals like him and think he would be a great republican nominee. Like McCain, if he cant standout he wouldnt get elected. Fence sitting gets you nothing. The problem with romney is he keeps trying to stay so close to the fence.

Bountiful, UT

I get it, pride goeth before the fall...Jon must not have received an invitation to speak from the main platform. Frankly, I've heard all the Chinese from him that I need to!


Huntsman would be way better than Romney. He come's from a multicultural family (like our country is), has tons of foreign experience with China (the new world mega-power on the rise), and he distances himself from his faith (like a president is supposed to with politics). I liked Huntsman a lot.

Common Sense Czar
Sandy, UT


Salt Lake City, UT

Mitt Romney and John Huntsman are both centrists in their basic nature. The difference between the two is that John Huntsman actually stands by his core principals. Mitt Romney would sell his soul to win election. Agree or disagree with John Huntsman, you at least have to give him credit for staying true to himself. Mitt, on the other hand, has been all over the map... he been whoever the listening audience wanted him to be. As an independent who voted for Reagan, I'll never cast a vote for Mitt Romney.

Spanish Fork, UT

I didn't vote for Huntsman as Governor and I would never vote for him as President. He is the epitome of what pandering to gain power and prestige is.
For those that want to call me a "far right extremist", you go right ahead and keep labeling me and others you don't agree with negative terms, it really only shows your losing the argument. Name calling is usually the last gasp of someone who has nothing substantive to say. The fact of the matter is, I have always been the same person and haven't wavered from the ideals I believe in. What we have seen in this nation is a slow creep to the left as Governments size and reach has been expanded by both Democrats and Republicans. So now, those of us who looked moderate in the past are all of a sudden labeled with the negative tag of "far right extremist". It really is shameful.

Common Sense Czar
Sandy, UT

I too...the Common Sense Czar, will NOT be attending the Republican Convention. This is just as big of news story.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Lets face it; the ONLY reason Jon Huntsman got as far as he did (guv., ambassadorship, etc.)was his (dads)money.

I thought the liberal progressives' didn't like those qualities in Republicans?

The Demos. liked him for Pres. so if their guy (Obama)lost, what could be better than having Huntsman in the White House? It would be almost the same as having Obama for another term!

Huntsmans' positions more closely resemble the Demo. platform than the Repubs. I suppose he KNOWS he won't be elected to much of anything as a Demo which explains why he runs as a Republican, disguised as a Demo.

Salt Lake City, UT

Huntsman is not a liberal or a Democrat. I certainly don't agree with him on everything, but he actually has a willingness to work with people in the interest of moving the country forward, and that's a good thing. As for the party coming to him... Huntsman is right. DW-nominate scores partisanship of congressional members. 1 is fully conservative, 0 is moderate, -1 is fully independent. In 1981 the average Republican had a score of around +0.23 and the average Democrat around -0.28. By 1993 the average Republican was +0.40 and average Democrat was -0.33. In 2011 the average Republican was +0.65 and the average Democrat was -0.40. So yeah partisanship has increased over the past few decades and it's moreso on the Republican side rather than the Democrats (heck most of the reason the Democrats one went up from 2009 to 2011 was because bluedogs lost their seats, usually when a party gains seats and the house it moderates more because it's picking up purple districts but in this case Republicans actually became even more conservative after the 2010 races).


While I don't agree with Huntsman's policies--for example, he endorsed Paul Ryan's budget plan, he has the courage to voice what many centrist Republicans (and many Americans)know to be true. The Republican Party has moved far away from what it used to be and is putting politics before governing which is damaging the future of this country.

Norm Orenstein (conservative American Enterprise Institute)put it succinctly:

"the Republican Party, has become an insurgent outlier—ideologically extreme; contemptuous of the inherited social and economic policy regime; scornful of compromise; unpersuaded by conventional understanding of facts, evidence, and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition. When one party moves this far from the center of American politics, it is extremely difficult to enact policies responsive to the country’s most pressing challenges."

Spanish Fork, UT


Just because you quote someone doesn't make what they are saying correct. Norm Orenstein's biggest mistake in his argument is that he assumes the center of American politics is an unmovable position. In fact the center where the American people reside currently is to the right of where our current politicians reside in Washington. I would argue that this is precisely why Congress's approval rating is so low. They continue to pass left leaning laws and enact left leaning policies that mainstream America does not agree with.
Orenstein says that the Republican Party is scornful of compromise. He must think that the Republican Party was right on track under Bush when they were in lockstep with Democrats in spending and growth. Every compromise offered up by the Democratic left is only a compromise to slow the growth of government and its spending ways, not reverse it. So when Republicans scoff, the left can say "LOOK! Republicans won't compromise." There needs to be a pendulum swing back to decreasing government and its spending, not increasing. Right now "compromise" resides left of center.

Bronx, NY

So now people that always defend the rich and big business are going to attach Huntsman because he comes from money? the comedy train rolls on.

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